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MDB: Chapter 45 You Brought This on Yourself!

With Colleen hung tight to his body, Saint stepped forward in big steps, passing by the scattered legal documents, going straight to the bedroom behind the Dojo.

“Bang!” The door was shut…

What happened next, is to be left for your imagination…


The next day, Saint who naturally didn’t sleep all night, got up late. “Long nights and short days, King are never up early!” After three sleepless nights, he opened his eyes difficultly. Colleen, who was up with him all night, was still asleep very peacefully. Looking at her beautiful sleepy face, Saint couldn’t help but approach her lips, sneaking away a kiss…

“Um… no more…” She muttered, with a very lazy voice, while unconsciously turning away from the hungry devil above her, freeing herself from the shackles of his limbs.

Saint smirked murmuring: “Alright, alright!” moved away the quilt gently, and then covered Colleen’s warm and tender shoulder, before going straight to the bathroom.

After a hot shower, he returned to the bedroom, putting yesterday’s clothes back on. After dressing himself neatly, he glanced at the still sleeping Colleen before reluctantly leaving the bedroom and walking to the kitchen on the other side of the Dojo.

A few moments later, Colleen Wing sniffed a rich aroma from her bed and sat up quickly. With her eyes still not fully opened, she jumped out of bed wrapped in the quilt. She walked barefoot out of the bedroom across the Dojo and then poked her head out of the kitchen door: “Why are you still here? I thought you were gone!”

Hearing her words, Saint turned around and said while trying to make a pun: “I can’t leave of course without feeding you my course!” (Sorry for the bad pun ^^, there was another one in Chinese and this is the best one I could come up with XD)

Colleen apparently did not hear the pun, and rewarded Saint with a bright smile: “Oh, you do have a conscience!”

Saint jerked the pan in his hand, flipping the large pancake inside it and said: “If you don’t put on some clothes, that conscience isn’t going to hold me anymore!”

“Buh!” Colleen’s gentle, blushing sigh clearly showed that she was remembering whatever happened yesterday, and unconsciously tightened the quilt on her body. She then said: “You pervert, I know what you want! I warn you, don’t you make any moves!”

“I’ve also already warned you.” Saint turned around aggressively: “If you don’t leave, I’ll have to rush over!”

Colleen pulled her head away from the kitchen and disappeared. A few moments later, Saint heard the sound of water falling in the shower.

Saint gulped hard and used whatever mental fortitude he had left to keep himself from following her to the shower. To resist the temptation, he put his heart fully into the pan in hands, and the fried pancakes that turned out to be the best he ever made!

After a while, just as Saint was putting the pancakes on the table, Colleen appeared at the door of the kitchen with her hair wet and her body wrapped in a towel. Saint glanced at her, and she was as tender and fair as a lotus.

“How dare you provoke me?! You’ve brought this on yourself!”

Saint almost threw the plates on the table and “jumped” to Colleen. As he wrapped his arms around her slender waist, she screamed and raised her arms, hopping on his shoulder, while he turned around and started walking towards the bedroom again!

She was shy and shocked, happy and annoyed, and her hands started beating Saint’s back as she yelled: “Let me down! Let’s eat first; I’m hungry!”

“Nope! I can’t take it anymore, I’ll feed you first!”

“… you pervert! So that’s what you meant?!”

“What you got is what I meant!”

“Aaaah!” With a scream followed by a “Bang!”, the bedroom door was heavily shut again…

……… A while later…..

Saint and Colleen were covered with the same quilt, half lying on bed side by side, each with a pancake in hand, both eating up….


It wasn’t until she was halfway through the pancake that Colleen had a sudden realization: “It’s been so long, how come the pancakes are still hot?”

Saint was still showing, and had no time to explain to her. He moved his right hand, groping her belly, and then he said: “Like this!”

“Ah! It’s hot!”

Colleen twisted her waist and gently slapped Saint on the arm saying: “Bastard! Do you want to cook me alive?”

“Well, do I?”

Saint had been using Ki cooking ever since he reopened the restaurant, and his control was very mature. He smirked and said: “That was just a few degrees over your body temperature. I wouldn’t burn you, let alone roast you!”

“Well that’s convenient, even more convenient that a microwave oven!”

Being somewhat of a tomboy, Colleen had no knowledge when it came to cooking. When she saw Saint controlling heat just enough to warm up food, she directly thought of using the technique to warm up pizza and other takeaways. She immediately asked: “I want to learn it, teach me!”

“Alright, I’ll teach you after you finish your pancake!” Saint agreed without hesitating.

“Right now?!” Colleen raised her eyebrows in surprise and said: “Do you have time? Aren’t you going to the restaurant for lunch service?”

“What time do you think it is now? We’re already in the afternoon!” Saint grinned and then went on to say: “I’ve already notified Lorna and Peter in the morning that they will be getting a half month paid vacation!”

“Half a month?!” Colleen’s voice immediately rose high, as she instinctively pulled the quilt up to cover herself more strictly: “You little pervert! What more do you want?!”

“I still think that half a month is not necessarily enough.” Saint knew that Colleen misunderstood, but he was not willing to explain for the time being. He preferred to further tease her saying: “When I think about it again, I wonder if I have to take more!”

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