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MDB: Chapter 10 Dragon Balls Being Restored?

“Is this… Is this a test?”

Lorna glanced at a pile of bank notes on the counter, and stepped away from them as if they were a venomous snake! She kept thinking about Saint’s purpose for a long time.

She never realized that Saint was simply frightened by her immense Ki, to the point that he had to hide in his room just to conceal his shock!

In fact, Saint became even more shocked when he thought of Lorna’s potential. His surprise had prevented him of thinking about this before, but her Ki , 50 times greater than his was just that of her as a clueless teen. She probably had very poor control of her powers that were going to evolve to a much higher point if she was anything like the Polaris he knew from the stories.

“I thought I was something, and here I am being scared by an 18 year old girl!” Saint couldn’t help by smile at the thought. He got up and walked out of his master bed room, going to the two other rooms in the flat. He decided to make them a staff dorm, and had to remove any personal items from inside them.

After finishing, Saint brought Lorna upstairs, let her pick one of the two bedrooms, and then handed her a white A4 sheet of paper and a marker pen saying: “Alright, write your name on the paper and stick it on your door!”

Lorna did just that. After a while, she found herself looking at a door with her name upon it, and suddenly realized that this was the 1st time that she had her name on anything!

“My own room…”

Lorna bit her teeth gently, forcibly suppressing the hopes in her heart, silently saying to herself: “You are a mutant, there is no place to where you belong!”

“Boss, is there anything else? I haven’t finished washing the dishes yet!”

“Nothing else!”

He watched Lorna quickly walking down the stairs, and couldn’t help but frown. He could clearly sense her Ki Fluctuating drastically a moment ago!

When Mutants get emotionally excited or agitated, their abilities get out of control. This was almost common sense. Therefore, Saint started to question himself again. Could he really afford to have the young Polaris here? At her peak, she’s on par with a prime Magneto. If she was to lose control, she could destroy his place and restaurant in an instant!

“Too much thinking! I need to practice!”

Saint shook away these thoughts, and realized he had to stop worrying about people and improve himself. As long as he’s strong enough, he could handle any problem.

“Too slow!”

Three hours later, Saint walked out of the quiet room, very dissatisfied with his progress. At the same time, he made up his mind. The next time he gathers the Dragon Balls, he’d just ask Shenron for the physique of Saiyan. Yes, he might not evolve as quickly as Goku, but even if his improvement speed just doubled, he’d be very satisfied!

Thinking of this, he looked at the back of his head unconsciously; just to be surprised that one 3rd of the pattern on the back of his hand had turned from Gray to Red! It’s been only 10 days since he made his last wish!

“Does this mean that in around 20 more days, the Dragon Balls would be restored?!”

Saint could not yet rely on the 5-star Dragon Ball to sense the positions of the other ones until its energy is fully replenished. He could only make a wild guess: “How could this be so fast? Could it be that one of the Dragon Balls fell near a High Energy Body? Perhaps something like one of the Infinity stones?”

Saint could only remember two Infinity Stones existing on earth today.

The Time Stone, contained inside the Eye of Agamotto, was under the protection of the Masters of the Mystic Arts in the holy land of Kamar-Taj. The Space stone, contained within the Tesseract, is lying together with “Captain America” somewhere under the Ice in the Arctic Ocean… (T/N: Actually Howard Stark found the Tesseract long before Cap was located.)

“That wouldn’t do!”

Indeed, if that was the case, Saint would be in trouble? How would he be able to get through the hardest of conditions to dig the Dragon Ball out of Ice? As for the Time Stone, Kamar-Taj should be protected with Magic, so the Dragon Ball shouldn’t fall there… probably…

“It’s useless to think about this now; I’ll just have to wait until the Dragon Balls’ energy is replenished…”

All of a sudden Saint had an ominous hunch. He went downstairs to the restaurant, and found that all the tables were cleaned up, and that all the dishes were cleaned and stacked neatly in their proper places. Both doors of the place were properly locked.

As for Lorna, she had already disappeared! She must have returned to her “residence”. Like Colleen said, that should be some abandoned building…

“Yawn!” Saint went back upstairs all sleepy. He had been busy all day, and it was time for him to rest.

Early the next morning,, he woke up on time, and went out to buy a batch of new ingredients, put it into the refrigerator of the restaurant and then went to his quiet room on the second floor, continuing his practice until 11 am. With the sound of the alarm clock, he left the room and opened the Restaurant downstairs.

He still had some time until launch, but just as he turned around after opening the door, he heard those chimes again as someone entered.

Saint still had a lot of preparation to do. He turned around saying: “Sorry, we’re not surving until launch time!”

“Hey… I’m not here to eat!”

The one walking through the door was a fifteen-year-old skinny boy. He looked at Saint, who was just two years older than him, and asked a little hesitantly: “Excuse me, are you the owner of this restaurant?”

Saint nodded, answering reluctantly: “Yes, what is it that you want?”

“Hello! My name is Peter Parker and I want to apply for a job as an assistant!”


Saint suspected that something was wrong with his ears. After a long awkward silence, he asked again: “What’s your name again?”

“Peter Parker, sir.”


Translator Note: The author had mentioned several time that he is well aware of the differences between his storyline and the details shown in the MCU films and series. In fact, it seems to me that the reference to MCU is just for the sake of familiarity, as the author changed more than one detail to drive the story forward in great directions. All these changes are similar to differences between different Marvel Worlds, and I honestly like them, and I hope that you all enjoy them as well!

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