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MDB: Chapter 47 The Stark Arc Reactor

This was a Chevrolet Camaro. Yes, it was the “Bubblebee” Car. This was however the first 1967 Camaro. It didn’t have the racing stripe on it, and instead of yellow, it was covered in faded old black paint. This, was Saint’s car.

Interestingly, when Saint’s predecessor in this body had his driver’s license, his father bought him this car from a used car shop. When first crossing, Saint even had the silly thought in his mind that this was a transformer…

Right after that, “the original Saint’s” parents died in the air crash, and he never used this car, keeping in locked in the garage. Today, reopened the garage, walked to the car, pulled its door, and sat down in the driver’s seat. As he inserted the car key and turned it, he heard the roar of the engine. Saint breathed a sigh of relief, for he feared that the car wouldn’t start after several months in the garage.

Driving the black Camaro, Saint went to the northwest of the city, following the closest Dragon Ball. Constantly changing direction, he came to its vicinity before dawn.

“So that’s it!”

As Saint slowly stepped on the brakes, and through the windshield, he stared at a sign not too far away muttering: “I know where this dragon ball fell…”

The simple metallic sign’s letters spelled the famous and infamous “STARK INDUSTRIES”, the world’s number one arms manufacturer and developer!

This conclusion made Saint relieved, but then he frowned slightly.

The reason for his relief was that the thing charging the Dragon Balls seemed to be the Arc Reactor, and he no longer had to worry too much about the Infinity Stones.

As for his frowning, it was only because that area of Stark Industries should be heavily protected. More importantly, the owner of the Arc Reactor was none other than Tony Stark! The man should be about to become Iron Man. With him caring so much for the Arc Reactor, Saint did not want to provoke him… It would be best for him not to touch that thing…

Although Tony right now was just the playboy he grew up being, but even when not considering his eventual rise in power, he was still rather dangerous. This playboy’s pockets were still being filled with people’s blood. Whether or not he had his armor, he was causing death, and treading on his property would lead to only that!

“Stark…” The more Saint thought about the matter, the harder he frowned. In the end, he simply turned around the car to go back home. Just for today, he preferred skipping getting this Dragon Ball.

With the day already up, he drove back to Hell’s Kitchen, dropping the Camaro at repair shop near the restaurant. While it worked well, the can did need some maintenance.

On his way back home, Saint bought two maps: one of the United States, and another of the world. In his living room, he spread both of them, and using the distance between him and the nearest Dragon Ball as scale, he started to estimate the locations of the other five.

“In a straight line, I’m 69 kilometers away from Star Industries… The second nearest dragon ball is seventeen degrees to the east south, probably 6.5 times as far as Stark Industries, that’s around 450 km… Damn it! It’s in the sea… okay, still on the continental shelf, so it shouldn’t be over 200 meters deep. It should be hard, but I could get it!

The third is 35 degrees to the south-west, 3.3 times as far as the last one, that’s around 1500 kilometers. That shouldn’t be too difficult to get!

The forth is in the North West, eleven degrees, 3 times as far as the last one. That’s Canada, it shouldn’t be too difficult as well.

The next is to the north east, one third of the distance further, 6000 Kilometers away; please don’t be in the Atlantic! Aha, alright, it’s across the ocean, in Britain. That’s alright!

The farthest one, south west of here, 1.3 times as far as the last one, around 7800 kilometers away. Brazil? A little troubling… it’s in the tropical rain forests, in area that’s full of cliffs. That should be quiet the hassle…”

After figuring out the approximate location of the other five Dragon Balls, Saint took out his cell phone, and began to check for ticket and touristic visa information: “Britain and Canada are visa-free, and I could get a Visa for Brazil within seven working days… Then my first flight will be to London, then to Toronto, then back to the US for the other two, then to Rio, and then I’ll find out a way to take the one in Stark Industries in the end…”

After Saint was through making his plan, he went out the door and went straight to Colleen’s Dojo, knocking the door.

A few moments later, Colleen, whose hair was scattered, appeared behind the slightly opened door. “Saint! You know what time it is?”

“Quarter past seven A.M.” After telling her about the time indifferently, Saint pushed the door and walked in saying: “Colleen, I’m going away for a while, and I might take a while before I come back. Would you want to come with me?”

Hearing this, Colleen became alert immediately. She looked away, and thought for a moment, then rubbed her feet to each-other and said delicately: “How could you do that? So suddenly, you ask me this and expect an answer? I haven’t even brushed my teeth yet…”

“Then you go to wash your face and brush your teeth. I’m going to the kitchen to make us something to eat.” Saint understood how surprised Colleen was, and he walked over to the Kitchen.


Ingredients were very limited in Colleen’s kitchen, and Saint could only make some pasta. After, boiling the noodles, he added some eggs and shopped green onions and seasoned the two dishes.

A few moments later, the two sat down on the kitchen table, and Colleen who had her long hair tied up asked: “Where did you say you were going?”

As if saying nothing of importance, Saint calmly answered: “Britain, Canada, Brazil… and two other places in the country while I’m at that!”

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