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MDB: Chapter 71 First World Problems…

As Peter became the newest frequent guest of Colleen’s Dojo, Saint’s restaurant also had its own new regular: Jessica Jones.

Well, she wasn’t just a regular costumer, but also a regular problem…

It wasn’t that she sought trouble or made a ruckus, but every time she came, she would stare at Saint with her seductive eyes. To him, she was like a ripe red apple; her fair delicate skin and slender physique gave her a porcelain doll beauty that made her really attractive, and so did her big charming eyes. However, she was also forbidden, as Saint, who was with Colleen, could never make a move on her…

As for Jessica’s sudden expression of “interest”, it was surprising to Saint, but he could guess what was behind it. This slender beauty could crush most men in the world in battle. Even the amazing Captain America was far less powerful than her physically! (T/N: In the Comics, this is true. In the MCU however, feats from both characters don’t show this to my knowledge. Still, feats are not indicative of power, so I guess such a statement could be correct if the author wants it to be.)

In this era that was not yet flooded with superheroes, Saint realized, rather proudly, that he was the first man that Jessica had encountered who was actually stronger than her!

In fact, even when this era or peace would end, there would only be a handful of people who could beat Jessica. As for her ex-boyfriend Luke Cage… well, she would only need a bed behind him to be able to beat him. Yes, any other man would be crushed along with the bed if she was to throw him on it, while Luke would be durable enough to go beyond that, but he would still be…

Cough! ANYWAY…

Just as Jessica Jones came for the 3rd day in a row to Saint’s restaurant, another woman seemed to remember a joke that Saint made month ago! Colleen left her Dojo, and actually came to work at Lee’s Chinese Restaurant! Her position was like that of the… boss’s wife…

Saint knew all too well why Colleen was here for help. She said that she had no students other than Lorna at the Dojo, and the latter was at the restaurant during the work hours. She also had learned Bukujutsu, and had now four techniques to develop, needing Saint to assist her between hours. This is what she said, but in reality, she was just here to force Jessica to retreat…

However, Colleen’s presence did not seem to reduce Jessica’s “enthusiasm about the food”. In fact, it actually seemed to only encourage her. By the seventh day, Saint started feeling that she was getting here more to provoke Colleen rather than tease him!

How was the relationship between the two in “the Defenders”? Saint could not remember, but he was certain, at least, that it wasn’t as strange as this!

As male protagonist of this “two women fighting over one man” drama, it would be a lie to say that Saint wasn’t enjoying this, but as cool and flattering as it was, this was still a headache to deal with…

‘Rabbits do not eat the grass around their burrows you know! Couldn’t you try to seduce me elsewhere? It you did that, maybe I would consider… Cough!’ Saint thought.

(Translator Note: The saying about rabbits is a Chinese idiom meaning that even villains don’t usually hurt their neighbors. In this context, it means that Saint wouldn’t ‘take a bite’ of this forbidden apple while around home.)

Trapped this bittersweet situation, Saint soon realized that after fourteen days, Jessica still did not give up! In the past two weeks, she would come to the restaurant at least once a day.

Nevertheless, Jessica’s perseverance didn’t really bother Saint. What actually bothered him was that 20 days later, and after adapting much better with his new genes, he still wasn’t getting stronger at any faster rate! In fact, he was growing at less than half the rate he used to grow at before becoming a Saiyan.

Before, when practicing this hard, he could even add up to 5 points to his power level every week. Now however, he was getting 2 points stronger on average.

Yes, when using his Saiyan Full Power Transformation, that meant around 4 points of growth weekly, but that wasn’t his usual state, and things weren’t to be calculated in such a manner.

Now, after some good though, he realized that what he needed was a more active style of training. He “quiet” training from before used to work well, but by becoming a half Saiyan, and having the genes of “The Fighting Nation”, he needed more “action”. The only way now for him to get stronger rapidly $ was for him to fight more frequently!

Alas! Where was he going to fight a suitable opponent this year?

Saint was approaching the 400 power level mark, and even the early Iron Man suit might not withstand his attacks. Thor did not come to Earth either. The Hulk was hiding and wasn’t coming out anytime soon. Who to fight? Should he wait for the Cap? But then, Steve’s greatest power was his leadership character and righteousness. He shouldn’t be much of a challenge to Saint.

This was very frustrating to Saint. He couldn’t rely on the Zenkai ability either, at least not before having a good amount of Senzu Beans…

Therefore, Saint now could only live with this slow growth in power, because even if he wanted to, a challenge to him would be hard to find.

Well, in terms of total amounts of Ki, there was always young Miss Polaris by his side with a power level of over 500. However, under normal condition, she could only use around 50 to 60. Even if she did manage to use all her power, she wouldn’t be able to control it at all. Yes, the better fighter, Saint, should be able to work around her power, but the two couldn’t just watch a few street blocks get demolished in an instant.

As for the other two around him, Colleen was getting stronger, but her power level was still under 40, and the young Peter wasn’t even average, with a measly power level of 4…

How about the four defenders? Danny, the strongest force of Kunlun, could mobilize around 80% of his power level and launch attacks at the low 100s. Yes, his attack power should be a challenge to deal with, but besides his Iron Fist, his defense was too weak. Saint could now one-shot him with one blow.

Luke was the exact opposite. 80% of his power was constantly dedicated to defense, but his attack power was incomparable to that. He was indeed strong enough to beat a squad of ordinary people, but his attacks shouldn’t even scratch Saint!

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