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MDB: Chapter 30 Focus on Kame-School

After saying that, the one-eyed man put down the tablet, gently tapping on the table: “Coulson, tell Saint Lee that he has nothing to fear, and also try to become friendly with him. We need to learn more about this Kame School.”

Coulson’s eyebrows rose and he became rather surprised: “Sir, with them not having students in the outside world, do we really have to worry about the Kame School?”

“Of course we do!” The one eyed man leaned forward, staring him in the eye: “I ask you, when Saint Lee says that his ‘super’ abilities are all the fruit of hard work, don’t you believe him.”

“I do! Although it’s unbelievable, we have ruled out all other possibilities. Despite the fact that it’s so bizarre, what he said seems to be the only way, and must be true!”

The one-eyed man sat back, saying in a rough tone: “So we have an organization that actually found a way to harness untapped potential out of normal humans…. Why should we not give the matter all out attention?”

“I understand sir! I’ll get as much information as possible from Saint about this.” Coulson nodded.

His boss leaned back on his chair saying to him: “Go. This mission is for now listed as a level-8 secret. Any information you get on the Kame School should be reported straight back to me. Also, as you are on this mission, your authority will be of level 8 temporarily.”

“Oh? Then if I successfully complete the task, I’ll be demoted?”



Phil silently turned around and walked out of the office. He found Melinda May eagerly waiting at the door. Before she could ask him anything, he said: “You know the rules May, Level 8 confidential information. I can’t tell you anything.”

“We’re both Level 7 agents! Neither of us is qualified!” Melinda frowned!

“I’m now level eight!” Phil shrugged his shoulders: “Although it’s only temporary…”

“Humph!” Melinda hummed, and then hatefully asked: “So when will we take a team to get that kid? I think you could tell me that!”

“We won’t go get him.” Phil Coulson shook his head and added: “From now on, we will not be using force against him unless it’s absolutely necessary.”

“WHY?” Melinda looked at Phil angrily: “I know he has many strange methods. However, if we’re well prepared, we should be able to take him down!”

“I can only tell you that the commander has arranged for things to be dealt with otherwise.”


“Calm down, that kid didn’t hurt you! Did he? You don’t even have a little bruise, unlike the poor other agents who all got minor concussions. So what’s wrong?”

“He he…” Melinda May smiled coldly and said: “I just want to beat someone up Coulson; anyone!”


Hearing her, Coulson was stunned, and then shrugged his shoulders and coughed: “Cough, in short, I plan on talking to him along so… you don’t have to stick with me for tonight. You can go back to take some early rest.”

“Is that an order Agent Phil ‘Level-8’ Coulson?”

“No… If you have to follow, I will not stop you. But, you can only act as backup and should not talk to him with me.”

“Ha ha!”

“Hey what does that mean? Hey! Don’t just go! Really, what does that mean?!” Coulson watched as Melinda gave his a peculiar look and then walked away.


An hour and a half later, Phil Coulson drove alone to Lee’s Chinese restaurant. He got down from his car, just to be met by a man in black who said: “Our target is still inside. However, he pulled down the curtains, and we can only determine his position with infrared images. What he’s doing and his situation are unknown.”

“Alright, thanks.” Coulson nodded and took out his cell phone to make a call. “Hello Mr. Lee. I’m Phil Coulson.”

On the restaurant’s second floor, Saint frowned saying: “How did you get my num… never mind! What do you want agent Coulson?”

“I am nearby, so can you open the door? I just want to talk, and rest assured: I’m alone.”


As Saint opened the door and walked down the stairs, he said to Phil: “Coulson, I know you’re a secret agent and all, but couldn’t you just knock?”

Coulson approached the front door saying: “I just wanted to be polite. Calling before visiting, isn’t that standard etiquette?”

“Indeed, when you actually got the phone number from the one you’re visiting!” Saint hung up and opened the door saying: “Mr. Coulson, what a great pleasure; to have you visit my restaurant twice in one day!”

Hearing the obvious sarcasm in Saint’s words, Coulson smiled saying: “Of course Mr. Lee; you’re of great value to us!”

“Please, come in! Take a seat!” Saint shook Coulson’s hand, without making the slightest smile.

The two men sat opposite each other across a table. Coulson spoke first: “First of all, I want to thank you Mr. Lee for from being so frank. When verifying with the bureau, all the information that you have provided did checkout.”

“Well of course! Why would one lie? As long as it keeps you from bothering you, I’ll tell you everything I can!” Saint played innocent.

“Thank you again, for this facilitates our work. We’ll do our best to give you your requirements.” Coulson answered politely, and then changed his tone as he said: “Just Mr. Lee, please understand that we can’t just ignore a powerful person such as you. There will always be some necessary… ‘attention’ to your moves.”

Saint nodded saying: “I understand. Do as you like, and pay all the attention you want. Just don’t run into my store, for if you are thinking of installing cameras or microphones or anything of that sorts, you better pray that I don’t catch anyone doing that!”

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