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MDB: Chapter 46 The Awakening of the Dragon Balls

“Not enough?!” Colleen screamed and asked, her yell full of shyness: “With so many times last night you’re still not satisfied? You’re really a hungrier pervert than I ever imagined!”

“Ha ha ha…” Saint laughed out loud, tapping on the quilt, and then cleared out the misunderstanding: “That’s it I’m dead! I can’t keep this up! Did you really think I was going to stay in bed with you for half a month? It’s just two extra days; they were supposed to take their vacation anyway. This just a day or two ahead of schedule!”

“Dammit! Ahhhh!” Colleen was so shy, she wanted to dig a hole and hide. After yelling out of frustration, she jumped on Saint: “You bastard, I’ll beat you up!”

Her unruly behavior was action just sent the sheep into the wolf’s mouth…

Saint subdued her for a few moments, and then they kissed passionately. Just as the wolf was about to “feast”, a knock came out from the Dojo’s door, and Colleen interrupted him!”

“Ah!” She screamed yet again, shoving Saint away and hurriedly getting dressed: “I totally forgot! The Rand Enterprises’ lawyer was coming this afternoon!”

Helplessness showed on Saint’s face, he bowed his head, and heavily fell to the bed grievously muttering: “Damn lawyer, he couldn’t choose any other time!”

Colleen took a sneak peek at the fascinating protrusion on the quilt, and smiled gloatingly. She put on a T-Shirt and jeans and looked down finding that there was nothing wrong with her outfit, and then she slipped out of the bedroom barefoot and left Saint mourning his luck.

“I’m coming!”

She responded to the second knocking on the door rushing to it, and then opened it to find the middle-aged woman who came yesterday, one of Rand Enterprises’s lawyers.

“Please come in, sorry, I have just been a bit… busy.”

“It’s ok.” Wearing a poker face, the lawyer stepped in and asked directly: “Ms. Wing, may I ask if you have signed the agreement I’ve delivered yesterday?”

“I did; it should be….” Coleen nodded and turned around, and the black folder caught her eye as it was still lying quietly on the Dojo’s floor. The documents inside were scattered randomly. She sighed with some embarrassment and then said: “Oh… it seems like it accidentally fell to the ground… Please wait, I’ll sort it out…”

The lawyer’s looked down, and her upper lip immediately started twitching as she was million-dollar agreement scattered so carelessly on the ground. It was the first time she ever saw someone who didn’t care so much about a deal that’s so important…

After a while, Colleen finished organizing the documents and handed the folder to the lawyer: “Please tell Danny Rand that I forgive him. If he ever needs my help, he can ask me!”

“Okay, I’ll pass the message on!” ?” The lawyer nodded, keeping a serious face. , but she was surprised and couldn’t help but wonder to herself: “Danny is a billionaire, what can you do for him?”

All that Colleen actually thought of was that this Dojo had become a token of her love with Saint. If Danny was to ever ask for help, she could only return his favor.

If Danny was told that he had just spent a fortune on Colleen just to get her closer to being in a wedding dress for Saint, his regret would be immeasurable!


In the evening, Saint left the Dojo, slipping into his own restaurant.

He went into his bedroom changing his underwear, and then wanted to sneak into the bathroom. But just as he pushed the door to the hallway, he found Lorna leaning against the opposite wall with her arms crossed.

“Huh….” Saint still had last night vivid in his memory; he felt like he was caught getting out of bed and laughed lightly. Just to calm the mood, he said: “Haven’t you slept yet?”

Facing his words, Lorna used the same treatment as yesterday, completely ignoring him. Seeing this situation, Saint could only murmur: “Still with that bloodlust? It’s like she’s trying to kill me with her eyes!”

Besides her “killing gaze”, Lorna’s power was not to be ignored, and her ongoing attitude made him more and more uncomfortable. As he tried to slip into the bathroom, he coldly asked: “Since I went to the Dojo last night, have you kept on waiting until now?”


Unprepared to be faced with that question, Lorna got flustered, and could only say: “Yes… that’s true…”

After saying so, Lorna’s expression got even colder. She bit her lips, and then returned to her room, locking the door.

Is she… jealous?!

Saint was not sure… His question was, was she concerned for the man, or the woman?

From what he observed, Lorna always had this extraordinary concern and care for Colleen… And from what he read in his past life, future Ms. Polaris did have her fair share of bisexual tendencies… (T/N: From what I’ve read, this bit about Lorna being bisexual was never cannon, but it’s a fairly widespread misconception.)

Saint thought about the matter and many more as he was taking a shower. By the time he got back to bed, it was already past midnight. As soon as he fell to his familiar bed, he fell into deep sleep within a heartbeat.

In the previous twenty-four hours, Saint spent his time mostly with Colleen, and both were well satisfied, and restless, for most of them. How tired he was at this time was inconceivable.

However, after sleeping for under four hours, he felt his soul was shook! Calls from six different directions came from the depths of its depths. He immediately understood: The Dragon Balls were already full of energy! Gathering all six, he could summon Shenron again.

As Saint jumped from his bed, all the fatigue in his body seemed to be gone in an instant. He turned around, and looked to the northwest muttering: “One of them is very close, less than a hundred kilometers away; it’s in New York!” (This is equal to 62 miles for those using the imperial system.)

He immediately dressed up and rushed out of the bedroom going down the stairs. Through the restaurants back-door, he came to the alley behind it. With old keys, he opened a gray roll up door, to reveal a black coupe that was parked inside….

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