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MDB: Chapter 85 Anger Control!

What happened outside?

Just when Colleen stood up against the wall with a puzzled face, the noise from outside the door gradually died down and fell into complete silence.

Knock! Knock!

Colleen started to feel a little nervous, but suddenly someone knocked on the door outside, and she heard a voice that made her feel extremely reassured: “Colleen, it’s me, it’s safe outside, open the door. “

Before he finished speaking, Colleen slammed the metal cabinet that blocked the door away, pulled open the deformed metal door, and threw herself into Saint.

“It’s okay, don’t worry, it’s okay.”

Saint wrapped Colleen Wing in a hug, and patted her back gently: “It’s alright, I’m here.”

After showing weakness for a moment, Colleen gently pushed Saint and withdrew from his arms: “How did you know that I’m here?”

“I just returned to China, and when I got home, I didn’t…”

Halfway through Saint’s explanation, his pupils shrank suddenly. He looked at Colleen’s thigh soaked in blood, and immediately squatted down to check the wound: “Did you get shot?”

“It’s not a big deal.”

Colleen shook her head, pressed both hands on Saint’s shoulder, and patted it: “It’s not a vital part, and it didn’t hurt any bones.”

“It’s not a deep wound…”

Saint frowned: “Is the bullet still in there?”

After all, he didn’t wait for Colleen’s answer. He undid the simple bandage on her leg, revealing a hole-shaped wound, and then, because Saint didn’t say a word, he raised his arm and slapped her tight from the opposite side of the wound.


Accompanied by Colleen’s scream of pain, the metal bullet in her thigh sputtered out with a splash of blood and fell to the ground as she hissed. With a sigh of relief, an angry slap slapped the squatting Saint’s head: “Bastard! Give me a warning before you do something like that! Don’t do it so suddenly?!”

“Won’t that make you nervous for nothing?”

After Saint replied as a matter of course, he re-bandaged Colleen Wing’s wound, then stretched out his arms up and down, picked her up horizontally, and placed her on a chair in the office with a cool tone. He said, “Sit here and wait for me for a while. After I kill everyone in this building, I will come back to you.”

“Wait! Don’t go!”

Colleen grabbed Saint’s arm, and to emphasize her seriousness, she called out his full name: “Saint Lee, I won’t allow you to kill for me.”


Saint stretched out his other arm, grabbed Colleen’s wrist, and slowly but firmly moved her hand away: “Trust me, it’s not for you, it’s something I have to do.”

“Whoever moves against my family must bear my anger!”

After dropping those words, Saint let go of Colleen’s arm, and under her somewhat stunned gaze, he turned around without hesitation and walked out of the office.

Outside the door of the office, there were more than a dozen bloody corpses lying on the ground. It was the armed soldiers who just surrounded Colleen. These people who died in a variety of strange ways all had one thing in common, they were all one shot by Saint, either by a kick, a punch, or an elbow blow…

Sunlight shone inside the corridor as a three-meter hole was in the ceiling of the building. This was because Saint was in a hurry, and he was not in the mood to find the entrance to the building.

Saint, who set off from New York at supersonic speed, consumed more than half of his Ki.

His consumption offset his regeneration, he only had 40% of his Ki right now.
“There are more than twenty people left…”

With Ki sense, Saint found that the rest of the people were gathered together, in another corner of the building, and said with a sneer, “Just right! I’ll take you all in your nest!”

Saint once again covered his body with Ki, slammed his feet into the ground, and directly used the Bukūjutsu, or flight technique, to decrease the gravity pulling him down and increase his speed to the maximum while running and moving forward.

At the same time, in the armory of this secret base, more than 20 heavily armed soldiers nervously aimed their weapons at the only entrance and exit of the armory. It is worth mentioning that the rifles on the hands of three of them were completely different from the others. While they are much heavier, they looked more high-tech than normal. the one with the highest authority was none other than Brock Rumlow, the infamous Crossbones of hydra, loyal to the Red Skull.

But their own powers limited their imagination. Who said that the only entrance to the armory was the door there? If someone had enough power, any place could be an entrance!

With a loud bang of “Boom!”, dense dust rose up in the armory, and dozens of broken steel bars, broken concrete, and several pieces of heavy metal plates were thrown all over the place. all soldiers shot a hail of bullets toward the big hole that Saint come from!

Just by the entrance, Saint reduced the 20 soldiers by 7 unlucky fellows who were caught in the destruction he caused to the wall. One of them was even cut in half by a steel plate. He stretched out his blood-stained arms, and both hands died. His death wasn’t peaceful as he tried to get the steel plate cutting him from the middle off while wailing and begging to be saved, which creeped all other soldiers out.

Saint wasn’t creeped out by the scene, but the blood stimulated his Saiyan Genes too much…

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