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MDB: Chapter 17 Lorna Showing her Superpower!

“Bullet-proof glass?”

This was news to Saint. After taking out his phone and searching for Bullet-Proof Glass price, he calculated the cost of this “renovation”, and couldn’t help but chuckle… It turned out to be at least over 10.000 dollars!

“Boss, is there any problem?”

Lorna was a little reluctant to speak. After all, Saint assigned her with the responsibility of monitoring the process. She could not help but ask nervously: “Is this glass expensive?”

“Yep, quite expensive! Even if it was the cheapest kind, a square meter should cost hundreds of dollars!”

Saint unconsciously answered, just to see Lorna’s jaw drop. He quickly smiled and explained: “Don’t worry; these people were sent in by Joy. She’s the one who paid for this. I wasn’t worrying about having to spend much money; I was just a little surprised by her generosity…”

After that, Saint look inside the store and said: “Where are Colleen and peter?”

Lorna sighed and replied: “Sensei returned to the Dojo, and Peter went back to school. He said he’ll be back in time for the evening shift. Boss, are we going to open tonight?”

Saint nodded “Yes we will! And you can rest assured that the guys from lunch time won’t bother us anymore. I went ahead and dealt with them. Hey, can Colleen and tell her that; perhaps she wouldn’t feel too compelled to lecture me anymore!”

“Alright, I’ll call Sensei in a few moments.”

Lorna automatically agreed, then became a little reluctant, saying: “Boss, you’re not angry with Sensei aren’t you? Despite what she said, she’s not just worried about me; she worries about you too!”

“Oh she made me furious!” Saint laughed out loud, just teasing Lorna; “It seems that you hold a lot of respect to Colleen.”

“Sensei is the best person I’ve ever encountered! And this does not just apply to me. Everyone respects Sensei. For us street orphans, not only does she provide us with tuition fees, she also saves money to help us later. More importantly, she gives us the skills we need to protect ourselves. I know this might sound childish, but to us, she’s like an angel!”


Saint’s face changed. It wasn’t just Lorna; even Colleen herself had no idea that these orphans she’s training will end up joining an Evil Organization. Colleen had a very kind heart, which made people put down their guard around. This was exactly why she was selected by Bakuto to become a recruiter without her knowing, as people become easy to manipulate once they put down their guard.

All that time, she thought she was running a charity Dojo funded by her Sensei.

The Hand… Charity…. It sounded like a cruel joke!


Lorna woke Saint from his daze and asked: “Do you think I’m wrong?’

‘You have no Idea how wrong you are!’ Saint could never say such words. If Colleen was to know about this, it would shatter her world completely and instantly. He had to hide this for now, despite the fact that she was going to get exposed to the truth sooner or later.

Saint was too weak for this to happen now. If would be impossible for him fight, or even flee The Hand if they set their eyes on him. He showed a helpless expression and changed the topic: “Lorna, if you are okay now, stays in the store for a while. I have something very important to tell you!”

“I’m free…”

Hearing her agree, Saint immediately locked the Restaurant door and pointed at the last table in store: “Let’s go there and sit and talk.”

The two sat opposite each other across the table.

Saint tried to find a way to start his topic: “Your hair, Lorna, how long since you’ve dyed it black? Its green roots are becoming faintly visible, matching the color of your eyes!”

Lorna was taken aback and tried to explain: “Boss, I…”

Saint waved his hand, cutting straight to the chase: “I already know you are a mutant; Colleen told me the day she brought you here!”


Lorna’s eyes were filled with shock; her biggest secret was exposed! In a heartbeat, her emotions fluctuated wildly, and she became more and more tense. Slowly, clacking sounds began to ring in the restaurants!

Saint turned around, just to see all kinds of metal product trembling violently around Lorna, as if they were to levitate and fly towards Lorna at any time.


Saint whispered her name, and said very calmly: “If you mess up the store, I will not help you clean it up!”

His tone and bizarre “threat” took her by surprise. On the table between the two, the swaying knives and forks also stopped shaking. The store regained its quiet quickly.

“That’s it! Great!”

Saint smiled slightly, and to further ease the tension he said: “In fact, I kept this from you just to not get you angry, but the costs of everything your ability breaks would be deducted from your salary!”

Lorna finally smiled, and reluctantly said: “Boss… I wanted to know… are you also a Mutant? This Kong Fu thing you do to the food… it’s just a cover up for your mutation isn’t it?”

“Unfortunately, I’m just an ordinary person.” Saint grinned awkwardly: “I keep dreaming of having an ability that could, once awakened, grant me so much power instantly! That would be great! But unfortunately, I’m not one.

Listening to him, Lorna’s eyes rose in surprise. She could definitely feel that Saint was being honest!

“What are you surprised about?” Saint shrugged, “Did you think I’d be one to discriminate against mutants? Would Colleen tell me the truth if that was the case?”

“That makes… sense!” Lorna agreed with him, but then said with admiration: “But boss, I never expected your heart to be so big, you would take your chances with me losing control!”

‘Who said I am not worried! It’s terrifying! Every day, I wake up afraid that you’d destroy the whole place!’ Saint kept those words in his heart, and said with his usual smile: “That’s because I’m fully confident that I could handle that whenever that happens!”

“Puff!” Lorna’s heart was moved, but she still didn’t allow herself to raise her expectations and retorted: “I can’t believe that! It’s simply impossible!”

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