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MDB: Chapter 70 Little Spidey’s Path to School Hegemony

With the two revealing each other to him, Peter watched in awe as the “spontaneously flying” knife and fork made creases on Saint’s skin before being rebounded away from his face.

‘What a fierce face! It can’t be even scratched by a steel knife! What would hurt him? A bomb?’

Lost in his thoughts, Peter suddenly realized that he was inches away from this ‘invincible’ man…

“Ahh! AHHH!”

Peter Parker screamed, and he completely collapsed to the ground holding his head. The rebounding knife and fork just flew over his head before falling to the ground.

Seeing this, Lorna, who had lost her mind, realized that she had to calm down. She dissipated the aura around her fingers, and flusteredly and quietly asked Saint: “Did anyone see?”

“Now you’re scared!” Saint let go of her hands and patted on her arm saying: “No one should have noticed. Fortunately, I just managed to get SHIELD to withdraw their surveillance. Otherwise, you’d be in a world of trouble right now!”

“It’s all your fault!” The stubborn Lorna punched Saint’s back: “You’re insane! Why did you tell Peter I’m a mutant?”

“Because he’s his own man.” Saint did not say the next sentence is his mind; ‘and he will also have his own superpower to hide in the future’, and then added while looking at Peter: “He will not discriminate against you, nor will he ever tell on you. Right, Peter?”

“No, no, no, yes.” Peter stood up mumbling and waved his hands saying: “Believe me, Lorna, I will never tell anyone! Your secret is safe, absolutely safe!”

Lorna bit her lower lip in frustration, apparently not satisfied with Peter’s verbal guarantee. She once again punched Saint’s shoulder and said: “He’s just a brat, and he talks too much! How do you know that he could keep this a secret?”

“Ha ha.” Saint laughed and then said coldly: “What do you want now? Try to kill him as well? Haven’t you thought of him being so talkative when you exposed MY identity?”

“You’re obviously already exposed! Even if I said nothing, Peter had already guessed it!”

“Yes, exactly! It was a guess, and I could just deny it!”

“Do you think he would have believed you?”

“Well, he’s here with us! Peter, you would have believed me, right?”


For young Peter, this was a “battle of gods” taking place before him. Taking any side could open the gates of hell on him. Therefore, being stared at by both of them, he mumbled, shook his head in denial and then nodded in approval, and couldn’t utter a single understandable word.

“You’re no fun!” Saint shook his head in disinterest, and then walked to the kitchen to put an end to this farce: “Peter, get ready to have lunch; costumers are about to come.”

“Eh!” Peter was stunned and rushed straight to the locker room. As he changed to his working clothes, he asked himself: “Hey, I have leverage on boss right now! Why not get him to teach me Martial Arts? Why remain the only weak one?”

Peter Parker’s mind became haunted by this thought, and during the ‘family dinner’, he finally managed to summon his courage and say very abruptly: “Boss, I can keep your secret hidden, but you must teach me your Chinese Kung Fu! Otherwise, I will… I will….”

“Are you jealous?” Facing Peter’s unspeakable threat, Saint just felt amused. This kid quickly had the courage to ask for such a thing, and called his style Kung Fu…. Facing this, he quickly went back to him old pretext and said: “Peter, your personality is too jumpy, and you’re too deep into your beliefs in modern science. You would never be able to grasp the concept of Ki, let alone learn my style of ‘martial arts’. I’m not making a pretext here; I’m just laying down the hard cold facts…”

Hearing those words, Peter’s head sunk into his arms in disappointment. Seeing that he believed him, Saint breathed a sigh of relief and added: “But if you really want to learn martial arts, I can teach you striking and fighting skills and make you a good fighter. While that won’t make you exactly a superhuman, it would be more than enough for you to beat two or three of your fellow students, even when you’re still a beginner.”

“I’m not trying to beat my classmates…” Peter hurriedly answered, and then pointed to Lorna saying: “What do you mean by fighting skills? Like the stuff Lorna is learning from Ms. Colleen?”

“You can say that.” Saint nodded: “But it’s still different. Colleen’s style revolves around balancing one’s flexibility and rigidity to grant them better passive defensive capabilities. I can teach you a more aggressive style, one that’s more based on attacking.”

“How long will it take for me to be able to beat two or three stu…” Peter accidentally leaked out the true thoughts in his mind, and then embarrassedly changed his tone saying: “How much will it take me to learn Kung Fu?”

“It will depend on your learning ability, and on the time and effort you would put into this.” Saint first gave a vague answer, and then looked up to Peter and said: “If you work hard enough, in a month or two, you’ll be getting a good glimpse of the way before you.”

“Boss, if a beginner would beat two or three people, then if I become a “master”, would I be able to take down ten people?”

“It depends on who you’ll be fighting; if you are just classmates, you should be fine.”

“… Boss, can we not mention classmates? For example, what about gangsters?”

“That would make things more complicated. It would depend on the range of the blades they carry, and on whether or not they have any guns on them.”

“… Classmates it is then… Boss, how long will it take me to be a Kung Fu master?”

“Eight to ten years.”



Two weeks passed calmly. During these fourteen days, Saint had his ordinary life. Well, “ordinary” didn’t exactly sound right when describing his life ever since he crossed over to this world…

In short, Saint trained every morning, afternoon and after dinner. He also worked diligently. Every night after dinner, he would go to Colleen’s Dojo. There, he trained, all while teaching Peter basic skills. At this time, Lorna would also follow for the fun of it, and practice under Colleen’s guidance.

Occasionally, she would talk to Peter about martial arts and give him some pointers. After all, even without her mutant powers, she could easily crush him in a fight.

Little Spidey’s path to becoming the school’s tough guy was still at its beginning, and was to certainly have its ups and downs…

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