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MDB: Chapter 31 Becoming Real

As he said that, aid pointed to a store outside, while continuing to say: “As I said, I follow Kame School, and we have this technique called Ki Sense. It allows me to scan the area like a Bio-Radar, one that detects human bodies. For example, I know that now you have two agents hiding in the building opposing my restaurant. Hmmm… I believe they’re on the 3rd floor, somewhere to its left side.”

Witnessing more of Saint’s bizarre tricks, Coulson’s face became gloomy. Although he was rather surprise, he wasn’t that shocked given all the things he had seen from Saint before. He said in a low voice: “I understand. Although I can’t give you a clear guarantee, I will try to suggest to the bureau to adopt methods that comply with your requirements.”

Saint was satisfied enough by this, stood up, and reach out to shake Coulson’s hand: “Well, Coulson, if everyone in your bureau is as polite as you, I believe we could get along very well.”


Facing Saint’s obvious diplomacy, Coulson smiled saying: “Mr. Lee, if you don’t mind, I still have something to ask.”

“Ha Ha!” Saint smiled and said: “I was wondering why you were so nice!”

Coulson shrugged unscrupulously: “Mr. Lee, didn’t you say that you were willing to say anything as long as we don’t bother your livelihood?”

Saint was caught in a corner by his own words, and sat down on the chair again sighing: “Okay, what do you want to know?”

Coulson sat down and said: “Mr. Lee, my understanding from what I’ve seen is that Kame School teachings are very different from those of ‘Kunlun’ and ‘The Hand’, and you seemed to feel it’s rather superior superior….”

‘I knew this was coming’

Saint knew that his made up Kame School was finally having a “true existence”. He smiled and put on a proud expression saying: “It’s because while those schools are very weak; we are very strong!”

“…” Colson looked at Saint and said: “Mr. Lee, please be serious.”

“Alright alright! Well, it’s just a complicated matter… A long time ago, Kunlun suffered some sort of disaster. I don’t know of the specific details, but much of the knowledge and power they inherited was lost. The Hand have separated from them after that so, they are even worse on that regard. Kame School however had been reserved and its teachings were well maintained.”

“So that’s what you meant!” Coulson nodded, and then continued: “If you don’t mind, may I ask where your Dojo is situated?”

Saint maintained his proud expression and said: “The Dojo is somewhere in the South China Sea, and to reach it, one needs to locate its mountain gate. However, that’s very special. If you’re not wanted there, you’ll never find it.”

Coulson didn’t seem to be surprised, and instead he asked thoughtfully: “So, you’re just like Kunlun, not on this same earth of ours and hidden in another dimension?”

“Not bad agent Coulson! You’ve done your homework!” Saint smiled.

Coulson smirked at Saint and said: “Of course, I can’t just keep raising my hand to learn everything from you… But hey, I can’t understand this: While you are Chinese, our records never show that you’ve been to China. How did you become an apprentice of Kame Style?”

“Ah that…” Saint took a moment to get his story together, and then said: “My Sensei had been to New York back when I was a child, and accepted me as an apprentice.”   ”This is…”

“Your Sensei? Who is he?”

The image of the old pervert surfaced in Saint’s mind, and he said: “I’m just his apprentice, I’m not worthy of uttering his name. You can call him the ‘Kame Sennin’!”

“Kame Sennin? Kame School, Kame Style, Kame Sennin…. He must be the greatest Kame Style user!”

“Yes! Kame Sennin is the spiritual leader of Kame School. He might not be the strongest of us, but he is the most respected!”


Coulson quietly gauged how sincere Saint sounded, and he felt he could go even further: “So, he was the one to teach you all of these abilities? Can you explain how specifically?”

Saint frowned and did not answer directly: “It should be okay if I give you a general explaination, but I must as first: Why do you want to know?”

Coulson decided to be sincere, and honestly said: “The truth is, your Kame Style is very obscure, and our bureau has only limited information on it. Therefore, I got an order from my superiors to gather as much information as possible about you.”

“So, you want to figure out how to restain a Kame Style user in the best way possible?”

Hearing that, Coulson rushed to explain: “No no we just want to learn more, to have a better understanding! We don’t…”

Saint raised his hand interrupting Coulson: “Don’t worry, you don’t have to explain. Even if that’s the case, I’ll still tell you more. Think about it, owners of knowledge had been passed down and cultivate for thousands of years, could they really be restained?”

Saint smiled and said arrogantly: “So, are you ready to take notes, student Coulson?”

“Cough.” Coulson pointed to his collar: “Well, since I entered through the door, I’ve been delivering a live audio and video feed to the bureau….”


Saint was finally speechless… After some good silence with him being gloomy, he cleared his throat and said: “First we begin with the basics…”

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