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MDB: Chapter 81 The Temptation of Getting the Kame School Inheritance

More than half an hour later, in The Triskelion of S.H.I.E.L.D., Tony Stark walked out of Nick Fury’s office frowning, looking like he had a lot in his mind. Apparently, learning about his father gave him a lot to think of.

Coulson, who was waiting at the door of the office, immediately greeted him, pointed at Melinda May behind him, and said, “Mr. Stark, Agent May will take you to the Airport, your private jet will be there soon. If anyone asks, you returned there with your own private jet, this whole thing didn’t happen.”

Hearing this, Tony Stark curled his lips and said with a bit of anger: “You’re either pretending to be hidden or hiding your head while showing your tail. Is it because you’re too embarrassed to call yourself a ‘shield’? You guys should change your name as soon as possible!”

Coulson ignored him completely, and said: “May, you handle it from here.” After that, he pushed open the door and walked into Nick Fury’s office.


Coulson greeted Fury and walked forward, before admitting his mistake: “I’m sorry, I made a major mistake.”

“This is a big problem.”

Nick Fury’s face perfectly concealed his emotions, making it impossible to detect any change on his face. he paused for a moment, waved his hand, and said, “But I also understand that this is all that could be done. You didn’t do it very well because of the masterpiece that Saint’s left, so it wouldn’t be fair to you to say it was your fault.”

Having said that, Nick Fury knocked on the table and concluded: “I have reached an agreement with Tony Stark, and this is the end of the matter.”

Coulson breathed a sigh of relief, then he started talking about work directly: “Chief, have you read the action report I sent back?”

“I have.”

Nick Fury nodded, frowned slightly, and asked, “You said in your report that Saint killed more than thirty people in the cave where Tony Stark was imprisoned. They were Terrorists, and the method he used to kill them was extremely cruel. His behavior after killing them seemed to be very calm, and it can even be described as cold-blooded. It is very likely that he has killed many people before. You can tell me everything in detail now.”


Coulson recounted what he had seen and heard in detail, and then concluded: “As for Saint himself, I insist on the assessment I made before, but I need to add one more thing– Saint has drawn a bottom line for himself, and only when that bottom line isn’t touched will he be willing to abide by the law and morality, but if someone crosses his bottom line…he will do whatever he wants…”

After swallowing a mouthful of saliva forcefully, Coulson shook off the nightmare-like memory and continued: “Actually, with Saint’s strength, there was no need to make it so bloody, but he still did it, I think, just like the ‘energy beam’ from last time, this is also a warning, he is warning us not to test his bottom line.”

“I agree.”

Nick Fury first expressed his affirmation, and then said something that seemed unrelated: “You don’t know yet, but it seems that Saint’s restaurant has not closed for the past two days since he left.”

“Chief, I don’t understand what you mean.”

In response to Coulson’s puzzled expression, Nick Fury directly picked up a tablet and handed it to him: “Do you remember what his restaurant’s signature dish is?”

“Chief, didn’t we remove the surveillance?”

Coulson glanced at the video on the screen and frowned immediately: “And, was this shot in his store?”

“This is not what our agents did.”

Nick Fury’s expression was a little weird: “I found it on ‘Youtube’…”


Coulson instantly understood that more than two months ago, when Saint just launched Kung Fu barbecue, there were also many videos about him on the Internet, and the people who watched the video, didn’t believe that he was using martial art, all of them were calling him a liar…

“Colleen Wing can actually use ‘Ki’? Uh… If I read it right, she seems to have scorched the meat, so can she really sell it…”

“That’s not the point!”

Nick Fury glared at Coulson in irritation: “Saint showed his fangs on purpose twice now, and I’m afraid it has nothing to do with this incident. he taught The Kame School’s unique skills to Colleen Wing who is his lover. Probably because he knew that this matter can’t be hidden for long, he didn’t hesitate to reveal his strength and killed those terrorists cruelly to warn us. He’s basically killing the Chicken to warn the Monkey.”

“I still don’t quite understand.”

Coulson put away his joking thoughts and asked seriously: “How is this matter of importance to us?”

Nick Fury curled his lips, and reminded Coulson: “Saint and Colleen just became a couple, a few months at most. Colleen used to learn Kunlun techniques, and now she can use the Kame school’s technique, do you need me to say more?”

Hearing this, Coulson suddenly realized: “I understand, this means that if you are someone who has developed his own ‘Ki’, it is not difficult to learn ‘The Kame School’s style. This means that with a solid foundation in martial arts, learning the Kame school style won’t take so many years.”

“That’s right.”

Nick Fury nodded: “If we can obtain a part of the inheritance of the Kame school from Colleen Wing, and then gather a batch of suitable candidates like ‘Melinda May’, then it would only take a few months. In just a few months, we can rise a group of supernatural soldiers that are organized and disciplined and fully controlled by us. This temptation is really too great…”


Coulson asked nervously, “We won’t do this, right?”

“We don’t have any ideas about The Kame school inheritance, but if we want to find suitable candidates, we might as well start preparing now.”

Nick Fury raised his head, looked at Coulson, and said, “Didn’t Saint tell you before he went to Afghanistan that he is willing to be a ‘paid’ instructor for us?”

Nick Fury continued with some emotion: “This kid is really not easy, not only does he know when to draw a line, but he also knows when to compromise, and he is willing to abide by the principle of equal exchange, which is simply amazing. I don’t want to be his enemy at all, and it’s unbelievable how mature he is when dealing with people. I even forget that he’s just a nineteen-year-old kid at times.”


Coulson showed an expression of disapproval: “What about when he becomes headstrong?”

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