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MDB: Chapter 83 Pepper! Pepper Potts

In a deserted alley, Saint shook his head to overcome the dizziness from using the first phase of instant transmission. Directly after, he soared into the sky till he reached a thousand meters up. A golden aura surrounded him, and with a bang, he flew toward Colleen’s direction.

Just as Saint flew into the sky, a small white jet swooped down on the Airport not far from him.

A few minutes later, the depressed Colonel Rhodes stuck his head out of the cabin door of the private jet. After he strode down the Airsteps, he glared at Tony and said: “I swear! One day, I will commit a felony murder because of your **** character!”


Tony Stark stepped forward and shrugged indifferently: “If you’re asked, I actually came back with you on my own private jet.”

Hearing this, Colonel Rhodes frowned and his expression became serious: “Actually, someone from the CIA has already informed me, what happened? Why did you come back on their military jet? Because of The ‘Golden Boy?”

“Don’t ask, trust me, you don’t want to know.”

Tony Stark waved, turned around, and said, “Let’s go, ‘Pepper’ has been waiting outside, while I was waiting for you.”

“Weren’t you waiting for your private jet?”

“Don’t sweat the small details.”


A moment later, outside The parking lot outside Stark Industries Aviation Division, Tony Stark patted Colonel Rhodes on the shoulder, mentioning for him to leave, and walked alone to a tall, slender blonde with a playful look on his face. With a frivolous “hum”, he said, “Why are your eyes swollen? Did you shed a few tears for your long-lost boss?”

“They’re tears of joy.”

The blonde beauty smiled with red eyes. Tony felt touched for a bit until she tilted her head again and said, “I hate looking for a new job.”


Tony Stark pouted and called out the blonde beauty’s full name: “Pepper Potts, your vacation is over.”

At this moment, a retro-style luxury bulletproof sedan slowly stopped beside the two of them. After the two of them opened the car door and got into the car. The fat driver wearing sunglasses turned his head halfway and asked, “Mr. Stark, welcome back. Ms. Potts. Where are we going?”

Pepper Potts closed the car door, leaned forward slightly, and said, “Happy, please take us to the doctor…”



Pepper Potts turned his head, and looked at Tony Stark in irritation: “Tony! You must go to the hospital for a check.”

“Must? Do I look like I have a physical problem?”

Tony Stark shook his head: “I was imprisoned for a whole month, there are only two things I want to do right away, first, I want an American cheeseburger, and second, I want you to help me call…”

“That’s not happening!”

Pepper Potts interrupted Tony Stark, rolled her eyes, and said, “I won’t help you summon…”

“It’s not what you think.”

Tony Stark interrupted with a calm expression: “Although your idea is very interesting and tempting to me, in fact, I want you to help me hold a press conference right away.”

“Press conference? Why…”


Tony Stark didn’t give any explanation, he loudly shouted the surname of the driver named ‘Happy’, turned his head, and commanded, “Drive, go and let’s buy a cheeseburger first.”

Happy Hogan obviously knew who the boss was, started the car without saying a word, and slowly.



Ten minutes later, accompanied by foul language from Tony Stark, a hamburger flew out of the window of the car, as tony cursed: “Damn it! Hair Get Kid!!! DAMN YOU AND YOUR GOLDEN HAIR!!!”

If Captain America heard this, he would complain and say something about watching your words…


Half an hour later, Tony Stark’s voice sounded uniformly on the live channels of major TV stations across the United States.

“I never could say goodbye to my father…”

“I would’ve asked him about he felt about what this company did if he was conflicted if he ever had doubts…”

“I saw young Americans killed by the very weapons that I created to defend them and protect them…”

“I realized that I become part of the system that comfortable with zero accountability…”

“I opened my eyes over there, I come to realize that I had more to offer to this world than just making things that blow up…”

“And that’s why, effective immediately, I’m shutting down the weapons manufacturing of stark international! Until such a time I can decide what the future of the company will be!”

As soon as Tony Stark said this, the media in the United States and even the whole world boiled over because of this. The king of arms won’t be making arms anymore. Yes, it is not an exaggeration to say that it is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Who wouldn’t like it? Oh…those with Stark Industries stocks…


At the same time, in a very humble low-rise building in a remote suburb south of the capital of the United States, “Washington DC”, some things were about to happen and they weren’t pleasant.

This low-rise, which looks ordinary from the outside, is unique inside. It has all kinds of advanced facilities. as a whole, it has the style of a secret military base. In a certain room, an Asian woman was lying on the floor unconscious. This woman was Colleen Wing.

“Open her handcuffs.”

A middle-aged white man with a full beard pointed first at Colleen Wing, whose eyes were closed, and then at a steel torture chair in the center of the room, and instructed a young man in black body armor.

“Let her sit there while I get the ‘Truth Serum’.”


The young soldier responded, and before the middle-aged white man walked out the door, the soldier asked, “Sir Rumlow, The Sedative is almost wearing off, do I give her another dose?”

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