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MDB: Chapter 38 A Gentleman? A Coward!

Danny Rand lowered his head and walked by the two holding each other. He left silently, dragging his feet sadly without uttering a single word.

Saint on the other hand did not care about his departure. All he could care about or even sense for a moment was the scent that reached his nose and took over his mind. He breathed in, dissecting it layer by layer, trying to comprehend its essence.

Then, only to his pain and disappointment, he felt the gentle hands of the owner of that scent letting go of his waist. Like a beautiful dream in the morning, they slipped back smoothly from underneath his arm. He could not think, but his instinct made his body turn around, and his arms stretch away from his body to grab her hands, only to catch thin air.

Colleen, who was blushing, managed to escape Saint’s claws. Her watery eyes silently warned him, and then she bit her lips gently, thinking about what would happen if Saint didn’t back down. What would she do? Could she resist him; did she really want to resist?

Fortunately, the usually less kind Saint was, to her amazement, a true gentleman. Looking at her eyes, he just bent his knees slightly to cover up the bulge on his pants and said: “It’s getting late, I’ll be leaving now. See you tomorrow, Colleen!”

Colleen let him to the door, and then stood in place for a while. Eventually, she could only laugh: “It seems that his heart is not that wicked after all.

Saint was walking down the street, when he suddenly slapped his face like crazy man, saying: ”You’re really a coward!”


After a few moments, Colleen rolled her eyes as she was gathering the shards of shattered glass off of the floor. She dropped her broom, picked up her phone off the table, and sent a message to Saint: “Hey, you still owe me a glass window!”

Just a few seconds later, she received an answer from Saint: “Should I bring it to you now?”


Colleen was speechless for a while, not knowing what she should type. She just knew that if she let Saint return to her place that night, something was bound to happen…

While confused, she heard another “Ding!” and she clumsily took the phone off the table, quickly trying to read the next message.

“Coward! If you don’t have the guts, don’t tease the man!”

Colleen typed on the phone as if wanting to shatter it: “Bastard! Just die!”

Saint just returned her an Emoji of an evil smiling face…

“Damn it!”

Colleen kept shouting in the Dojo, not knowing how to respond, and then slammed the phone on the table, and picked up the broom again while grinding her teeth…

Half an hour later, she had just finished sealing the glassless window with black tape when hearing the phone ring again. For a while, she tried to ignore it; but eventually, she picked it up….

“I am going to sleep; good night.”

Seeing this short message, Colleen for once didn’t get angry at all. After smirking for a while, she just returned: “Goodnight.”


The next morning, Saint, who was sleeping later than usual, was awakened by a rhythmic knock on the door. Then, Lorna’s voice finally got him up: “Boss, are you inside?”

“I’m here.”

Saint barely opened up his sleepy eyes, sat up in bed and then shouted: “What?”

Lorna pushed the door and walked in: “Where did you go in the middle of the night? And when did you come back?”


Lorna heard Saint scream, and saw him covering his upper body with sheets and say: “I didn’t ask you to come in!”

Upon seeing that, Lorna, who came through the door, couldn’t help but have the side of her lip twitch: “Is there some sort of mistake? I thought I’m the girl, not you!”


Saint remained silent for while, and then argued: “I’m used to sleeping naked; this is a normal reflex!”


Lorna glanced at pants on the side on the bed, and then to the mysterious bulge that the sheet was covering; she gasped quietly, and then asked Saint without looking away: “Do you need me to leave?”

Saint puffed and just said: “Forget it. What were you asking about?”

“What happened last night? Did SHIELD come for trouble at night?”

“Oh, it’s not that. It’s just that Colleen had returned, so I went to the do…”

“Sensei’s back?! Why didn’t you tell me?!” Lorna interrupted Saint and yelled: “Boss! You’ve promised me to tell me of Sensei’s arrival whenever you sense her Ki!”


Saint knew all too well that he did promise her, so technically he was in the wrong here. He just tried to explain with a calm voice: “At the time, the situation was too urgent. By the time I returned, you had already fallen asleep, and I didn’t want to wake you up.”

“I she still in the Dojo?”

“She should be there; yesterday I…. oh!”

Saint could only watch as Lorna vanished from his room. He heard the squeaking of the stair’s steps as she was rushing to the lower floor.

“At least close the door behind you…”

Saint laid back in bed, trying to get back to sleep, but he knew he wouldn’t. After just half a minute, took away the sheets and started putting on his clothes.

After washing his face and teeth, he got down to the restaurant. After checking out the stocks in the restaurant, he felt that there was to replenish them. He just took some food and went straight to the quiet room to practice.

While Saint only had only had Goku’s knowledge, and not his non memories, he was becoming closer and closer in nature to him as time went by, quickly turning into a training and fighting fanatic.

Two hours later, at eleven o’clock, his alarm clock rang, telling him that is was time to prepare for lunch service.

Another quarter of an hour went by, and Saint put down his kitchen knife, wiped his hands, and took out his phone to message Lorna: “Won’t you come back to have lunch?”

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