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MDB: Chapter 12 These Rich People!

“Oh!” Peter nodded unconsciously and took two steps back. He watched Lorna take a menu and gently place it on the table. Then, she said to the brown-haired woman: “What do you want to eat?”

The customer obviously had her request prepared, and did not bother looking into the menu before saying: “Kung fu Barbecue.”

“This dish is served by weight. How many pounds do you want?”

“Let’s start with one.”

“Alright, just a second.”

Lorna took away the menu and walked into the kitchen to say to Saint: “Boss, one pound of Kung Fu Barbecue for one customer.”

“You’re here!” Without raising his head, Saint answered while cutting the vegetables: “Alright, I’ll serve. Have you seen people? He’s a new assistant, with no work experience. Teach him more about work!”

“Alright!” Lorna nodded, went in and changed into her work clothes, then returned to Peter to tell him what to do.

After a while, Saint left the Kitchen with a plate of sliced raw meat. He looked around, and the woman caught his eyes. He went and put the plate on her table, using Ki before her eyes to cook the meat.

Facing what she couldn’t explain with science, the woman was extremely shocked. He blue eyes were wide open, and her right hand went gently over her red lips, just to keep herself from screaming.

“Please enjoy!”

Saint turned around and was about to go back to the kitchen, when the brown-haired woman stood up shouting: “Please wait:”

He turned back to her hear her say: “My name is Joy Meachum, an old friend of Danny Rand!” She extended her hand to shake hands with Saint.

Saint realized who she was. This was Danny’s childhood friend, and very wealthy. She, along with her brother, was running Rand Enterprises for the past few years. Why she was in Lee’s Chinese Restaurant was a mystery to Saint, for she shouldn’t be as interested as Danny in Ki and Kung Fu.

“Hi I’m Saint Lee!” Saint shook her hand and said: “Pleasure to meet you, Ms. Meachum!”

“Can we sit down and talk?”

“Of course!” At this time, there were still no other customers going through the door. Saint nodded and sat down on the other side of the table: “It would be a pleasure!”

Joy looked at the barbecue in front of her, saying with a hint of emotion in her voice: “Mr Lee, just three minutes ago, I used to think you’re just a liar playing tricks.”

Saint raised his eye brows, surprised by her straight forwardness and answered, “It is okay. It’s our instinct as humans to feel doubtful when facing the unknown.”

“To be honest, I still can’t fully believe you yet!” With a sharp gaze, Joy stared at Saint: “Perhaps, you are just that good at doing magic tricks.”

“Ha ha.” Saint showed an ambiguous smile and said: “Ms. Meachum, I don’t believe I owe you anything. There’s no need for me to prove myself to you. Ki exists, whether you believe it or not! What you think of me does not change that.”

Joy narrowed her eyes, pouted and said: “Mr. Lee, it seems that you don’t know who I am. I’m…”

“I know who you are Ms.Meachum, and I know how prestigious your family is, how you are the director of Rand Enterprises, and how you are worth hundreds of millions.” Saint lifted his hand to keep her from interrupting him and continued, “What does that mean for me?”

Joy took a deep breath and reluctantly suppressed the anger in her heart, revealing a diplomatic smile. “I’ve been rude. In fact, I’ve only come here today because of Danny. He told me that having Kung Fu Barbecue in here would get me to believe he’s saying the truth.” She paused, and then said in a pleading tone: “So, Mr. Lee, please understand! Please provide me with proof that Ki exists. For me and for Danny, this is very important for me, and for Danny.”

Saint understood her finally. Danny must have told her a lot of unbelievable things about things like “Kunlun” and “The Hand”. Without providing proof, she’d send him to a mental hospital just like she did in the series.

At this point, Saint couldn’t help but curiously ask: “He didn’t summon “The Iron Fist” for you? I think that nothing could prove the existence of Ki if a fist that shines from the inside out doesn’t.”

“Not, he didn’t!” Joy looked at him with amazement, “However, he did mention this “Iron Fist”; I understood nothing of what he was talking about…”

“Aha…” Saint knew that although Danny had learned some information from him, he shouldn’t be able to summon “The Iron Fist” wantonly. After thinking about the matter, he extended his right hand to Joy: “Well, I will help him again then! Ms. Meachum, through a technique named “Ki Transfer”, I can transfer my own Ki to others. Please, give me your hand, and I’ll get you to feel Ki first hand!”

Joy was a bit reluctant, but then slowly extended her arm, carefully placing her five slender fingers in Saint’s hands: “Is this okay?”

Saint nodded: “Close your eyes, and try to ignore any surrounding voice. Focus, and when you’re ready, let me know!”

A moment later, Joy said with a gentle tone: “I am ready…”

The next moment, Joy opened her eyes wide opened, and her entire body trembled slightly, as if hit by an electric shock. She quickly pulled back her right hand, looking straight at her fingertips; “This…. This….”

“This is Ki!”

By the time she raised her head to look at Saint, he was already halfway through the kitchen door, saying only one sentence: “Tell Danny Rand he owes me one!”

‘Stun them with what you have, and walk away… How cool is that!’ Saint thought triumphantly. However, soon after he entered the kitchen, he was followed by Lorna who had a look of awe on her face and she handed him a black Credit Card saying: “Boss, our customer went to the door, locked it, and hanged the “Closed” sign. When I went to stop her, she gave me this card and she said you can process whatever amount of money you want…”


Facing such a familiar situation, the corner of Saint’s mouth twitched, and he muttered, with some envy in his voice: “These rich people!”

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