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MDB: Chapter 37 I can’t let you be so reckless

“Kunlun?” Colleen frowned and was puzzled, and then immediately said: “I did not a Kunlun disciple, my Sensei… the one who taught me was Bakuto.”

“He defected from Kunlun. You still don’t know? The things taught to you by the Hand are actually Kunlun teachings. Off course, they would not admit this; they changed it a little and called it their own.”

Colleen frowned even tighter, and said: “So that’s the case….”

Saint took the ice pack off of his thigh and sat up straight saying: “In short, today, I’ll be teaching you Ki Cultivation. You already have the foundation laid out for you with your previous training, so you should be able to learn quickly. With enough luck, there’s even a chance that we move to Zanzoken tomorrow.”

“Great!” Colleen sat down crossing her legs, and looked at the unconscious Danny pointing at him with some hesitation: “Do you want to start now? Shouldn’t we wait until he wakes up?”

Saint waved his hand and said: “Nah, I know how I hit him. It should take him at least half an hour to wake up.”

Sure enough, after over forty minutes, Danny gasped and rose holding his neck. At this time, Saint had already taught the concepts to Colleen, leaving her to practice alone.”

“You’re finally awake?” Saint, who was sitting next to Danny, put his hand on his shoulder saying: “Can you calm down now?”

“Cut the crap!” Danny pushed Saint’s hand away, barely managing to stand up: “Saint, there’s no need to pretend; we’re not friends!”

‘Indeed, he has somewhat of a good point,’ Saint thought; ‘He was half a friend, and with this attitude, he’s being no more than a wealthy acquaintance….’

Saint took a step back and said: “Friends or not, I still have to tell you this. Colleen was deceived by the Hand as well. Otherwise, she wouldn’t help you escape!”

“Huh” Danny sneered, looking at Colleen on the other side of the Dojo: “She told you that? You’ve been fooled Saint. The one who helped me was Joy!”

“Oh…. Colleen didn’t really say that, I was just making a guess…”

With Saint’ presence in this world, it seemed like many things have changed. He couldn’t take when he knew from the series for granted anymore…

Danny had a smile of mockery on his face. Obviously, he doubted Saint as well, and didn’t know what to think anymore. In the end, he could only consider him innocent for now; “Saint, I’m telling you, she was with the Hand all along. Colleen that you knew before is nothing but an illusion. Wake up!”


Saint tried to reason with Danny one more time: “Danny, you’ve only known Colleen for a short time; I can fully understand that you’re not willing to trust her. However, I’ve known her for much longer, why don’t you trust my judgment?”

“Humph!” Danny once again snorted at looked at Saint with hostility: “Since you’re being so stubborn, words are no longer of value. Just… don’t say I haven’t warned you! The Hand are my mortal enemies! Since you’ve chosen to side with Colleen, the next time we meet, you’ll be my mortal enemy as well!”

“Hold it right there!”

Saint was finally angry. He couldn’t control his temper anymore. With Danny calling him that, he just couldn’t tolerate his rambling anymore: “Danny, you can’t simply say something like that! I’m not of the habit of letting “Mortal Enemies” walk away! Do you think I don’t know that you can’t summon the Iron Fist right now? Without that, I can kill you with ease if I wanted to!”

“You….” Danny apparently never thought that Saint would turn to be the one on the offensive. Although he knew that what he said is true, he still didn’t back down: “You’re getting too arrogant Saint! Let’s do it! Let’s see who kills who!”

“Let him go!”

At this moment, Colleen who had been silent finally intervened; “Saint, just let him go. I’m not weak, and I don’t need your protection!”

“That won’t do!” Saint wasn’t about to listen to Colleen, and he said: “Colleen, don’t interfere! I know you might not care about this, but since he made the choice to see me as his enemy, he now has to face the consequence!”

“Who said I don’t care?” Colleen softened her voice and slowly moved behind Saint with her chest against his back. She put her arms under his, and hugged his waist from behind: “I know, you’re doing this for me, but you must trust me; I can’t let you be so reckless. You understand me, no?”

Saint’s body was petrified; his initially gazing eyes suddenly became dull. He couldn’t move, and all he could think of was the soft scent of Colleen, the warmth of her body, and especially the soft bouncy feel on his back…

Facing the two, Danny’s face was unprecedentedly and indescribably distorted. His heart became confused, and his eyes jealousy, regret, pain and even… remorse.

All in all, at this moment, it became very clear to Danny that he had definitely lost something very important in his life. The subsequent feeling of emptiness in his heart almost drove him mad!

It was only then that he sobered up. He realized that he was so mad when realizing Colleen was with the Hand just because he cared too much about her! It was that care and affection that made so hard for him to let her go!

However, now was clearly too late….

In fact, even if he got his head straight earlier, it would’ve been still too late….

Ever since Saint entered this world, certain destinies were doomed to be tampered with!

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