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MDB: Chapter 25 SHIELD’s New Findings

Saint couldn’t help but rush at the unconscious Danny and put him on the sofa to lie down. He then turned around to Colleen Wing who was still worried and said: “No need to thank me, I just saved your life!”

Being so ridiculed by Saint prior to him saving her, she couldn’t bare the idea of showing how grateful she was to him, and she just pouted stubbornly: “How would want to be saved by you anyway? You could mind your own business!”

“Aw, you look so happy!” Saint smiled and said: “I’m leaving now. ‘Kame school’ shouldn’t get involved with conflicts between Kunlun and the hand!”

“Boss!” Colleen had no time to answer, when Lorna jumped out: “How could you do this! Don’t you care about Sensei?”

Saint turned around, spreading his hands and saying: “Look at her; she’s alive and kicking, and there isn’t even a scar left. What else would you want from me?”

“But……” Lorna was interrupted by Colleen, “That’s enough Lorna; you’re also going with Saint!”

“No, I’m staying to help you! I’m not as ungrateful as bo…”

“Stop!” Colleen went down from her bed and said: “Saint is right. This is between me and the Hand. It doesn’t involve him, nor does it involve you. Go with him, and don’t get back to the Dojo until I tell you to.”

“Sensei….” As she was about to argue, Lorna felt a hand patting her shoulder: “Let’s go. Do not worry; the next time your Sensei is in trouble, we’ll save her again…”

“That’s it!” Colleen’s eyebrows rose, and she took her Katana yelling: “You’re mocking me Saint? Get out of my Dojo immediately! Get out!”

“On my way!” Saint pulled the irresponsive Lorna and left the place.

As soon as the two left the Dojo’s door, Lorna shook Saint’s hand off her arm saying: “Let me go back boss!”

“You better not do that….” Saint did let go of her, but opened his arms and stood in her way saying seriously: “I know Colleen’s character very well. If you get hurt because you’ve got involved in her business, she’ll never forgive herself. If you really respect her, you should respect her choice.”

Lorna was stunned by his words, and her attitude softened: “But… boss… this “Hand” seems so vicious! Sensei is in great danger now!”

“Do not worry, Colleen is not weak. You should instead worry about the Hand, hahaha!” Saint put his hand on Lorna’s shoulder, making her turn towards his restaurant.

“Is that so?” Lorna looked to the side at Saint suspiciously saying: “Boss, before we came to the Dojo, you didn’t seem to trust her strength so much!”


Saint remained silent for moment, until he found a suitable excuse: “The situation is different now. Didn’t you hear Colleen say that her Sensei was coming? Since he’s on his way, what else could I do?”

“That sound…. reasonable… but how come I keep feeling you’re not that sincere?” Lorna sharply questioned Saint as she looked him in the eyes.

Colleen’s Sensei was none other than Bakuto, one of the Hand’s Five Fingers! Saint did not want to meet him, and therefore he rushed out of the Dojo!

Saint kept that in his heart, and said quite perfunctorily: “Your feeling is wrong…”

“The more you say that boss, the more suspicious it sounds…”


Six hours later, in a suburb of New York, inside a building that was “absolutely not a secret military base”…

Phil Coulson was holding a blood test report in his hand as he walked to the desk where Melinda May was: “May, the results are out. Genetically, Saint Lee is completely normal; neither a mutant nor an alien. I think it’s time for us to go ‘visit’ him.”

“Wait!” Melinda looked up pointing at the monitor in front of her face and saying: “We have new information arriving. I think you need to look at this before making a decision.”

“Huh?” Phil bent over the desk to see, “So, this is him indeed in the vide… DAMN! What the hell is that… yellow sphere of light?”

“This had happened six hours ago, in a Dojo near Lee’s Restaurant. Now, do you still think that I was overreacting when I asked for a Special Team to accompany us next time?”


Phil Coulson silently watched the video and made a gesture: “Go back a little…”

After some silence he said: “I didn’t understand it wrong! Saint extracted a sphere of golden light from that man’s body, and then instantly cured that woman injured in bed? With the light gone, doesn’t it look like there’s no wound left behind? And What about that man? What happened after the fall? Is he dead?”

“He’s not dead; he’s just unconscious. That’s Danny Rand, the heir of Rand Enterprises. Also present is Joy Meachum, a director of the firm.”

With that being said, Melinda opened a new video: “What’s more interesting is that just half an hour ago, five black SUVs with a team of armed men appeared in front of this Dojo, and picked up Danny Rand and Joy Meachum. The people who arrived were all professionals, and they just managed to lose our tracking team and go to unknown destination.”

Phil frowned slightly: “And the woman who was sick in bed?”

“She had also left with them.” Melinda zoomed in on Colleen’s face saying: “Her name is Colleen Wing, the Sensei of the Dojo, and she’s well versed in martial arts. Not only that; she was talking to the man who seemed to be the leader of these armed men. Apparently, they were called by her.”

Phil Coulson approached the monitor and said: “Who was the woman who left with Saint?”

Melina picked up a piece of paper from the table and handed it to Phil saying: “Lorna Lehnsherr, and employee of Saint Lee, and a student in Colleen’s Dojo.”

“So, you’re saying that the people in the two videos, including those related to Rand Enterprises and the unidentified armed forces, are all related to the factions mentioned by Saint as he left?”

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