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MDB: Chapter 16 The Injury Reports

“Kid, don’t get so arrogant!”

Yang turned back immediately, making a gesture with his hand. With a threatening wicked voice he said: “When before me, you should be kneeling down for mercy! Now, try again! If I don’t like your tone, you won’t make it out through that door behind you!”

A light went on behind the boss, and Saint could see what was hidden in the back: seven or eight men in black with Semi-Automatic rifles. Saint had no idea they were there; they were all pointing their guns at him to the head and chest! He felt uneasy about what was behind him as well. Apparently, other guns were also pointed at him from the back!

Being in such an unprecedented life threatening position, all of Saint’s muscles tensed up. He took a deep breath, and calmed himself down, but his body remained tense. However, his mind was clear enough to talk as smoothly and as calmly as before: “Boss Yang, would you please tell them to put their guns down? After listening to what I have to say, if you still feel dissatisfied, it won’t be too late for them to riddle me with holes.”

“Humph!” Yang snorted and waved his arm down, and his men lowered their guns. Arrogantly, he said: “Talk.”

Saint’s first sentence made Yang’s face change greatly: “The pier you want; the ones behind Rand Enterprises buying it are “The Hand”!”

“Everyone, leave us alone!” With shock upon his face, Yang dismissed his men. He said immediately after: “I am very sorry. I had no idea about your identity. I did not mean to offend you!”

Saint shook his head and said: “Oh no Boss Yang, this is a misunderstanding. You don’t have to be so nervous. I’m not affiliated with “The Hand”. However, the one who’s in command of Rand Enterprises, and Joy’s brother, Ward Meachum, is part of Madam Gao’s faction.

“What?” Yang’s eyes bulged sharply, and they were filled with fear: “You mean that buying the pier is Madam Gao’s decision? The Old Lady, member of the five Fingers?”

If it was any of the other Four Fingers of the Hand, Yang wouldn’t be so afraid. He could simply flee to China if that was the case. However, if he bothered Madam Gao that has operations in China, whatever path he would take, it would lead to his death!

Saint nodded with a smile: “Now you’re getting it. You hurt Joy, you provoke Ward, which in turn would mean that you’ve provoked Madam Gao. Now, I believe this is enough to make you rather happy about my deeds today!”

“Enough….” Yang revealed a smile that looked more like a cry. He extended his hand: “Enough indeed. It’s like you said. I should thank you. Thank you for keeping my men from making such a colossal mistake. If something wrong was to happen to Joy, we would get into great trouble.”

‘If he knew how much I know, I wonder if he’d thank me for just telling him this.”

Saint awkwardly shook back his hand saying: “Water under the bridge?”

“As long as what you’re saying is true, you don’t have to worry about what happened today.”

Yang actually was almost completely certain that Saint told the truth. After all, a nobody wouldn’t know about The Hand. He would definetly not know about Madam Gao. For formalities sake, he said: “I’ll be verifying this news, you don’t have to stay if you don’t want to!”

Saint was politely sent out of the nest. At this time, he could finally relieve himself. His hidden panic showed as his forehead was covered in sweat, and he breathed a sigh of relief.

“Getting into the Hatchet Gang’s nest is no joke!”

Saint had already expected that he would have to face armed men as he went into the nest. However, a dozen semi-automatic rifles made him feel more threat than he had ever expected. If he was to slip up one bit, he would’ve left the place in a bag!

“That was too closed!” Saint calmed himself up again embarked on the road to go home: “It is finally over!”

Little did Saint know that this was only the beginning…

As he got into a cab, the NYPD policy chief office, George Stacy (T/N: Gwen Stacy’s dad), looked at the horrifying report of the four injuries on his desk, tapping upon it with his finger. After giving the matter some though, he said to the detective in charge of the case: “Gather all the information concerning this case and report it to the FBI.”

“FBI?” the detective exclaimed, and reluctantly answered him: “This case involved the directors of Rand Enterprises. If we go too deep, it would upset the Commissioner…”

George frowned and said righteously: “Rand Enterprises reducing their donations is something for the Commissioner to consider. Our duty is to protect the people, so do your job, detective.”

“Yes, sir!”

After watching the detective leave, George sighed and said helplessly: “What in the world is happening to New York? These guys are popping out one after the other! It’s like Super Power are on sale!”

He picked up the reports again, and as if talking to the one behind the injuries he said: “If you’re like that Jessica Jones or Luke Cage, I might let this go. However, if you dare to become a maniac like that Punisher guy, you’ll be like any other criminal!”


Oblivious to this, Saint walked down from his taxi and looked at the freshly installed glass store door, and couldn’t help but feel good.

As he walked in, he saw Lorna greeting him: “Boss, you’re back!”

“Yes!” He said in a low voice, as he carefully looked at the door, finding that all the floor-to-ceiling window on its sides were also changed, “Lorna, how come all the other glass is also changed?”

Lorna showed a surprised face: “Like the store door, they were replaced with bullet-proof glass. Isn’t that what you asked them to do?”

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