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MDB: Chapter 86 The Unstoppable Saint

“Fire! Shoot Him!!!”

Brock Rumlow, who was down, jumped up from the ground and shouted his order while taking a rifle himself.

The next moment, a dark blue energy beam suddenly appeared in the swirling barrage. If Saint didn’t know better, he would’ve thought that it was a bastardized version of Kame Hame Ha.

Energy weapons? Where did it come from? Isn’t the cosmic cube still in Antarctica?

Saint showed a somewhat surprised expression, after thinking about it, he immediately understood again that the soldiers in front of him, who looked like they were from S.H.I.E.L.D., were in fact the Hydra agents hiding among them. The legacy left by the “Red Skull” is as it should be. During World War II, the NAZI leader used the cosmic cube to create a large number of energy blocks and they weren’t all destroyed.

Attacking me with energy? How naive…

Saint curled his lips in disdain, his expression looked very arrogant. With the Ki protection, he not only ignored metal bullets flying toward him, but he also didn’t intend to dodge the energy beam that was coming toward him. He moved his hand and caught it.

The next moment, under Rumlow’s horrified eyes, the energy beam that he had high hopes for disappeared instantly in Saint’s palm without even leaving a trace behind. It seemed as if Saint actually absorbed it.

His feeling was correct, but to be precise, the energy beam was absorbed by the five-star Dragon Ball on Saint’s right hand. The currently uncharged Dragon Ball would absorb all forms of energy if it didn’t contain a will and use it to Restore its own function. So for Saint who had it on his hand, any energy attack from weapons will be just a form of meal.

Immediately afterward, before Rumlow woke up from the shock, Saint disappeared leaving an afterimage behind and kept flickering in the huge armory. Each time he reappeared, another casualty dropped, and the scene looked very spectacular.

In Rumlow’s view, at this time, Saint can only be described by the word “unstoppable”. Those dense and deadly bullet barrages weren’t even as useful as throwing pebbles at a normal human. Apart from adding splendor to him, the bullets had no effect. Whether he throw a punch, an elbow, or send a kick, the end result was someone dead. Even a simple collision to his attack would be deadly. In just one minute, only three living people were left in the corridor.

Brock Rumlow, and his two lieutenants.

They were able to survive because of their unique weapons. It’s not because Saint was afraid of their energy rifles, but because he felt that since their equipment was better, their rank should be somewhat high and they could be questioned…

When the energy weapon in his hand had no effect and only two of his subordinates were left, Brock Rumlow, who realized that he had absolutely no chance of winning, wisely threw down the weapon and raised his hands in a gesture of surrender, one of his adjutants, who didn’t want to surrender, aimed at Saint and launched an attack with his energy rifle.

Saint sneered, he raised his right arm very casually. His palm was in front of the dark blue beam. After absorbing the energy contained in it, he moved towards the person who shot him and slammed him on the head.

With a Pufft sound, a bright red ‘flower’ suddenly bloomed on the floor of the armory. The inhuman flesh-and-blood mixture were the petals and the bones served as the stamen of the flower… (T/L: Too bloody)


Seeing this, the only remaining adjutant with Brock Rumlow was so frightened that he threw away the energy rifle in surrender.

Saint stepped forward and asked, “Who is the leader between you two?”

Hearing this, Brock Rumlow’s adjutant’s subconscious eyes flickered for a while, and he turned his gaze to his own office. Because of this, the adjutant lost his life.

Saint kicked the adjutant away and watched him go puff as he slammed into the metal wall…

Saint turned his head and looked at Brock Rumlow: “It seems that you are the leader. Do you have a name?”

“Rumlow, Brock Rumlow.”

For decades, Rumlow, who has always thought of himself as a ruthless man, at this moment, did not show a trace of toughness at all. After reporting his name very cooperatively, he said with a wry smile: “Are you really human? We have tried our best to overestimate your strength, but I didn’t expect… that we still underestimate you.”

Brock Rumlow? The name is a bit familiar…

Saint didn’t answer Rumlow’s words, he tilted his head and thought for a long time. He really couldn’t remember which character of Hydra he was. Feeling very irritable, he was planning to take the famous Crossbones as a captive but his plan stopped as he heard a sudden burst of harsh sirens.


Saint’s mouth was crooked, he knew that because he had opened a big hole in the outer wall of the building, someone nearby must have called the police. He first took out his mobile phone from his pocket, and then pointed to Rumlow and ordered: “You, you are not allowed to make any movements or make any sounds.”

Rumlow nodded silently. Although Saint didn’t say the consequences of disobeying him, he could easily imagine it just by looking at the human remains around him…

“Hello? Coulson, locate the current location of my phone, and then…”

Saint called Phil Coulson with his normal friendly tone. Then, he roared suddenly: “GET YOUR A$$ HERE RIGHT NOW!!!”

On the other side of the phone, Coulson, whose ears were almost deafened, took the phone away with a cracked mouth, took a few steps forward, arrived at a desk, and patted a handsome man on his shoulder and said: “Fitz, locate the number that’s calling me right now.”

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