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MDB: Chapter 7 Jan Ken

Colleen, who was in mid-air, quickly overcame the panic that naturally overtook her, and adjusted her limbs to find balance and steadily land on both feet. After taking three steps back and forth, she realized that she was rather exhausted. She reached for her chest, as she did feel she was hit hard. She quickly realized that aside from some soreness on her chest, she wasn’t seriously hurt, although the two most prominent points on it were a bit numb.

After Saint was able to push her in mid air, he felt weak all over his body. He couldn’t help but bend down with his palm upon his knees, gasping for breath. Colleen on the other side, who was rather embarrassed, lifted her sword, so he shouted: “Stop! I’m out of strength! I admit defeat!”

Colleen pointer her sword at the ground and snorted in frustration. She was unable to hold back her curiosity and asked: “Saint, was that a Kame School attack?”

Saint wiped the sweat off his forehead, stood up straight and nodded: “Well, that’s Pa, or Paper, from Kame Sennin’s entry technique, [Jan Ken], or Rock Paper Scissors. Gu, or Rock, stands for punching attacks; Chyoki, or Scissors, stands for finger attacks, and Pa stands for open palm attacks.”

By using Jan Ken Pa while manipulating Ki on the palm of his hands, Saint was able to use it as an energy attack to push the enemy away. After mastering this, he speculated he would be able to use it to pull or bind the enemy.

Although it was an entry level move, compared to regular Ki Release that he used to cook the meat, this one consumed a lot more Ki. That’s why Saint barely had energy to stand up after using it, as he almost completely exhausted the Ki in his body.

“Entry technique? This School sounds really amazing…”

Colleen unconsciously raised her hands to rub her sour chest. While she didn’t notice, her unintentional movement made Saint’s eyes glued to her; they opened wide, his mouth went dry and he wanted just to shout: “Let me in you bosom!”

But he didn’t… of course he didn’t. His “great” self-restraint allowed him to turn away and cough sighing: “Cough, so, now you believe that what I’ve learned is the real deal?” (Translator note: It’s official, Saint is no saint! And he’s also a true apprentice of Muten Roshi!”

Colleen puffed and said to herself: ‘If this isn’t the real deal, then what have I been learning all these years?’

Remaining calm on the surface, she asked: “Can anyone learn the Kame School teachings?”

Saint seemed to think, and then said ambiguously: “In theory, yes! But it would be necessary for one to develop their Ki in order to be able to master these technique. I have only recently mastered just a little bit of this!”

Being affiliated with “The Hand”, whose founder were banished from K’un-Lun, Colleen was no stranger to Ki. When she heard the word, her eyes turned bright, and as she was striving to be stronger, she was naturally very interested in Saint’s method. She said: “That means I can learn it?”

“Yeah…” Saint looked at her and said: “You Ki is actually superior to mine, but you’re not using it well at all, that’s the only reason why I can be faster or stronger.

Colleen’s mouth should a smile as she asked: “Can you teach me? Or could only a Sensei teach these techniques?”

“Things don’t have to be so formal with Sensei and apprentice…”

Hearing Saint, Colleen’s eyes shined with hope. His voice dropped in pitch as he said: “Just be my girlfriend!”

Colleen was stunned, and smile was wiped off of her face. She raised her Katana and point to the door yelling: “GET OUT!”

“Hey be careful with that!” Saint laughed and obediently walked to the door. As he was leaving, he turned around to her and waved: “See you around, Colleen!”


Colleen turned around and shut the door in his face. After remaining tense for a way, she suddenly “snapped” into a smile: “This guy has actually become much more interesting than before. Also, that pushing technique of his is quite special!”


“Hey, I didn’t even get to eat… Well, I can just forget about launch, I’ll just have dinner!”

On the other side, Saint walked out of the Dojo, going straight to his restaurant. He went to the kitchen, put on rubber gloves, and started…. washing dishes…

“I need to hire!”

He was already half dead by the time he finished cleaning the pile of dirty dishes that was awaiting him. He wiped his hands indiscriminately, went up, printed out a job ad flyer and went directly tohang it up the store door; it said: “One waiter needed, free meals and accommodation, negotiable salary!”

By then, the evening was approaching, and he couldn’t take a break. As soon as he was through with preparing the side dishes, he heard the chimes from the door side.

“Welcome to Lee’s…” As he went out from the kitchen, he was surprised and had to change his line: “Why are you here again?”

“Why wouldn’t I be here? Can’t I come to eat?”

Colleen, who had skipped launch and been hungry since noon, came through the door before anyone. She did not enter, and instead pointed at Saint’s flyer saying: “You’ve found a waiter?”

“How could I just? I put that up just now!” He walked forward and jokingly said: “So, willing to close your Dojo and come work for me?”


She muttered: “You wish!” and then said with a serious face: “I have a new student, a street orphan. Although she was caught in a theft case, she’s a actually a good kid; she’s just unlucky. Can you hire her as a waitress?”

“Well, when can she start?”

Saint who seemed to be joking was dead serious. With all the shores he was having to take, he was willing to accept a murderer as a waiter, let alone a harmless child thief!

“She can start tonight! She has worked before as a waitress and can directly start working. I’ll call her now!”

Colleen noticed Saint’s eagerness, took out her phone, walked two steps away and made a phone call. She soon returned and said: “I’m sure she’ll be here in a minute!”

“Great! You’ve helped me a lot!” Saint said enthusiastically, “Come in, take a seat, dinner’s on the house tonight!”

Colleen shook her head saying: “Thank you, I will eat, but I’ll pay. Uncle Lee and…. with them gone, things shouldn’t be easy for you…”

“No don’t worry!” Saint said, “I’m doing pretty well financially! You won’t believe it! Yesterday, I met a very rich guy who interrupted my work. Because of that, he compensated me with an entire month’s income!”

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