The Marvelous Dragon Balls The Marvelous Dragon Balls
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MDB: Chapter 103 The Wishes Are Not Enough…

The next day, Saint woke up early. He prepared breakfast for Colleen, who was still deep in slumber and left it on her bedside table before heading home to eat his own meal. As a Saiyan, his appetite was insatiable, requiring restaurant-sized portions to satiate his hunger.

After devouring his breakfast with lightning speed, Saint returned to Colleen’s martial arts gym, ready to begin his daily training. As a Saiyan warrior, the peaceful solitude of his meditation room no longer held any appeal. Instead, he found solace in the art of extreme training, pushing his physical limits to the brink.

On the expansive training grounds, Saint stood tall, shirtless, and barefoot. His right hand blazed with blue energy, resembling a game of rock-paper-scissors. But upon closer inspection, it was clear that his hand was spread open, fingers splayed, not clenched into a fist. The blue energy was held in his palm, not enveloping his fist. With a flick of his wrist, an arc of energy shot out, drawing a circle in the air before encircling his body.

This was the one-handed release of the “Turtle School’s Ki Technique.”

As Saint persisted in his daily practice, his mastery of the Turtle School’s Ki technique grew stronger and more refined. He could now release weaker Ki blasts with just one hand and even make them swerve and curve. His daily routine now consisted of one thing: resisting his own Ki blasts with all his might, again and again. In simpler terms, he was hurting himself constantly to improve.

Colleen, who had just woken up, was greeted with the sight of Saint, his arms aglow, holding off a blue Ki blast he had unleashed upon himself. As the two energies collided, a small energy explosion occurred, causing a fierce storm within the martial arts hall. Colleen, who bore the brunt of it, was sent flying out of the hall. If she hadn’t taken off her shirt beforehand, this would have certainly spelled the end for her attire.

Colleen, who was accustomed to such sights, simply walked straight to the bathroom without a second glance. After freshening up, she picked up a plate of breakfast and leisurely stood by, nibbling on her meal as she watched Saint’s self-destructive behavior.

After finishing her breakfast, Collen felt a tingling in her hands and put down her empty plate. With a determined step, she approached Saint and said, “Train with me.”

Saint simply replied, “Sure.”

Saint nodded cheerfully and, with a wave of his hand, the energy on his hand dissipated. He immediately activated “Ki sense,” completely concealing his own breath and power. Even without transforming, his combat strength was several times that of Colleen’s. Even with just his physical fitness, he could barely hold his own against Colleen, who had the added enhancement of Ki.

In fact, Saint had to do this no matter what “position” he used to fight Colleen, otherwise, if he accidentally used full power in a fit of passion, Colleen couldn’t withstand his “impact.”

Saint couldn’t help but feel a twinge of frustration, especially since Colleen’s combat strength had rapidly increased to over 40 after learning Ki training. Her growth rate slowed down, and it was obvious that her potential had been developed by ten years of martial arts. Although she was still trying hard to Train, her combat strength only increased by two or three points per week, and this number was still declining.

After Saint started his self-destructive training, his combat strength growth rate was no longer two points per week. It depends on the frequency of the harm he caused… he could increase by three to five points per week. In the long run, the gap between him and Colleen will only continue to grow, and one day, even with Ki concealment, he may not be able to fight her.

A question of great importance was facing Saint. Should he use a wish from the Dragon Balls to empower Colleen? It was not only a matter of personal happiness, but the previous encounter with Hydra had served as a warning. If Colleen’s strength could not keep up with his own, it would become a fatal weakness.

But according to Saint’s original plan, the next five wishes had to be used on himself…

He shrugged off the thought, for now, he would decide later. After all, the next wish would have to be kept for himself.

Saint focused on training Colleen, but it was nothing more than a formality. At this point, sparring with her had no benefits for him. He would never admit this to Colleen, however.

As noon approached, Colleen left to run the restaurant, leaving Saint to tend to the Dojo. Today was the day he had agreed to be SHIELD’s “bait” and Hydra lurking within the organization would finally meet its downfall.

Saint’s reason for becoming a decoy was twofold. The first was to ease the suspicions of the Nine-Headed Snake, and the second was to “fish” for information. Although they had already followed the “Crossbone” thread and caught a large number of Hydra’s members, including the former director of SHIELD, Alexander Pierce, Nick Fury, who was plagued by paranoia, still believed that there were many “loose fish” within SHIELD that had not been caught.

Just based on this matter alone, his suspicions were not unfounded.

For today’s operation, SHIELD had put on a grand show. They expended countless resources, all for the sake of having Saint make an appearance.

An hour later, Saint, who had been aimlessly watching the news on TV, finally received SHIELD’s signal – a large chemical factory in the suburbs had experienced a devastating explosion. The factory had collapsed, and dozens of workers were buried under the rubble.

As a superhero, “Golden Boy” finally had his chance to shine.

Of course, there were no actual workers under the crumbling walls of the chemical factory. The reporters and firefighters present were all SHIELD agents in disguise. All of this was to lure Saint to the pre-arranged battlefield.

Well, in the eyes of the Hydra’s higher-ups, that’s how things were. As for their lower-level members?

“We will Obey, commander,” they would say without hesitation.

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