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MDB: Chapter 82 The First Phase of Instant Transmission


Listening to Coulson’s question, Nick Fury subconsciously glanced at the newly replaced glass in his office, and his mouth twitched, he didn’t comment on this and directly said: “Agent Coulson, your next task is to invite Saint to be an instructor at all costs, no matter what he wants, as long as we can do it, we can give it to him!”

“At all costs?”

Coulson raised his eyebrows in surprise: “Chief, because of the ‘Cleaning’ that Saint mentioned, it is impossible for us to include the unique skills of Kame style. Is it worth doing this?”

“It’s impossible now, but it doesn’t mean there’s no chance in the future.”

Nick Fury narrowed his eyes and put his hand under his chin and said: “As long as he enters S.H.I.E.L.D., there is always a way to bind him firmly to our chariot!”

“……I see.”

In his heart, Coulson didn’t quite agree with this, but he still obeyed Nick Fury’s order: “I will see to this matter as soon as possible.”

After that, Coulson hesitated for a while, and finally asked: “Chief, can I ask, what exactly do you mean by ‘suitable candidates’? As far as I know, there are many Chinese in our bureau. But May is almost the only one who practiced martial art for so long.”

“Don’t worry”

Nick Fury waved his hand: “I will personally choose the candidates. You just need to know that these people will be led by Melinda May in the future.”

Hearing this, Coulson felt a little relieved, but his tone became a little sour: “Does this mean that May is about to be promoted?”

“Yes, level nine.”

“Level Nine?! What about me? Because of Saint’s secret level, I have now reached Level Ten. Shouldn’t I also…”

“You’re still level seven, but if you say a few more words, it will be level six.”



At the same time, Saint, who was flying high in the sky in his transformed form, has arrived at Hell’s Kitchen in Manhattan. After he used his Ki Sense, he landed straight from the sky and landed in an empty alley. , and at the same time, he returned to his original appearance and walked down toward his restaurant.

It was lunchtime at the moment, however, when Saint arrived at the door of Lee’s Chinese Restaurant, he found the restaurant closed.

“Sure enough, it’s a mess…”

Saint didn’t seem very surprised, although when he left, Colleen vowed that she was very skilled with Ki Release, and there was absolutely no problem with roasting meat, but, Saint knew that she can use her Ki for combat, but for cooking…

When Saint was leaving, he didn’t want Colleen to feel bad, so he nothing about her ‘cooking’.

Since Saint didn’t have the key and can’t just barge in from the window in broad daylight, he used Ki Sense to look and see if there is anyone home.


Saint raised an Eyebrow in surprise, took out his mobile phone from his pocket, and thought, “Not within 19 kilometers? Where are you…”

“Can’t get through her phone?”

Saint frowned and felt that something was wrong, and directly dialed a different number. The name that appeared on the screen of the phone was Lorna Lehnsherr. The little girl can now hide her Ki and Saint had no way to find her unless he called her on the phone…


Fortunately, the phone call connected quickly. Saint said: “hmm, Lorna, I’m back, are you home? Come down and open the door for me.”

“I’m outside, Go to the dojo, master should be there.”

Saint shook his head subconsciously, and said through the phone, “She’s not in the Dojo, and I can’t get through on the phone. Do you know where she went?”

“Master didn’t say that she wanted to go out. She just sent a message last night saying that she has a day off today.”

Sent a Message?

Saint showed a suspicious expression, and a sense of unease arose in his heart. On the surface, he said calmly, “I see, you can do your own thing, I will look for her.”

Saint directly hung up, he turned around and walked back to the alley. After confirming that there was no one left or right, he transformed into the Saiyan Full-Power:20% form again and then swept away with his Ki Sense. He found that Colleen was still outside his detection range even when he can sense 38 Kilometers radius.

There is no other way, I can only use that trick…

With a very reluctant expression, Saint raised his right arm, and placed both his index finger and middle finger on the right side of his forehead, which was exactly the stance to use the teleportation technique, ‘Shunkan Idō’ or instant transmission. Compared with Ki Sense, this move didn’t have a limit to the sensing range, and it can cover the whole world at will, but it wasn’t as detailed as Ki Sense. When this technique is used, the overwhelming amount of Presence will overload his senses, and to pinpoint a person’s position, he needs to be extremely familiar with them.


Saint frowned as he groaned from the pain. He felt that his head was about to explode. He endured the severe pain and searched for a drop in the ocean from every Presence he sensed.

Among those massive Presences, Colleen Wing’s Presence was like a black stone on a white sandy beach. It wasn’t that hard to pinpoint her location when she released her Ki.

At this time, Saint felt fortunate that he taught Colleen how to use Ki release. Among the billions of people in the world, she is the only one who can use it, and her Presence has the characteristics of someone from the Dragon Ball world, which was similar to his own. Otherwise, even if he is very familiar with the characteristics of Colleen’s Ki, Saint wouldn’t be able to find her easily.

“Southwest… at least hundreds of kilometers away… something happened!”

Saint suddenly opened his eyes and looked toward the direction he sensed Colleen in, he knew clearly in his heart that if Colleen was going that far away, she would’ve informed him or Lorna first. This was absolutely not normal!

After firmly remembering Colleen’s location, Saint removed his fingers from his forehead and stopped using the first phase of the Instant Transmission. Although he wanted to teleport directly, he really couldn’t do it. His Ki wasn’t strong enough for him to fold and tear through space, and his body wasn’t strong enough to pass through it.

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