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MDB: Chapter 29 Mysterious One-Eyed Bald Man

“Of course.” As Saint stood up, he nodded saying: “I have no plans to take hostages. However, control your men. If they start acting being suspicious, I won’t be merciful.”

“Rest assured; they’re all professionals. Even when not agreeing with my orders, they’ll never go against them in a mission.”

With Coulson giving his guarantee and Saint nodding back at him, he gave his commands to the support team, to go in unarmed and take out their unconscious companions and gather their scattered firearms.

Later, Phil chatted with Melinda, and then said to Saint: “We’ll be going now, and we’ll contact you later.

“Hold on!”

Saint went in Coulson’s way, pointing to the table that was cut in half: “Before you go, make up for my desk!”


Phil looked at the table silently: “You’ve destroyed that yourself…”

“Don’t make excuses!” Saint interrupted Coulson squinting at him: “Don’t you know what’s teaching through observation? I’ve cut the table for your sake agent Coulson. Now, it’s my bad? Hurry up and pay will ya?”


With a helpless face, Phil took out his wallet and pulled out one bill. He gave it to Saint and asked: “Is that enough?”

“One hundred dollars? Are you kidding me?” Saint grabbed Coulson’s wallet, and couldn’t help but yell: “Agent Coulson, what are you broke or something? You have only a hundred dollars on you when on a mission?”

“A hundred dollars is a lot; at least enough to buy you a table!” Phil Coulson grabbed his walled in a bad mood.

“That could barely buy me a plastic one! You owe me a good red wooden table!”

“Your table is not red…”

“Hurry up will ya? You’re not staying for Tea or something?”


After getting Coulson and May out, Saint locked the store, closed the curtains, and walked slowly in. As he did so, his front foot couldn’t support him, and he collapsed to ground.


Lorna, who was walking down stairs, screamed and rushed down, and held Saint up: “Are you okay?”

“Shhh!” Saint told her to keep quiet for now, and then patted her shoulder reassuring her whispering softly: “Don’t worry, I just can’t use Ki so continuously. It’s too draining, and I have to rest for a while.”

Hearing this, Lorna couldn’t help but pout: “That was… really badass boss! You’ve threatened them while this tired, and even dared to ask for money!”

“What do you know?” Saint said, “That’s bluffing! I was already in sweat. They started doubting I lost my strength, and just were not sure. If I showed just a little eagerness to let them go, Coulson would’ve turned on me immediately!”

“But…. Didn’t you already make a deal by then?”

Saint laughed out loud: “Ha ha ha! That was only because Coulson believed I was a threat to the lives of his men. If he felt otherwise, I would’ve been taken out in handcuffs!

“… but wasn’t that too evil, boss? That agent Coulson, he looked actually kind, I feel he’s good at heart, and not as sinister as you said.”

“Haha, innocent little girl, don’t make me laugh!”

“Hey! You are one year older than me. If you keep talking in this tone, I might become angry!”

“Well well well, you’re learning fast! Hahaha! Help me go upstairs and lie down for a while. I’m really drained…”

“Boss, you’re too heavy, and I’m just an innocent little girl! I can’t do it!”


An hour later, at an “absolutely non-existent” location in the U.S. territory, in SHIELD’s headquarters

“Kunlun… The Hand…”

A Bald Black Man with an eye-patch on his left eye was sitting behind a huge desk in a black long trench coat. He was staring at two investigation reports, repeating those two names: “They started being annoying again…”

“Commander, you know about them?”

A man in black was standing before his desk: Phil Coulson. He said: “Why have I never heard of them?”

“It’s a level-8 secret, one that exceeds you authority. But since you already know, I can tell you that this information that you got is correct.

Coulson sighed and said: “According to Saint Lee, Kunlun still has other forces around…. Do we have any information on that?”

“He wasn’t lying. Although they’re not as spread around as the hand, they cannot be underestimated.”

The one eyed man sneered and said: “Don’t be confused by that. As ‘benevolent’ as they are, they are all true killers, deadly soldiers even. Their purpose in life is revolving around destroying The Hand. As few as they are, they are still dangerous, and have to be dealt with seriously.”

“So what about this Kame School? Saint did not want to talk about it, but whenever it was mentioned in the same context of Kunlun and the Hand, he always unconsciously revealed a sense of superiority. Doesn’t this show that this Kame School is at least not worse than them?”

Hearing Coulson, the one-eyed man did seem intrigued: “Now that’s an interesting place. For at least a century, we’ve known of Kunlun and the Hand. However, I’ve only heard of the Kame-School today.”

Coulson raised his eyesbrows: “Commander, you mean that Saint is lying? There’s no such thing as ‘Kame School’?”

Shaking his head, the one-eyed man said: “No I don’t. With him knowing so many secrets on Kunlun and the Hand, he must’ve been born around that circle. He cannot be an outsider. I have the impression what he says is true; this Kame School must be a secluded hidden Martial Arts School, with only one disciple per generation. With them being so low-key, it’s no wonder that we have nlo data on them.”

Listening to him, Coulson was surprised: “Wow, that’s very rare commander. You actually believe everything he has to say?”

The one eyed man picked up the tablet, once again giving a good look at Saint: “I don’t believe him, but there’s no other plausible explanation.”

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