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MDB: Chapter 74 The Not-So-Great Cause of Saint Lee

At the same time, Tony had already begun working on the blueprints for the prototype for the Iron Suit. This was to be named: “Mark I”, in a reference to the world’s first tank. Just like that one weapon changed the world back in the day; this one was to be Tony’s way out of this hell!

This… this was the great Tony Stark!

Filled with emotion, Tony raised his hammer, slamming the iron piece on the anvil once again!

It was a pity that Saint’s arrival was to keep this dream of Tony from coming into fruition, at least for now…


Eight hours later, SHIELD’s Quinjet landed in a US military base in Afghanistan, with three people walking out of its rear cabin.

Welcoming them was a female CIA agent. Just like when they first met Saint and claimed to be FBI, Coulson and Melinda May now became “CIA Agents”…

“You are…” Seeing Saint in his transformed state, the CIA agent actually recognized him: “GOLDEN BOY! You are Golden Boy?”

“That is confidential.” Saint made a poker face and said: “If I tell you, I would have to kill you!”




‘Don’t rip off people’s jokes in their presence, bastard!’ Coulson looked furiously at Saint without saying a word, and then stepped forwards and extended his arm to the agent saying: “Don’t mind him please; I am Phil Coulson, the agent in charge of this operation.”

The Agent flusteredly reached out to shake hands with Coulson: “Tina Johansson, senior agent. Pleasure to meet you, sir!”

“The pleasure is mine. Now, can you take us to the conference room?”

“Yes, sir.”

After all four entered the conference room, Tina Johansson immediately opened the projector which showed a topographic map of Afghanistan on the screen in front of them. At the same time, she explained: “The green areas are ones that we have searched closely, the ones in yellow are the ones that we aerially explored, and red ones are the ones we haven’t explored yet at all.”

“I don’t need to be looking at this!” said Saint: “Remove this rainbow of a map, and show me another one with the mountain areas and large sand dunes marked.”

“Uh…” Tina glanced at Coulson, just to find him nodding for her to do as he said. Seeing that, she used the computer and made the map show what Saint had required.

Looking at the map, Saint walked up to it and drew two twisted lines: “Take me to fly over this line. If I don’t find him, go along this line.”

“You have the final say.” Coulson understood that Saint was expecting that Tony would be hidden by the Ten Commandments in a mountain base. Indeed, this being the case was highly probably. Fully agreeing with this speculation, he did not argue, asking the visibly concerned Melinda May instead: “Is there a problem?”

“I need a little time to get familiar with the terrain before flying over it.”

“Have your time.” After saying that, Coulson turned around to Tina Johansson saying: “Inform the military, we might need their cooperation at any time.”

“Yes sir.”

Half an hour later, SHIELD’s Quinjet flew into the sky again. Besides Melinda May, the pilot, and her co-pilot, Coulson, the only passenger was Saint. The actual CIA agent, Tina Johansson, was asked to stay back at the military base.

Two hours later, after around 70% of the route drawn by Saint was crossed, he suddenly came out of the cockpit: “Slow down, and then open up the rear hatch!”

“Did you find them?” Coulson immediately stood up from his seat, forgetting all about his co-pilot duties, looking more excited than he ever was…

Saint nodded, pointing to the southeast: “A bit over 30 Kilometers in that direction, a lot of Ki is gathered suspiciously. I will have to fly in to confirm it’s them.”

“Do you have to go by yourself?”

“It’s nighttime in the States, but here, it’s still daytime. I’m much smaller than the Quinjet, and should be harder to spot.”

“The Quinjet is actually invisible, and not only to radars; it could also activate optical invisibility if necessary.”

“Why didn’t you say that earlier?!” Saint rolled his eyes. He had thought that SHIELD didn’t possess such technology yet. After all, the Helicarrier wasn’t yet made…

“May, let’s vanish.”

Hearing Coulson, Saint remembered the same sentence said in the same tone by Fury on the Helicarrier. If those two weren’t good pals, he didn’t know who would be…

A few minutes later, the Quinjet was finally invisible. When on the move, it looked like a moving distortion affecting the air. When it stopped, it was fully unperceivable to the naked eye.

Through the glass in the cockpit, Coulson spotted a large amount on unidentified objects hidden with camouflage nets on the edge of a mountainous area. Just like Saint said, this area, which was supposed to be deserted, seemed to have some large scale action going in it. When he spotted a mass of gathering men, his eyes shined and he turned around to Melinda May saying: “Can’t we get any lower?”

“If we go any lower, the dust agitated by the turbojet engines might raise suspicions.”

“No need.” Saint answered Coulson as well: “I have confirmed; Tony Stark is in a cave bellow.”

“Are you sure?” Coulson raised his eyebrows and asked with suspicion: “On what basis?”

‘The movie scenes fit this well…’ Saint thought, and he then said: “You don’t have to worry about that, my Ki Sense can’t be wrong. Tell the military to come this way. When it gets dark, I’ll sneak in to make sure that Tony Stark is protected; you launch your attack at my signal!”

“You are going to help us save him?” Coulson was overjoyed, immediately becoming much more confident in the mission’s success, but then… he remembered Saint’s nature, and asked him suspiciously: “Free Help?”

“How could that ever be?!”

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