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MDB: Chapter 9 The Power Of Polaris

When Lorna left them, Saint turned to Colleen looking at her in surprise whispering: “What was that all about? You were very insistent, that’s not like the usual you at all!”

“You don’t know…” Colleen seemed to be hesitant, then she puff and said: “This child is special. It would be too dangerous for her to live alone. If we don’t be careful, she’ll be targeted.”

“You’ve got a point there!” Saint thought of Lorna’s exquisite face, which was indeed stunningly beautiful, and said: “That beautiful girl could indeed get in trouble really easy!”

“That’s not what I meant!” Colleen shook her head helplessly, and then approached Saint’s ear and said: “She’s a mutant.”

Mutant… Lorna Lehnsherr….

Saint suddenly felt like he was hit by truck, he unconsciously said: “No… no…”

Colleen frowned at his reaction: “What do you mean by that? I only told you because I’ve always perceived you as someone sympathetic to the experience of a Mutant. That’s why I decided to tell you.”

“No, you misunderstood; I didn’t mean to discriminate against her.” Saint shook his head quickly and said, “I just… suddenly remembered another Mutant with the last name Lehnsherr!”

Erik Lehnsherr, also known as “Magneto”, was a man whose powers knew no bounds in the presence of any metal!

However, this was all impossible! Soon after Saint crossed over, he did his thorough investigation. Although there were a few mutants here and there, they were never that prominent. Neither the “X-Men” not the “Brotherhood of Mutants” were formed in this world.

In fact, under the rigorous surveillance of S.H.I.E.L.D and the Sentinel Services, the mutants were simply unable to form a decent force. In fact, the leader of the “Brotherhood of Mutants”, Magneto, should not exist, for if he did, such an unruly character would never sit still in such a world.

Then, how in the world could his daughter Lorna Lehnsherr, who has a variant of his ability, and was known his world as Polaris, exist in this world?

Was this all just a bizarre coincidence?

Saint did not believe it was, and curiously activated his Ki Sense and tried to perceive Lorna.

The next moment, before Colleen’s eyes, he inexplicably looked extremely scared and shock, with sweat dripping down his forehead!

“What happened to you?”

“My god! What stong Ki!”

Saint wasn’t even answering Colleen; he was just shocked and could not keep himself from uttering those words. The girl he deemed as weak and fragile, had Ki that’s on a completely different level from him; 50 times as much as him!

Since Saint had already double the Ki of a normal human, this meant Lorna was actually a 100 times as strong as a regular human!

With the strength of a hundred, she’s be indeed worthy of being Polaris!

“What on earth are you talking about?” Colleen frowned and pushed Saint: “What strong Ki?”

Saint gulped and looked at Colleen silently. He was saying to himself ‘Naïve mortal, you know nothing about her powers! You’re actually worried about her safety? She could beat dozens of me at a time!’

“Colleen, you worry too much. Lorna is strong, very strong! Ordinary people couldn’t hold a candle to her!”

Colleen’s face changed, as if telling Saint he’s an idiot, and she said: “You’ve got me all wrong you genius! She’s a mutant. I’m not worried about just her safety; I’m worried about everyone around her!”

Once a mutant is awakened, they would get an immediate insane boost in power. With such changes happening so quickly to her body, it will naturally be different to adapt. And mutants vary in their ability to control themselves.

Saint understood this well, and said: “Hey, are you worried that she would go out of control and even cause casualties, to be hunted down later by the S.H.I.E.L.D and the Sentinel Services?”

“S.H.I.E.L.D?” Colleen pouted, “I know of the Sentinel Services, what is S.H.I.E.L.D?” (Translator note: To my knowledge, the Sentinel Services did not make presence in any work that’s linked to the MCU directly. I believe the minimum role of mutants makes it a valid choice from the author to make them a more commonly known but less prominent part of this world. Just like Lorna Dane “Lehnsherr”, the difference in name, description and circumstances could be attributed to their presence in different worlds, just like Quicksilver is present on both Earth 19999 and Earth 10005.)

‘Damn it! I slipped up!’

Saint did not think his words through. Unlike the Sentinel Service Department who were working in the daylight, SHIELD was more of a secret organization, the ordinary people should not know of. He didn’t know how to answer Colleen, so he just went with giving her the long name: “Yeah, that’s the acronym for Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement Logistics Division!”

“What is this division?” Colleen was surprised, “You didn’t just make this up didn’t you?”

“Haha,” Saint smiled and said, “No it’s real; and most people who get the long name ask for the Acronym!”

“Good god! What a weird name!”

Colleen puffed and returned to her main topic that was being forgotten. She said once again: “Saint! You have to let Lorna live here for as long as possible! I fear for her being alone on the streets!”

‘You’re not afraid that she would go out of control here, destroying me and my stone?’ Saint thought…

He turned a blind eye to that, and even though he was a little reluctant, he just said: “I’ll try my best, but it seems to me that she’s almost as stubborn as you are! I can’t promise anything!”

‘What? The same as me? That’s a little bit too many words!’

Colleen also turned a blind eye to Saint’s words: “I’m going back to my Dojo; I’ll let you deal with this.

Saint nodded, and after seeing Colleen leave, he found the spare keys and gave them to Lorna: “These are the keys to the store; the big one if for the front door, and the small one’s for the backdoor. After you’re through with work, remember to lock everything. Tomorrow we start at 11.30 am, don’t wake up late!”

Disregarding the dumbfounded look on Lorna’s face, Saint went straight up the stairs to the living room on the second floor, which was not ready for Lorna at all! If Colleen didn’t go before he thought of it, he might have asked her to help him out.

“That’s… weird…”

Lorna watched Saint’s back disappear at the stairs, and could not help but ask: “Isn’t he afraid that I would steal anything?”

With theft being on her record, Lorna was used to peoples’ suspicions. Even if they don’t say anything, they are always worried about that! Saint left hundreds of dollars in the cash register, but he did not seem to worry at all, and even gave her keys to the store!

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