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MDB: Chapter 8 Lorna Lehnsherr!

“Super rich guy… entire month…”

Colleen muttered those words, getting a sense of Deja-Vu. After a while, her eyes widened and she said: “This rich guy… could his name be Danny Rand?”

Saint was surprised and said: “Hey! How do you know?”

“He also distracted me the other day, and compensated with 3 month’s worth of Dojo Rent!”


After some awkward silence, Saint grinded his teeth yelling: “Three months? That jerk values looks over friendliness! I’ve only got one month’s worth compensation!”


Colleen looked silently at Saint; surprised by his point of concern. She avoided talking more about money and sat down at a table saying: “So, your offer is still on?”

“Of course!” Saint returned to usual saying: “So, do you want the usual? Or do you want to try my newly developed Ki barbeque?”

“Alright, I’ll try that out!”

“Great! Coming right up!”

Saint quickly brought a large plate of sliced raw meat, and cooked it with Ki in front of Colleen. While she had seen Jan Ken before, this technique looked completely different! As he finished cooking the meet, she could not help but marvel: “That’s astonishing! What’s this technique? How did you do it?”

“This is actually just a basic skill. It’s not a move. I’m just releasing Ki. The principle is very simple. Ki is a form of life energy, and its release produces high energy. Doing Barbecue this way is also a form of practice, one that allows me to control Ki more finely!”

After this simple explanation, Saint handed Colleen a Knife and Fork saying: “Try it!”


“Enjoy! I have to greet the guests now, so I’ll have to leave you!”

“Go, don’t worry about me!”

With dinner time arriving, the restaurant was full again. Knowing that he was going to get busy, Saint made more preparations this time, reducing his work load compared to lunch. After Colleen finished eating, she went in and helped him. Then, a 17 or 18 year old short-haired girl joined the two without even talking to Saint. As h looked at her in eyes, he realized she was Colleen’s disciple. Seeing how skilled and comfortable she was with the service, it was obvious to him that she was not stranger to waiting tables.

With two helpers, things went much easier for Saint, and before he knew, the dinner shift was done! After all the customers left, he turned the closed sign. Colleen went to the short haired girl and said: “Take some rest now; let’s sit down and chat!”

The three sat around a table. Saint looked at the new girl and took the initiative to introduce himself: “Hello, I’m Saint Lee, an old friend of Colleen.”

The girl had delicate and slightly Germanic Features, a thin face, a slender body and pale white skin. While she looked physically weak and fragile, her eyes were shining with unyielding strength, which made her exude a sense of contradiction. While all her other features predict she would be a blond, her hair was pitch black. Hearing Saint, she looked at him with her big green eyes vigilantly, answering: “Lorna Lehnsherr.”

“May I call you Lorna?”

Saint paused until he saw her nod, and then continued: “Lorna, I can give you a monthly salary of 1500$. You’ll have a couple of three-hour shifts; one at noon and one in the evening. You can get free accommodation and food. Because I have no kitchen assistants, if you are willing to help me with preparations, I’m willing to add an extra 8$ per hour for such work. Now, think about my proposition and tell me if you have any problems!”

Being an orphan, Lorna had many hardships, even having to live on the streets very early in her life. She had to work as waitress for quite a while.

She had theft on her record, and no one was willing to hire her. Saint’s proposition was more than generous, and she immediately nodded: “No problem, I accept all your term, and would very much like to do extra chores for extra money.”

“Alright!” Saint nodded back, then turned to Colleen saying: “What do you think?”

“I have no objections,” She smiled and said jokingly; “Just don’t you dare bully my student!”

“Alright, then all is settled!” As Saint laughed, he stood up and extended his right hand to the new employee saying: “Lorna, welcome to Lee’s Chinese Restaurant!”

Lorna was stunned at first, then stood up and shook Saint’s hand saying: “So, should I call you boss?”

“As you like!” Saint shrugged saying: “This is a small restaurant with not too many rules, you can call me boss, Saint, Mr. Lee, whatever you want!”

Lorna remained quiet for a while and then said: “I’ll stick with Boss!”

“Ok!” Saint nodded, and then hesitated before saying: “Lorna, do you have a place to live or…”

Colleen did not let him finish, rushing to say: “Saint, she doesn’t have a place to live, you have to arrange a room for her!”


Lorna turned around with some embarrassment and said to Colleen: “I live outside and I can take care of myself!”

“No!” Colleen looked at her seriously, “Live where? Some abandoned building? Do you want to get caught and have Property Invasion added to your record?”

Having her problems exposed one after the other, Lorna couldn’t take it anymore and stubbornly said to Colleen, “SENSEI! I’m free to choose where I live! You can’t make such a decision for me!”

“I’m your Sensei…”

“Cough, Colleen, don’t worry!” Seeing things getting a little out of control, Saint quickly coughed a interrupted the two: “Lorna, so… I’ll arrange you a room in the top floor and you can stay there for the time being! As for deciding where you’ll eventually stay, let’s leave that decision for later, alright?”

Lorna nodded silently, glancing at the slightly gloomy Colleen, and then she walked away saying: “Boss, there are some tables left to clean up, I’ll go to work!”

“Go ahead. Clean up, wash the dishes, and then you can get off work!”


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