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MDB: Chapter 15 Breaking into the Gang’s Nest!

With the matter complete, Saint walked out of the store and said: “Thank you, Joy!”

“It’s the least I can do!” Joy shook her head and looked down: “I’m sorry, Saint. Because of me, now you might have the Hatchet Gang behind you!”

“This is not your fault.” Saint shrugged, as if the matter was insignificant, “Don’t worry about it. To me, they are no big threat to me.”

“Don’t be careless Saint!” Joy’s face showed great concern: “I know you are strong. But what if they come at you with a gun next time? Please be careful!”

Her words immediately got Saint back to earth! He had to humbly accept them, as he knew that his arrogance was still vain while he was at this level. “You’re right! I should not be so arrogant. Thank you.”

Joy grinned and said: “I should get back to Rand enterprises. We must take measures after such an attack!”

“Ok.” Saint nodded again, and before bidding each other farewell, he exchanged contact information with Joy: “If you need anything, don’t hesitate to call me.”

“Alright! Then, I’ll be going!”

“I’ll get you a cab.”

After Joy left, Saint turned back to the store, just to find someone else waiting for him. He couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows: “Colleen! What brings you he…”

“What did you say?” Colleen did not give him room to speak, pointing at Lorna: “What bring me here you say? What kind of trouble did you get yourself into Saint? You’re making me regret bringing Lorna here for work!”

“I’m not the one to blame!” Saint raised his hands, “Didn’t you see Joy leaving? The Hatchet Gang is after her! I was just an innocent bystander!”

“Hatchet Gang?” Colleen frowned, asking with doubt: “Who’s this Joy?”

Saint simply explained: “Joy Meachum, co-director of Rand Enterprises, and Danny’s childhood friend. I thought you’d know her!”

“I’m not that familiar with Danny to know his childhood friends!”

Colleen rolled her eyes and said: “Saint, I know you’re capable, but don’t you think that you can’t afford to mingle with these wealthy people with all the enemies they have?”

“Colleen, I know you’re Lorna’s Sensei, and I understand you concern for her safety.” Saint squinted, and midway through talking, his tone changed: “But you’re no Sensei of mine. You can’t come here to teach me how to do things!”

Seeing him so tough, Colleen couldn’t help but be stunned. She looked at him, even more surprised than before, realizing that he was getting further and further from the image she had on her old acquaintance she had known for many years.

Seeing her silent, Saint added: “Lorna is a member of Lee’s Chinese Restaurant. I will do everything to protect her. If you trust me, you should not worry so much.”

‘He has just turned 19 years old. Did losing his parents make him mature so quickly?’ Colleen looked at him a little puzzled, and then said: “I trust you.”

Saint nodded and then turned to Lorna, bluntly saying: “Lorna, I have somewhere to go now. There should be people coming to repair the door. You supervise them.”

“Okay boss.” Lorna nodded hard, although she barely understood what he said. In her mind, only these words echoed: ‘Lorna is a member of Lee’s Chinese Restaurant. I will do everything to protect her!’

Saint realized she looked a little different, but he didn’t give the matter much thought. He turned around and called Peter: “Peter, go to the kitchen and bring a few buckets of water to clean the blood stains in the store.”

“Oh……” Peter reluctantly sighed and walked to the back of the store while muttering: “First actual chore I get in my first actual job is to clean up an actual crime scene! Not a good sign…”

After Saint gave orders to his employees, he grabbed his mobile phone and walked out. Using Google maps, he went to a certain address he had in mind after getting a cab.

When Joey Meachum spoke about the Pier, Saint finally remembered that there was indeed and an Axe or Hatchet Gang in the MCU: The Yangsi Gonshi. They were located in Brooklyn.

Saint could remember there address for it was pronounced by Colleen in the Series, being some of the few things that were pronounced the standard way. After all, with all the Chinese words Danny Rand’s actor had to pronounce in the series, his accent wasn’t exactly the most authentic….


As Saint reached the Yangsi Gonshi head quarters, he directly entered, first demonstrating his force on the guards, and then saying: “I want to see your boss.”

A moment later, a middle-aged Chinese man appeared in front of him, followed by two familiar faces: the two gangsters who fled his store earlier!

“Boss, that’s him!”

The middle aged man heard that, and he signaled them to keep quiet then asked them in Chinese: “My name is Hai-Qing Yang. May I ask for yours?”

“Off course, you’re most welcome!” Saint responded to Yang politeness saying: “My name is Saint Lee.”

“A second Generation Chinese? Born in the United States?” Seeing Saint nodding, Yang continued, “Very good; it’s rare to see standard traditional Chinese not forgotten by people your age!”

Saint made a gesture with his hand, as if wanting to cut the chit-chat; he said: “Boss Yang, I’ll cut straight to the chase; I’m here to solve this little problem we have!”

“Oh?” Yang smiled, and then started laughing out loud. He finally said: “Oh, then you are here to say that it has all been a big misunderstanding, and that we should just laugh it off instead of having a big fight?”

Saint smiled, and then said with full confidence: “Trust me, Boss Yang; by the time I finish my words, you’ll be thanking me for what happened today!”

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