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MDB: Chapter 39 Relationship no Longer the Same

After the message was sent, Saint soon received: “I can’t come back!”

He was surprised, and then felt unexpectedly bothered by that. Since Lorna moved into his place, he started feeling like he had a real family. Although it might have brought him more trouble, but that was coming his way no matter what. However, what bother Saint the most was that lingering loneliness that got stronger as he remained in this new world and that, that was what his new “family” took away…

As he was in his daze, he was awakened by the sudden ringing of his phone. He looked at its screen to find another message: “I’ll be returning immediately, boss! I have invited Sensei to a ‘Family Lunch’, so prepare more food.”

Colleen is coming!

Saint sent her an okay emoji, and then went to the stock room.

He took out extra ingredients, picked up the wok and started Cooking. As usual, no flame was the wok, only his hand was over it, making the oil sizzle.

Ten minutes later, Lorna returned to the restaurant on time. At the kitchen door, different aromas reached her nose, and she asked: “Boss, what are we eating today?”

“Kung Pow chicken, Muxu Meat, Spicy Sansi Fried Rice, Mapo Doufu, Boiled Beef, and Tomato Egg Soup. It’s right over there!” Saint pointed to the counter.

“Wow, so much, and what rich aromas! We’ve been eating barbecue so often; it’s driving me sick!”

Lorna walked forward, looking at Saint in surprise: “Boss, are you dying today or something? You’re usually too lazy to just make soup with the barbecue!”

Right then, Colleen entered through the door, catching Saint’s eyes. His look said everything to Lorna: ‘Of course it’s because Sensei is here, and he’s trying to impress her!’

“So that’s it, I was wondering how you would suddenly be so good!”

Lorna took two of the plates and walked to the dining table where she usually ate. As she put them down she said: “Sure that’s his purpose! Sensei, you have to be careful around this wolf!”

Hearing her, Colleen walked by her to the kitchen. She felt her cheeks a little warm, and she was so flustered at Saint’s sight. As she got near him, she reached out with her hand, giving him a fierce pinch to the hip!


Saint took the pain of the pinch, and stretched out his hand without hesitation. As if taking revenge, he reached out and grabbed Colleen’s thin waist. Through her thin clothes, he squeezed it rather heavily. Feeling her soft waist, his heart couldn’t help but tremble!

Colleen’s eyes widened sharply, and she turned her head in guilt looking at Lorna who was luckily looking away. With both hands she pushed Saint while twisting her waist, escaping his grip. Then, she tightened her grip, raising it to warn him.

Saint didn’t care about her warning, smiling, and then lifting his right hand, deliberately putting his hand under his nose, sniffing it to provoke her. His expression was indescribable!

Colleen who was both angry and shy tried to reward him furious fist, only to see Lorna coming back again to pick up the boiled beef pot. As if nothing happened, she walked out with her to the table.

Saint admired the view as she walked away, and Lorna saw him, and looked at him with contempt. He then changed his apron for a clean one, and picked up the tableware following the two.

He put two pairs of chopsticks, two forks, two knives and two spoons on the table, just to hear the chimes of the door. The breathless Peter arrived at his usual time.

“Hello Boss, sister Colleen, sister Lorna!” He politely saluted the three, hurriedly ran to the utility room and changed to his working clothes. Then he washed his hands and got back to the table.

This time, under Colleen’s insistence, Saint waited for him before picking up the chopsticks saying: “Bonne appétit!” Peter was rather flattered by the waiting, and was even more shocked by the big table before him. After having a spoon of soup, he couldn’t help but cheer: “Wow! So delicious! Boss, you’ve worked hard today! Thank you!

“Peter, you’re thanking the wrong person!”

Lorna took a fork and pointed to Colleen, saying as she chewed: “If Sensei wasn’t here, that lazy boss wouldn’t make all of this. You should thank her!”

“Yes.” Saint said cheekily. Since he couldn’t defend himself or claim otherwise, he nodded indifferently: “Lorna, Peter, you should both thank Colleen!”

He wasn’t though with his last word, when he felt a sharp pain in his calf. Someone did punch him under the table.

He did not show any signs of that, and looked around the table. Seeing the expressionless faces of both Lorna and Colleen, he couldn’t know who it was. Who was this?

Only one person’s innocence was for sure, and that was Peter….

As Saint was tangled, he heard the door chimes once again. He lightly raised his eyebrows and said: “Agent Coulson, you’re right on time!”

Phil, who stepped in, was a little surprised at the sight of the four having lunch. He politely: “Mr. Lee, I’m sorry; am I disturbing you by coming at this time?”

“Well, for me, whenever you come…. It’s always disturbing!” Saint did not look up from the table: “Have you had lunch?”

Coulson shook his head wanting to say no, when he heard Saint saying: “Oh, then you can sit on the side and then we’ll talk.”


Coulson was speechless, and then he heard Saint laugh: “Hey Coulson, you should look at your face! Don’t worry, I’m just kidding. If you would like, have lunch with us, please take a seat.”

“Thank you.”

Coulson took a chair and sat down thanking Saint. Obviously, he wasn’t moved or anything. God knows that just a few seconds ago, he had the urge to just shoot Saint in the face, despite his good temper.

“Agent Coulson, this is Lorna, you know her. Here is Colleen, and this is Peter. Peter, Colleen, this is agent Coulson.” After briefly introducing everyone to each other, he asked: “Do want to use chopsticks?”

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