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MDB: Chapter 28 Killer Scissors

After that, Saint looked at the tablet for a while, and finally said: “This clip shows me borrowing Danny Rand’s Iron Fist to treat the poisoned dying Colleen Wing. As for what means I used, and why the Iron Fist could treat poisoning, sorry, that information is confidential.”

While Phil wanted to ask about those details, he could only nod helplessly, and then use the tablet to put on another video: “Mr Lee, I still have this problem. Who is Colleen Wing? She’s the one who called these guys who took Danny Rand, am I right?”


Saint hesitated. He was eager to avoid trouble by claiming ignorance. However, he knew that Phil knows a lot about him by now, and that lying would only bring more suspicions: “The man talking to Colleen is her Sensei Bakuto, one of the Five Fingers of ‘The Hand’. The rest are his men.”

Phil frowned: “Doesn’t this seem a bit contradictory? You said before that Colleen was injured during a fight against the Hand.”

“It is not contradictory. Colleen does not know she’s being manipulated by the Hand, always thinking that Bakuto is doing charity by helping her.”

Phil nodded with some doubts, and hesitated for a while before asking: “Mr Lee, if you don’t mind, I would like to ask; what is your Kame School?”

“We are a completely secluded sect. To my knowledge, unlike Kunlun, Kame sennin has no other students in the outside world besides me. Colleen Wing is an old friend, and I just couldn’t let her die. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have gotten myself involved with Kunlun’s issues.”

“Does that mean that Kunlun has other men in the outside world? How big are they?”

“I have no comments on that; you can as Danny Rand.”


Phil turned around speechlessly, just to see Melina nodding to him slowly. Immediately, he took out another pistol that had been hidden in his vest.”

“Coulson, don’t you be too rash now.” Saint’s face changed, and he pointed to the store’s door: “I know that you’re back-up team had already arrived. I also know that you’ve managed to instruct them to put on sunglasses to block the Solar Flair. I just want you to hear me out on one more thing before you give them the signal to rush in: are you ready to sacrifice their lives?”

As Saint was speaking, he joined his right index and middle finger, pointing them both at the table as a gun. Out of thin air, a light blue blade like aura immerged out of them, and in a lightning fast motion, Saint cut the table in half silently and cleanly, without even touching it!”

Saint condensed Ki on his fingertips. This made the Ki usable for both slashing and stabbing. The speed, sharpness and range of this blade were all in direct proportion to the Ki output. This was the most lethal out of the Jan Ken moves: Jan Ken Chyoki! (Scissors)

Such a technique, with its great Ki consumption and horrible killing potential was only suitable for life or death situations. At this moment, it was used by Saint as a threat, and its effect was definitely there. Coulson immediately shouted into his earphone: “Stop the attack! I repeat, all agents stop the attack!”

“Wise choice.”

Saint coldly smiled and stood up, pointing at the team of special agents that he had already taken down: “I did not hurt any of them seriously. It’s wasn’t because I’m that soft hearted, or because I couldn’t do it. It was because New York is my home! I just want to live here peacefully and not cause trouble for myself. So, don’t you dare interrupt that peace, or else…”

Phil took a deep breath, and calmed himself down. After the mood was set, he said: “Mr Lee, you are very strong, but that’s precisely why we can’t just let you be. If your ability goes out of control, damage you could cause will only go up with your power. We can’t just let so many innocent lives in ri…”

“Stop!” Saint grunted, interrupting Phil and saying: “I believe you’ve misunderstood Mr. Coulson! If I get out of control? Do you think I’m a mutant whose power came out of thin air? You see that Ki Blade? That’s a beginner’s technique in Kame School. Do you know how much it took me to learn that? TEN YEARS! Ten years Mr. Coulson!”

Saint had all 10 of his fingers spread, and he continued: “I’ve practiced for all that time to get to where I am today. Every bit of extra Ki in my body is the result of my hard work day by day, and every bit of it is fully under my control. You’re a trained agent, Mr. Coulson! Do you live in fear of accidently shooting your own foot every time you reach for your holster?”

“Of course not. After such a long time… I see Mr. Lee. You master your abilities as much as I master my gun…”

Saint nodded, and gave the choice to Phil Coulson: “So, agent Coulson. Please tell me now, do you still insist on taking me out in handcuffs?”


Phil gave the matter some thought, and then raised his head saying: “I can’t give you a reply right now. This goes beyond my authority. I will report your situation to my superiors and let them decide how to deal with it.”

Saint nodded and said: “You are free to do so. However, before the day ends, you better give me a clear answer.”

“Alright!” Phil stood up and pointed to his unconscious colleagues sayings: “Can I at least bring people in to take them away?’

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