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MDB: Chapter 80 The Artificial Intelligence! Jarvis

Hearing this, Tony Stark glanced at Coulson and said blatantly to the personal terminal in his hand: “Jarvis, make a copy of all the data and save it in my private data center.”


Coulson was stunned again, and then immediately shouted at the personal terminal in Tony Stark’s hand: “Mr. Jarvis, you are illegally acquiring state secrets, stop any of your actions immediately, otherwise, more than ten years of prison is waiting for you!”


Saint couldn’t bear to look directly at Coulson and covered his face, he secretly thought: ‘Coulson, Coulson, Coulson… If you can put an “artificial intelligence” in prison, I will not only write your name upside down, I will even be at your service in the future!’

Tony Stark’s face was even more interesting. He glanced at Coulson in front of him with sympathy as if he was looking at a “mental retardation” patient, and his tone was also full of sympathy: “Jarvis is my smart housekeeper, Can you understand this? He is just a line of data that can think independently…”

Coulson knew that he made a joke of himself and felt embarrassed, but he still performed his duties unswervingly: “Mr. Stark, what I said just now has the same effect on you!”

“My team of lawyers is waiting for you.”

Tony Stark waved his hand indifferently: “Since the old man is your founder, then if I want to see what he left behind, no one can stop me!”


Coulson pondered for a while, then turned to look at Melinda May, pointed at Tony Stark, and said, “May, get ready to take off, let’s take him and go to The Triskelion.”

Melinda May nodded, then suddenly moved in front of Tony Stark, and in just a blink of an eye, she had already twisted his arm to subdue him, and said in a commanding tone: “Return the Quinjet’s control.”


Tony Stark didn’t do any needless struggle, but turned his head subconsciously and looked at the person with the highest power value present, only to see Saint making a posture of a great philosopher looking at the sky…


Ten minutes later, the Quinjet was already in the air, cruising at an altitude of 10,000 meters. Tony Stark, who became a prisoner of S.H.I.E.L.D., had no choice but to sit in a very uncomfortable position. On the foldable passenger seat against the cabin wall, with the seat belt tying him tightly, he could do nothing about it.

Tony Stark twisted his body unhappily, looked at Saint who was lying on a large cargo box in a very careless way, and complained: “Hair Gel Kid, why don’t you Help me? you’re breaking my heart.”

“Come on, you’re Tony Stark, they won’t dare do anything to you, right?”

Saint ignored the fact that everything was his fault, he replied as a matter of course: “Besides, what does this has to do with me? You can settle it by yourself, Big Boy.”


Tony Stark felt that what Saint said made sense, but he was still speechless, and even felt that something strange about Saint: “This kid is very fond of me…”

At this time, Phil Coulson, the co-pilot of the Quinjet, left the cockpit and walked into the cargo compartment where the two of them were.

“Why are you lying on the cargo box?”

Hearing Coulson’s question, Tony Stark, who was sitting very uncomfortably was about to open his mouth to express his agreement, but only to hear Coulson continue: “Can’t you just hover in the air and sleep?”

Hearing this, Tony Stark instantly forgot his original plan, and before Saint spoke, he looked at Coulson like he is stupid and said: “Oh my God! How did you ask such an idiot question? We are now on this plane,

It is rushing forward at a speed close to Mach 2. If he floats now, he will immediately lose his original inertia and no longer synchronize with the plane under our feet, and once he breaks the existing Balance, he would smash into the tail of the plane and become a meat paste!”

“That’s partially true.”

Saint confirmed Tony’s words, but denied his conclusion: “If I float here, I would indeed hit the tail of the plane, but, according to my estimation, I will just create an additional hole in the Quinjet without being damaged myself, would you like me to try?”




Nearly nine hours later, the Quinjet, which had been away for nearly two days, returned to the United States and landed in The Triskelion, the headquarters of the S.H.I.E.L.D.

The moment the Quinjet landed, Saint, who had fallen asleep on the cargo box, suddenly woke up, and jumped up in a fighting stance, ready for action.


Tony Stark, who was sitting not far from the cargo box, screamed nervously before he said, “Don’t be crazy, Hair Gel Kid, we just landed.”

Saint blinked a few times and directly activated Saiyan full-power: 20%. The pain caused by the transformation made him wake up in an instant, and he inhaled a breath of air to calm down. Saint turned his head and looked at Coulson, who came out of the cockpit, angrily and said: “Why did you bring me here too? Take me back first!”

You were asleep, okay? It would be dangerous to wake you up, okay? You could’ve crushed the Quinjet if I woke you up suddenly…

Coulson thought with grief in his heart before he said, “This is a fighter jet. We cannot fly into the city unless there is a military emergency.”

Saint rolled his eyes, obviously not believing this excuse very much, but he didn’t confront him about it: “Forget it, I’ll fly back by myself, see you another day, Coulson, bye bye, Light Bulb Man.”


Tony Stark just uttered the W sound from the word ‘wait’ and Saint was already out of there, drawing a graceful arc in the air, After passing through the open rear hatch of the Quinjet, he disappeared into the sky.


What Tony Stark will never admit is that when Saint was here, he was never worried about his safety, but after Saint left…

“Mr. Stark.”

Coulson unfastened the seat belt that bound Tony Stark and made a “please” gesture: “Let’s go, our Chief wants to see you, don’t worry, he’s an old acquaintance of your father.”

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