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MDB: Chapter 11 Peter Parker!

‘I can’t believe this!’

In face of the teenager saying he is “Peter Parker”, Saint used Ki Sense immediately, and then nodded with relief, saying to himself: ‘His Ki is normal; they must just share the same name; that’s it! I can’t possibly encounter the Iron Fist on my 1st day of work, Polaris on the Second, and now Spider Man on the 3rd!

Wait… perhaps he wasn’t bitten by a spider yet!’

“My name is Saint Lee.” After an awkward silence, Saint finally get back to reality and introduced himself, and then asked, “Pe… Mr. Parker, are you of legal working age? I don’t want to be a child laborer!”

“Of course!” Peter nodded quickly and took out a document from his backpack: “Boss Lee, call me peter. As you can see, I’m 16 years old!”

Saint glanced at Peter’s working papers and looked at Peter’s backpack saying: “Peter, you’re a high school student I believe? I’m not planning on hiring part time workers.”

“No no!” Peter shook his head again and again before Saint’s suspicious eyes, and said: “I mean, yes! I’m a high school student, but I’m planning on working part time! You see, besides weekends, I’ll come every morning after school, and I’ll be here before midday. I’ll leave for school at 3 pm, and then return after school at 6 at the latest. I believe this should be completely in line with the working hours here. Perfect, no?”

‘There is still one question…’ Saint thought. Out of caution, he calmly asked. “Peter, I have to keep the place open until 8 or 9. Do you have no problems with getting home so late?”

“My parents have passed away, in an air crash…” Peter’s expression revealed a hint of sadness, and his sentences became more concise: “I’ll get my guardian, Aunt May, to sign a form of consent for you.”

Parent who died in an air crash… Aunt May…. This is not someone who shares his name! It seems that young Spidy hasn’t been bitten yet!

Saint looked at Peter saying, “I’m very sorry. In fact, just a few months ago, I’ve lost my parents in an air crash, so I can relate…”

“So that’s it!” Peter’s clap of a sudden realization interrupted Saint: “I thought you looked too young to be a restaurant owner!”

Peter suddenly realized that his reaction was very bad. Looking at Saint’s miserable look, he lowered his head and added. “Oh, that’s really unfortunate. I’m horribly sorry…”

The dumbfounded Saint patted on Peter’s shoulder and euphemistically refused: “Peter, you are still young, you should stay in school more. Working with me would take too much of your time; it’s not for you.”

“Oh No!”Peter uttered an exaggerated sigh, and his face became anxious, and he quickly pleaded with enthusiasm: “Boss Lee, believe me! I have very good grades, and keeping up with my studies is no problem for me! Please Boss Lee, I’ve been relying on Aunt May for far too long, and I have to find a job to alleviate some of the burden! Please give me a chance; I’ll work very hard!”

Saint was a bit soft-hearted after all. After listening to Peter’s sincere pleading, he couldn’t utter any words of refusals. “Well, I can’t stop you from helping your elders. As long as your guardian agrees, I’ll accept you here!”

“YES!” Peter punched the air in happiness! “Thank you! Thank you boss! I’ve applied for work in three fancy restaurants, five Pizza shops, and six cafes; they all refused! I was desperate…”

“Stop Stop Stop!” Saint had a headache; he pulled out his cell phone and said, “Give me your contact information. Right, do you live nearby?”

“My phone number is XXXXXXXXX, I live in Queens, but not too far from here. The subway is just seven stops away; this will still be very easy. I go to the school every day on the subway. I will pass by here. The school is very close to here, just five minutes away. Eh? I just realized that your restaurant is right between the Subway Station and my school…”

”Stop!” Saint’s head was aching more and more, and he had a hint of regret: “While this area is rather good, it isn’t the most peaceful place at night. If you don’t live nearby, do you think your Aunt will agree that you work here?”

“What?” Peter grabbed the back of his head, was a bit dumbfounded and said: “I will convince Aunt May. I am a man; I can protect myself….”

‘He’s not going to stop again!’ Saint put his index before Peter’s mouth and said.”Call her now! As I said before; I will accept you only if she agrees.”

“Okay, boss, please wait!”

After a while, Peter gave Saint the phone. He had no idea what promise did Peter make to get this, but May gave Saint her verbal consent through the phone. After he hung up, he nodded to Peter: “Alright! Welcome to Lee’s Chinese Restaurant. When you’re ready, you can come to work here!”

“YES!” Peter excitedly punched his one palm, rolled up his sleeve and said: “Boss, I am ready! What should I do?”


Facing this new employee with no prior experience, Saint couldn’t look at him straight and poited to the back of the shop; “Take you bag and put it in a locker. Work clothes are hung on the wall over there. Find the most fitting ones and change. Now I have something to do, so wait for Lorna. I you have anything you don’t understand, just ask her!”

“Boss, who is Lorna?”

“Like you, she’s part of the staff. You’ll know when you see her!”

After releasing a sigh of frustration, Saint walked into the Kitchen without looking back, and quickly began slicing the meat and preparing the side dishes. Peter took around ten minutes of his time, and he was rather in a hurry.

Ten minutes later, Lorna arrived to the restaurant on time. She pushed the door, spotting the young man who seemed like he might be underage. Right behind her, a tall brown haired woman followed.

“Hi! My name’s Peter. Are you Lorna?”

The brown-haired woman squinted at Peter and waved waved impatiently: “You have mistaken me for someone else!”

“Welcome, please sit down.” Lorna stepped forward and greeted the brown haired women, then push Peter aside. I am Lorna. You’re new here? Go to the side and wait for a while.”

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