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MDB: Chapter 26 Human Self-Ignited Flash Grenade!

Melinda May shrugged her shoulder saying: “It’s not me saying that… it’s all your conclusions!”

Coulson grinned shaking his head and said: “What’s the school he mention? Kama something…”

“Kame School.”

“Yeah that… A strange name…” Phil sighed and said: “Alright, let’s go and have a good talk with him. Get a special unit… No get two, with one as backup.”


“And May, can try to look like you’re not enjoying this so much?”

“Ha ha.”


Half an hour later, afterhours, at Lee’s Chinese Restaurant…

“Would you please stop Lorna? This answer is the same as five minutes ago! Colleen has not returned yet. I can sense no Ki in her Dojo!”

Lorna looked at Saint suspiciously: “Boss, are you really using Ki Sense? Why do I feel you’re just bluffing to keep me quiet? We’re at least 500 meters (T/N: 1640 feet for those using the imperial system!) away from the Dojo! How could you sense her?”

“Didn’t I say? Within a kilometer, I’ll never be wrong!” Saint rolled his eyes and said: “If you really want to know where she went, why don’t just call her? But then again, Lorna, Colleen is your Sensei. Don’t you trust her to be okay on her own?”

“Humph!” Lorna twitched her nose saying: “Heartless boss! Do you think that everyone is as cold-blooded as you are?!”

Saint put his head between his hands and then said: “I wonder if you actually recognize that I’m the boss! Hurry up and get out! I need to close the place!”

Lorna raised her head pouted saying: “No! I’m staying here tonight! Didn’t you say that the room upstairs is open for me to sleep in it?”

“Alright, stay here, but don’t bother me! I have to practice until midnight in the quiet room. If you dare to break in….” Saint looked at her, trying to look as evil as possible, but then he stopped…

He turned around to the front door, and then said to Lorna seriously: “We have trouble. No matter what happen, do not lift Ki Masking!”

“Boss, did you sense…” Lorna couldn’t answer, when she saw six heavily armed special force soldiers breaking through the door in a tactical formation. Saint waved to Lorna, and she went in to hide behind him. From between the soldiers, Phil Coulson appeared. He was now in a black combat uniform and putting on a bullet proof vest. He stood in front, and was followed closely by Melinda May!

Seeing this squad, all sorts of questing rushed through Saint’s mind: “What’s going on? Could it be that I have an X gene that had not been yet awakened? Or perhaps I have some alien genes that I don’t know about!”

“Coulson, what do you mean by this? I was just closing the store! Why break in this way?” Saint shielded Lorna, and tried to sound irritated and cold.

“Mr. Lee, we meet again. I’m sorry about this. They’re just a necessary precaution… Don’t worry!” Phil pointed at the team behind him.

Saint sneered coldly and tried to reduce the risk on Lorna: “If that’s the case, can my clerk leave first? She’s just an ordinary person.”

“Ordinary?” Phil had a smile on his face as he stepped forward: “I don’t think so!”

Phil was still talking, when Saint clearly felt Lorna trembling behind him. He immediately reached behind him, grabbing her arm and pinching her slightly, indicating that she should not attack!

Saint raised his other hand, putting on a very angry gaze: “What do you mean by that? How is Lorna not an ordinary person? You’ve suspected me first, saying I might be a mutant. I’ve given you a blood sample and all the information you need! Now you’re doubting my staff? I’m starting to feel targeted by you!”

“Please Mr. Lee, don’t get agitated.” Phil became obviously concerned as Saint raised his hand. He immediately took half a step back and put his right hand on his holster: “We are not malicious. We just want to talk!”

Saint look up, gently pressing Lorna’s hand again to tell her to go hide behind. He pointed with his other hand to armed soldiers saying: “Then tell them to put their weapons down!”

“Yes!” Phil Coulson seemed to agree, but then he took out a pair of special high-tech handcuffs saying: “As long as you agree with putting this on, no gun would be pointed at you.

Saint eyes squinted at the soldiers. Around a week ago, he was in almost the same situation in the Hatchet Gang’s nest. However, this time, he wasn’t nearly as helpless.

“So you want me to come along with you? Alright…” He raised his arms into the air, as if surrendering. Strangely however, his hands were very close to his head, and all of his 5 fingers started aiming gradually at his forehead. By the time Phil Coulson noticed that there was something wrong, Saint had already said while sneering: “You made me do this; SOLAR FLARE!”

A dazzling light was already emitted from Saint’s head and arms, overwhelming everyone. The special unit was caught off guard, all screaming and reaching for their eyes. They were all temporarily blinded and shocked

Indeed, a human self-ignited Flash Grenade was something somewhat scary to say the least!

Saint showed a smug smile. As he converted his Ki into strong Light, his Solar Flare hit everyone around him indiscriminately, and the Special Unit, Melinda May, and unfortunately, even Lorna were hit. The only one to resist his attack was the sunglass-wearing Phil Coulson. As for why he was wearing them at night, that’s a mystery that is yet to be solved….

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