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MDB: Chapter 40 Coulson’s Politeness

“Sorry, I don’t.”

Hearing that, Saint nodded, raised his hand and moved it as if grabbing and pulling air. At the same time, on table a few you meters away, a fork, a knife and a spoon “spontaneously” floated in mid air, and then flew to the palm of Saint’s hand.

With everyone’s jaws dropped, he used “Janken: Pa” again to pull a plate and bowl, giving them to Colson: “The rice is in this pot! Don’t be shy, take all you want!”

Coulson looked at the silverware, bowl and plate before him in awe. He had already learned of Saint’s capabilities and seen many of them in action, but witnessing this sort of “telekinesis” like use of Ki still had its own special impact on him. After a good while of silence, he said: “Thank you!”

With a government agent on the table, the mood on the table became rather dull. Both Lorna and Colleen acted by the “silence is gold” principle, silently eating their meal. Peter however, was like a newborn exploring life and the world. Without fear, he asked: “Mister … Agent Coulson, under which agency do you work? FBI? CIA? DEA? NSA?”

“That’s confidential.” Coulson shrugged than tried to make a joke: “I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you…”

Peter blinked, and then said: “That sounds like something you’d only hear in a movie…”

Colson smiled and nodded. “I always wanted to say that, but the confidential part still holds. You shouldn’t ask me.”

Peter made an “Aha” face, and then tried to change the question: “Agent Coulson, you seem to be familiar with our boss. Why? Is it related to his Kong Fu Barbecue?”

“That’s confidential.”

“Wait, I think I know what it is! Is he…. is he your secret informant? That must be it? Am I right? I mean I think I’m right, am I?”

“That’s confidential.”

“Wow! You really sound like an agent from the movies. And to be honest, you look like one too! I always wondered why agents must wear sunglasses! But don’t you feel dumb when you wear them day and night?”


As an unsolicited guest, Coulson knew he couldn’t act as he wanted. He could only helplessly look at Saint, pointing at Peter secretly as if saying: ‘Won’t you do something about this?’

Seeing him do that, Saint did the last thing Coulson would ever want, saying: “Peter, Coulson is a special agent from the ‘Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement Logistics Division’. They specialize in dealing with supernatural forces. If you ever get a super power one day, feel free to give him a call!


Saint’s comment obviously made things worse! As he heard his boss say that about Coulson, he looked at him in awe and then said excitedly: “Agent Coulson, then you must know of the rumor about Hell’s Kitchen’s Daredevil, and you know that he has no super power! I’m right, right? I’ve made a ten dollar bet with a friend on this! Well, can you give me a hint? Blink once for yes and twice for no! Eh? What are you doing turning your head away? I can’t see if your blinking…”


Coulson could no longer understand anything peter was saying, he looked at Saint’s wicked smirk with anger, and suddenly understood why Melinda May seemed to hate him so much….

“You’re being so noisy!” Just then, Lorna turned around and gave Peter a fierce look saying: “Peter, be quiet, will ya? Don’t disturb people’s lunch!”

Peter was so scared; he bowed down saying “Oh…” quickly, and then returning to eat frantically.

Perhaps he was a bit rough, but one thing was for sure; for a boss, Saint wasn’t that “bossy” around his employees.

Coulson breathed a sigh of relief, and nodded to Lorna, smiling gratefully. If it wasn’t a little too inappropriate, he would thank her directly.

Without Peter’s noise, people finished eating quickly, and only the sound of silverware on porcelain could be heard. As the “jingling” stopped, only the chopstick users, Colleen and Saint, remained on the table, struggling to finish their food.

Saint ate a lot! That was already clear to Lorna and Peter. However, they were now also surprised that the small girl, Colleen, could east so much! They were so surprised, they kept staring at her with their jaws dropped, bringing Coulson’s attention to the matter…

After the meal, Lorna and Peter began to clean up the table as usual, while Saint stood up pointing to another table near the door saying: “Agent Coulson, let’s go there.”

Coulson stood up as well, pointing at Colleen who was on Saint’s side: “In fact, what brings me here today involves Miss Colleen.”

Saint was not surprised, and he grinned saying: “Wow, your agents are really hard working, staying up so late yesterday….”

“Cough!” Coulson pointed to Peter and Lorna who had their ears almost raised: “Mr. Lee, I think you’d prefer to keep your employees uninvolved. Am I wrong?”

“Indeed, Colleen, let’s go with him to another table and let the two clean up in here. You go take a seat and I’ll come.”

Saint went putting on the closed sign on the door, brought the already boiling tea pot along with the three tea cups, and place them on the new table.

He then took a seat on Colleen’s side and said to Coulson: “So Agent Coulson, what does SHIELD want from me today?”

Coulson was surprised and looked at Saint with great suspicion saying: “Mr. Lee, SHIELD is a term that is so far exclusive to our own personnel, used only occasionally. This abbreviation was never made official, so how do you know it?”

Not being flustered by his mistake, Saint shrugged saying: “Please… it’s not rocket science! All agency’s have acronyms; taking the first letter of each of the words in your agency’s full name you get shield, or should I read it letter by letter?”

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