The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 4: Chapter 92: Weakling

Qin Yi’s eyes suddenly brightened up at this moment, and a smile burst out from the corner of his mouth.

 “Find Chengdui!” he ordered.

 The office clerks of the Council were very efficient, but a few moments later, the pictures taken by the drone were passed to his eyes.

 In the hologram in front of him, two figures emerged.

 “Aizen, Chengdui!”

 Qin Yi squinted and then stood up.

 After he thought for a while, he suddenly said.

 “Go and call Yhwach.” The

 The subordinate nodded; his figure disappeared in the blink of an eye.

 after a while, Yhwach came.

 He looked directly at Qin Yi and asked in a deep voice: “The battle ahead is at the most intense moment. Why are you calling me over?”

 Qin Yi smiled: “the most intense moment is coming, follow me.”


 Yhwach was puzzled.

 “Yes, next, what you and I face is the key to deciding the outcome of this war!”

 Qin Yi’s tone became serious.

 Yhwach ‘s eyes flashed, then he was silent.

 After a while, he said faintly: “in that case, let’s move quickly.”

 Qin Yi smiled and suddenly moved.

 In the blink of an eye, two figures disappeared here.

 Seeing the two disappear, Gandalf stepped forward.

 “The Council quickly reports the combat situation on the battlefield and arranges a new round of attack routes.”

 “Also, tell me about King Yuanli.”

 Two voices came out quickly, and the people in the Council took action quickly. But in a moment, someone reported.

 “There is a problem on Madara’s side. There is an unknown person on the battlefield, who is very powerful!”

 When the Council members spoke, they were a little nervous and worried, with a strong sense of surprise in their eyes.

 “Adjust the picture to me.”

 Gandalf was taken aback and said quickly.

 “Yes!” he shouted.

 The front three-dimensional picture immediately turned to the scene where Madara was.

 “Glory is something we should stick to all our lives!”

“I see glory in you!”

Said Yasuo with a calm, deep tone.

 Immediately afterward, he flickered, fast as the wind, well, He was faster than the wind and even more elusive.

 When the sword cuts off, Madara was slammed back hundreds of meters. The repulsive force on his body was as fragile as paper, and it is cracked.

Rolling and flying, Madara breathed a little, and his eyes became more and more solemn.

 The repulsive force of Shinra Tensei was useless under this man’s sword, and it does not show the prestige it should have at all.

 Looking down, Madara saw that his armour had been damaged and that the invisible sword aura had cut his armour apart.

 Several wounds have also emerged, but they were recovering quickly with their strong recovery ability.

 In a blink of an eye, it has been restored as before.

 Madara slowly raised his head, and he looked calm.

 “Your strength is beyond my imagination, and it’s hard for me to understand. I can see that you are not a person from Utopia.”

 “your power and the form of it make it hard for me to see through.”

 ” “But it doesn’t matter!”

He ripped off his armour, revealing his upper muscular body!

 “The important thing is, I should be very excited about this battle!”

He roared with a fearless, excited voice, and his fighting spirit made Yasuo squint his eyes.  

 His long sword was slowly inserted into the scabbard, looking at Madara quietly.

 “It seems that you still have some other tricks!”

  Madara did not answer. He raised his right hand, spread his five fingers, and stroked his face.


 The sound of bone joint friction suddenly sounded, and his five fingers slowly flicked down from his forehead. When the five fingers were removed from his face, a rugged skeleton and white bone mask appeared in front of Yasuo.  “boom!”

 At the same time, a black-red, Hollow aura swelled in the blink of an eye, high up, straight into the sky.

 Powerful, Madara at this moment was stronger than before.

 Its body shapes almost disappeared in an instant and became extremely fast.

 “Shoo!” The air burst open, and there was a detonating sound.

 Yasuo’s eyes contracted, he instantly released his sword, and he waved directly forward.


 Almost instantly, a whirlwind arose in the void in front of him, a kunai pierced the air, and suddenly came in front of Yasuo.

 Strangely, at this moment, the blade of his long sword also appeared on the tip of that Kunai with extreme precision.

 “Om!” The blade cut the tip of the Kunai and gave a slight pause.

 Afterward, shockingly, Yasuo cut the tip of the kunai directly, and followed closely, cutting the kunai from the middle, directly in half, cutting fiercely.

 In the blink of an eye, the Kunai had been cut in half.

 Madara’s face covered with a white hollow mask also appeared at this time, his eyes were red and his breath was hot. When he saw this scene, his pupils contracted.

 Strong! This man’s Kenjutsu is beyond imagination.

 ” here!!” Yasuo turned his wrist, the blade of the sword directly opened, and went to Madara’s neck again.

 The latter’s gaze was indifferent, with a sudden force from his waist, his entire body instantly turned in the air, spinning quickly like a spinning top.

 In an instant, he was already in front of Yasuo.

 With his fists like a dragon, fiercely slammed Yasuo.

 The latter, holding a long sword, was unable to wield the sword at close range for a while, and was forced to dodge and retreat.

 Madara swiftly pursued, using both hands, feet, and elbows to attack quickly, turning into a phantom.

 “Bang bang bang!”

 In the twinkling of an eye, he has had 28 collisions with Yasuo, which has made him back a hundred steps.

 However, such an attack is still unable to hurt Yasuo.

 His gaze condensed, and Madara leaned forward and jumped backward.

 After a breath, the white skull mask on his face extended, covering his neck and upper body in a blink of an eye. The Hollow aura became stronger, and at the same time, his eyes became more fierce.


 Between breathing, there was a roar, and Madara flashed forward like a tiger.

 Yasuo holding a sword, his eyes were slightly serious.

 “Your strength has won my approval!”

 “Remember my name!”

 “I’m the Gale Sword Hero, Yasuo!”

As soon as the voice fell, his figure flashed like the wind in an instant.

The next moment, the two collided fiercely in the air.

 “Om!” The space trembled, and a wave of air first spread, followed by the collapse of the ground, advancing towards the outer layers.

 Boom boom boom.

 After a couple of seconds, the ground with a radius of one thousand meters collapsed, forming a deep pit.

 The two looked at each other, Yasuo squinted his eyes, and then retreated, with the tip of the sword pointing towards Madara. And said.