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MDB: Chapter 51 A Unique Marvel Saiyan!


Saint’s upper lip twitched in frustration, but he understood. This raw material must be something equivalent to Vibranium in the Marvel World. It should be at the core of the advanced bizarre tech of the Dragon Ball World…

It was clear now; if Saint wanted the tech of the Dragon Ball world, he would need several wishes. This made him ache inside…

‘If only I could make them myself… Why is my IQ insufficient?!’

Saint regretted wasting time in his past life, not working so hard at school. With no more question to ask, he just went to his main wish. “Shenron, if I wish to get a Saiyan physique, would I become a pure Saiyan like Goku, or a mixed one like Gohan, Goten and Trunks?”

“No. Since your body belongs to the Marvel World, although it’s similar to that of the Dragon Ball World Earthling, it would not be the same. After integrating Saiyan genes within it, you’ll become a unique existence. If you get the physique of Saiyan, it should be more properly called a ‘Marvel Saiyan!’”

“Unique… I love the sound of that!” Saint grinned and directly said: “Shenron, please give me the physique of a Saiyan!”

“Your wish is fulfilled.”

Just like after the last wish, after Shenron said those words, it immediately split into seven streams, one of which went back to Saint’s hand. The other six scattered, flying to six different directions.

This time, Saint was prepared, and before the six streams penetrated the walls of the basement, he explosively jumped to the nearest one, and intercepted it with his hands that he made clad in Ki. He successfully grabbed a sphere of light that shook in his hands, before eventually dimming and turning into a gray ball of stone.

Saint breathed a sigh of relief, for he had just made his next Dragon Ball Quest a sixth shorter. On top of that, he could now deliberately place this Dragon Ball near a high energy body. While he could do the same with his hand, but if the body he was to encounter couldn’t move, he could not just remain by its side.

“That rude dragon, not giving me a chance to say goodbye every time, I almost missed that… HOLD ON!!!”

After picking up the Dragon Ball, Saint’s mouth opened up wide, reveal a terrified look. The terror soon turned to joy: “I’m not the same! That speed… It’s not just my regular power. My Ki is stronger… several times stronger!”

“I can understand that my physique became stronger, but how come my Ki increase? Didn’t that sneaky dragon say that Ki can only increased through training, and could not be made out of thin air?!!!”

Saint focused to gauge his own Ki, just to have disbelief and ecstasy take over his heart: “This shouldn’t be! Thirty-seven times as strong as a normal human?!!! I can’t believe this…”

Saint immediately raised his arm, slowly clenched his fist and tried to use a Janken: Go that’s as strong as possible. What he saw was incredible, for a dazzling blue light instantly shrouded his entire hand, covering it all the way up to his wrist.

“I’m not wrong; this should be indeed 37 times as strong…”

Saint wanted to punch a wall to make sure he’s not just being delusional, but while sending his punch, he suddenly stopped realizing that this was his own basement. He dissipated the Ki around his fist and reached for his chin wondering: “What in the world is going on?”

After a while, Saint had an “Aha!” face, realizing that having Goku’s knowledge might have just made him ignore the most basic principle in the Dragon Ball World: A stronger body makes for stronger Ki!

He had the final knowledge of Goku, his “ultimate comprehension” of power. In the later stages of his training, Goku’s physique had already peaked, and the focus was on Ki, fighting and control.

Therefore, Saint had always focused on honing his Ki to get stronger. He didn’t think that improving his physical strength should be the ultimate way to enhance his Ki at an early stage. The “light of his knowledge” had actually blinded him.

As for the increase in his physical strength, Saint knew that it was caused by the genetics of the Saiyans, which had to promote great strength to enable to endure their planet’s gravity.

“I used to have more than six times as much Ki as an ordinary person… That is to say, after the integration of the genes of the Saiyan people with my owned, I gained extra Ki, a little more than that of 30 people…”

Saint couldn’t help but exclaim: “Those terrible Saiyans; even if they don’t practice like humans, they could be so strong by the time they are adults! On top of that, someone having Ki that’s 30 times as powerful as that of a human would become 300 times as strong as them when becoming a Great Ape…”

At this thought, Saint instinctively reached for his back, and then breathed a sigh of relief: “Fortunately, that dragon wasn’t spouting out nonsense when saying that the transformation wouldn’t chance my shape. Thankfully, I don’t have a tail; I don’t want to become a massive fat giant monkey whenever looking at a full moon! I could turn mindless when that happen, and that should be a hassle to deal with a tame.”

Saint also understood that the dragon wasn’t talking nonsense when saying that power can’t be gained out of thin air. Shenron wasn’t just misguiding him; he could indeed gain more Ki back then, but without enough skill to control that, he would be just like a newly-awakened mutant, unable to control his power… A power that can’t be controlled is not really “power”!

“Thirty seven times as strong… If a normal person has power level of around five, would that make my power level around 185? That could make me a contender for first place in one of the earlier World Martial Arts Tournaments of the Dragon Ball world!”

“Wait; that should also mean…” Saint’s eyes shined brightly, “I can fly!”

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