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MDB: Chapter 41 The Peacemakers


Coulson also shrugged his shoulders: “In fact, you are the only outsider to remember the full name of our bureau. Others don’t remember more than three words, let alone say the acronym. Not bad…”

Saint laughed coldly, and said: “Agent Coulson, beyond this chit-chat, you had something else you came here for; right?”

“Indeed!” Coulson nodded. From his briefcase, he took out a tablet, and then opened a video while saying in an almost certain tone: “Mr. Lee, this is you, right? “

Saint looked at the video, only to see himself jumping his way to Colleen’s window and then crashing into it. However, because the one who took the footage was too far away from him, only a blurred figure could be seen on the video, and he was impossible to identify.

“Why even bother asking?”While he already got used to SHILED’s attention, Saint did not hesitate to hint at his discomfort with being monitored. “You’re agents have some decent reflexes. There was barely half a minute between this and me leaving the restaurant, but they managed to take some footage?”

Coulson wisely ignored Saint’s point, and opened up another video: “So, can you you tell me why you are in conflict with Danny Rand?”

“It’s because I…”

Before Saint managed to answer, Colleen interfered: “Agent Coulson, Danny was there for me. Saint was just being nosy.”

“Nosy? You think that the Iron Fist is easy to deal with? If I wasn’t there in time, you’d be dead meat by now!”

“I’d be what?!” Colleen was talking, when her leg reached out, kicking Saint on his calf. She did so skillfully, and on the surface above the table, nothing showed.

“Hey!” Saint couldn’t take it, yelling with pain, and reaching for his calf with one hand and pointing to Colleen with the other; “Did you just kick me?”

“Yes! So what?”

“Alright! In due time, you’ll see what my hands do to you!”

“I dare you! I’ll chop those pig hands of yours!”

“You can…”

“Cough!” Coulson, who was being completely ignored by the two, finally had enough. He coughed hard, showing his weak sense of existence… Looking at the two peculiarly, he finally said: “Mr. Lee, Ms. Wing, are you two a couple?”

Hearing him, Saint and Colleen glanced at each and then yelled in unison: “No!”

Coulson coughed again, and then asked: “Well, let’s get down to business. Ms. Wing, according to our research, while you are not active in the Hand, your master Bakuto is one of the Five Fingers. Is this what triggered the conflict between you and Danny Rand?”

“You know about Bakuto?”

Colleen’s face changed as soon as she heard Bakuto’s name. She sat straight, looked away and said: “Agent Coulson, please don’t call this person my master. He is not worthy of the title!”

“I’m sorry; I’ve picked the bad words!”

Coulson politely apologized, and then skipped the matter saying: “Actually, what I meant to say is that SHIELD would be glad to act as intermediary between you and Mr. Rand. We have already collected enough evidence to prove that you were being deceived by the Hand.”

Hearing Coulson say that, Colleen looked back at him unconsciously, to find him tilting his head as if saying: “It’s your choice!” She could only nod and say: “if you can solve this misunderstanding, it would be excellent. Thank you, agent Coulson.”

“You’re welcome, you are innocent. This is your right.” Seeing everything go smoothly, Coulson could only be relieved that this dispute between Saint and Danny would not persist. Danny, being the Iron Fist, has a very important position when it comes to SHIELD’s future plans. Saint on the other hand, with his unique Kame Style, is also a potential “asset” that should not be lost!”

Saint, who was now a bystander, felt something was off. He stood up, took the teapot and poured cups of tea for Colleen, Coulson, and then himself. After taking a sip, he tried to tease Coulson a bit: “So today, you’re only here as a peacemaker? Very different from the SHIELD I know!”

“Well, it is one of our jobs to keep superhuman people from fighting.”

Coulson picked up the cup before him, looking at clear tea without letting the cup reach his mouth.

Saint realized what was going on; it seemed like Agent Coulson was not that familiar with authentic Chinese Tea. Of course, he ignored this matter.

In the end, Coulson finally took a sip, swallowing it with some difficulty. He then put down the glass, and picked up the tablet again. As he showed Saint a new video, he asked: “There’s this one more thing, Mr. Lee. I might be wrong, but it seemed to me like you were giving Mr. Wing some tip. Am I right?”

Saint glanced at the tablet, ambiguously replying: “Yeah, and so?”

Coulson did not expect him to directly admit that. He took back the tablet and continued to say: “As far as we know, you even did the same with Danny Rand, right?”

“What do you want to say? Stop beating around the bush.” Saint grinned a little.

“In the martial arts circles in China, there is this saying: ‘道不传非人,法不传六耳’.” Coulson said with difficulty and rough accent, and then continued: “Does that not apply to Kame School teachings?” (TN: This is a saying about the Way, or Tao, and how it shouldn’t be shown to those who are unworthy.)

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