The Marvelous Dragon Balls The Marvelous Dragon Balls
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MDB: Chapter 24 The Miracle Maker!

“Saint! Why are you here?” Danny was surprised to see Saint besides Colleen’s bed: “You…”

“This is urgent! It’s a long story, and I’ll tell you later! Danny, I can heal Colleen, but I need you help!” Saint interrupted Danny and cut straight to the chase.

“You’re good with detoxification? Great! Just tell me what to do!” Danny was overjoyed and agreed without hesitation.

Hesitation did creep in however, when he heard Saint’s request: “I need to borrow your Iron Fist!”

Seeing Danny’s tangled expression, Saint smiled and explained: “Don’t be nervous! Shou Lao gave you the Iron Fist, so no one can really take it away from you. I need to borrow it, just the Ki it gives you. Think of yourself in this case as a generator, lending me only electricity.”

“You know of Shou Lao?! Saint, I need to ask; why do you want to borrow the Iron Fist?” The matter was not simple, and he had to be cautious before agreeing.

“Shou lao is Kunlun’s Undying Dragon. This fist bestowed upon you is not just invincible; it’s also ‘undying”! While it’s not comparable to the real thing, it’s a very special existence with great healing powers, which you haven’t used yet.”

Saint paused a little, and then said to Danny sincerely: “Believe me; if you choose to lend me your Ki, I’ll completely heal Colleen.”

“I understand, and I’ll trust you!” Danny nodded without shroud of doubt is his heart: “What should I do?”

“You don’t need to do anything. When you feel I’m taking your Ki, don’t resist!” Saint raised his hand, with his palm facing up as if he was doing shoulder press.

“Hey, I can already feel it…” Danny frowned and sweat appeared on his forehead: “This feel really bad…”

“Don’t resist! As long as there are conflicting thoughts in your heart, I won’t be able to borrow your Ki!”

Saint was also not having it easy, and the toll of this process completely exceeded his expectations. Just borrowing Danny’s Ki was so difficult, making him feel exhausted. Whenever Goku made a “Spirit Bomb” He could borrow Ki from countless creatures; Saint was doubting he could absorb enough from Danny! What was the difference?

The only thing Saint could think of at that moment was that Goku was just too strong. Every individual being lending him power at that time was weaker than him. Danny, however, was several times stronger than Saint.

Fortunately, despite the extreme difficulty of the process, Saint could successfully pull it off. Little by little, golden lines became visible to the naked eye, traveling from Danny body, and fluttering in the air to eventually gather between Saint’s hands. Eventually it condensed into an egg-sized golden yellow sphere.

With the sphere complete, Danny Rand, who was completely drained, lost consciousness and fell forward, his head hitting the ground first.


“Boss… he…”


The three exclaimed at almost the same time. Saint swayed the sphere for light to fall on one hand. At the same time, he turned to the three girls and said: “He’s fine, just exhausted. Two days of rest and he’ll be as good as new!”

After that, Saint held the sphere of light and slowly walked towards Colleen saying to her: “Colleen, your wound needs to be exposed, so that gauze needs to go!”

Colleen looked at the sphere for light on Saint’s hand stunned. And Lorna, who was on the other side of her bed, took the lead to react and immediately kneeled down on her helping her undo the gauze wrapped around her arm. By doing so, she exposed the black blood oozing out of her wound, flowing slowly on her pale skin, looking especially shocking!

Upon seeing it, Lorna couldn’t help but close her eyes and hyperventilate. The black poisoned blood could be seen through the skin, going through her blood vessels, and creating an ominous black trace that look like a cobweb! The poison had definitely taken its time, and perhaps spread to her whole body!”

“Lorna! Let go!”

Lorna was shook by Saint’s voice, and she retreated immediately. Immediately, he cupped the golden ball in his hand, and pushed it steadily towards Lorna’s wound. The ball approached Colleen, and Saint released slowly it as it made contact with her arm.

The next moment, shock took over Lorna and Joy, and the saw the sphere of light disappear, and Colleen’s arm suddenly showing its insides! Every blood vessel under her skin shined golden yellow, and then gradually recovered its bright red color, as if the poison was no more.

“Mmmmh!” Colleen gritted her teeth, and could help but be immersed in the strange sensation that took over her body. She let out a delicate moan; not knowing if what she felt was pain or pleasure. Her exporession twisted for a few seconds, nefore she finally opened her mouth violently, letting out a violent scream: “AAAAH!”

Colleen then sat up hard and gasped for air, and all light that went through her body dissipated quietly, leaving her soaked in sweat.

Feeling a slight itch, Colleen reached for the wound on her arm. She was surprised by the smooth feel of her skin, and she looked down at it to find it absolutely unscathed!

“My god!”….Bang!

Joy was stunned at the scene, and unconsciously let go of Danny Rand who she was carrying, letting him fall again on his head….

On the other side, Lorna’s green eyes were wide open, as she reached for Colleen’s arm with disbelief: “Is this not a dream?!”

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