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MDB: Chapter 84 Crossbones! Brock Rumlow

“No need.”

Brock Rumlow waved his hand and said: “If you give her another sedative, we will have to wait a few hours for her to wake up to use the Truth Serum on her. Since Saint Lee has now returned to the country, we must complete the task as soon as possible, and then dispose of her, to avoid any problems later.”

“I see, sir.”

After the young soldier respectfully watched Rumlow walk out of the room, he just crouched down, opened Colleen’s handcuffs, and was about to drag her to the torture chair, suddenly he saw a small white and tender hand in front of him Zooming in rapidly toward his face. Immediately afterward, he felt immense pain in his throat!


The young soldier covered his bleeding neck with his hands, and his eyes became more and more horrified as he couldn’t make a sound. A second ago, Colleen, who was still completely motionless, suddenly opened her eyes.

Colleen, whose pretty face was splattered with blood, looked a little hideous. She covered the young soldier’s chin, blocking his silent cry for help, and pinched the back of his head with the other hand. She showed a fierce look before twisting the soldier’s neck, ending his suffering.

“Where am I……”

Colleen put the corpse on the floor silently, her eyes a little confused, although she had woken up long before Rumlow and the young soldier started to talk, but just based on the few sentences she heard, she couldn’t piece everything together. The only thing she can be sure of is that these people are going to die!

Especially that bastard named Rumlow!

Colleen gritted her teeth viciously, and silently said to herself, “You want to dispose of me? Don’t let me see you again!”

I need a weapon.

With this thought in mind, Colleen found a half-foot-long saber from the corpse under her feet. As for the rifles and pistols carried by the young soldiers, she simply ignored them as she didn’t know how to use them.

After Colleen had a sword in her hand, she felt inexplicably calm. Although it was said that with the blessing of Ki, her bare hands were already a very deadly weapon, old habits die hard. In the past ten years, she was accustomed to using swords, and it’s different than just using her hands.

At this moment, a dazzling red light suddenly flashed in the corridor outside the door of the torture room, and the Alarm sounded. Colleen frowned. Looking around the room, she found a camera in one of the corners.

‘I can’t just stay here and wait for death.’ Colleen thought and quickly rushed out of the door.

She had just run two steps in the corridor when she saw a brown-haired soldier with a rifle in both hands. She suddenly found herself in front of the dark muzzle of a rifle.

Too late!

After estimating the distance between herself and the brown-haired soldier, Colleen suddenly stopped and stood still. Colleen froze as her body stiffened from fear.

The next moment, continuous and spaced gunshots resounded throughout the corridor. Judging from the bullet’s trajectory, the soldier aimed at her legs to stop her from running and didn’t aim to kill her.

However, it didn’t matter where the brown-haired soldier was aiming. Several bullets shot from his muzzle penetrated “Colleen Wing” in front of him without any hindrance. He was slightly confused as the bullets hit the wall behind Colleen as well.

Suddenly, there was a figure behind him. Before he could turn his eyes to see who it was, he only felt a pain in his chest. A familiar-looking standard saber penetrated the bulletproof vest and plunged into his heart.

Colleen pushed the dead brown-haired soldier hard and pulled out the blood-stained saber. Her face was very ugly. With her physical strength, she could only use the “Afterimage Fist” once in battle. If she used it again without rest, the consequences would be dire, and she wasn’t happy to use her trump card so early.

To make matters worse, Colleen didn’t see a single window leading outside even after looking around, and she was not familiar with the terrain at all. Before she could look for the exit, several soldiers holding guns arrived. They blocked her escape route, she was caught in a desperate situation where there is no way forward, or backward.

Colleen has never been one to admit defeat easily, even when she was at a dead end, she did not lose her fighting spirit. Facing the hail of bullets, she rushed to a room with an open door. A second before she ran in, she cried out in pain, staggered abruptly, and almost fell into the room.

“Bang!” After slamming the metal door and locking it, Colleen glanced left and right and found an office. She limped toward it and knocked down a metal cabinet and blocked the door. Then she sat down against the wall and checked her right leg.

The sharp tip of a rifle bullet penetrated Colleen’s thigh and stayed in her body. Fortunately, it seemed to be stuck in the muscle and did not touch the bone.

Colleen tore a piece of cloth from her jacket and simply bandaged the wound. Then she began to look at the office carefully, trying to find a way to escape.

The only feasible solution is the vents on the ceiling. However, the vents were made of metal and weren’t easily pried open. The soldiers started hitting the door which didn’t give Colleen much time to think of a solution.

Just when Colleen felt helpless, there was a loud “Boom!” outside the door, and the wall she was leaning against also shook violently.

A bomb?

The first thing Collen thought about was, a bomb, and then, looking at the metal door that had been partially bent, but remained intact, she immediately denied that idea. then she heard it again, coming from outside the door. Continuous gunshots and screams suddenly filled the corridor behind the door

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