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MDB: Chapter 90: Put Your Hand Inside Me…

“Listen, you One-eyed man.”

In the face of Nick Fury’s questioning and threats, Saint showed a sneer: “In the next minute, think carefully about your words! That’s right, I really don’t want to fight with you guys, but it doesn’t mean I can’t fight. You, as an adult, should know that what you have to do, has nothing with whether you want to do it or not!”


Nick Fury was silent for a while. In fact, it wasn’t just Saint that didn’t want to fight, Nick Fury didn’t either. And since Saint’s head was harder than his, he can only soften: “Saint, this matter is too much trouble, more than a dozen agents died for no reason, even if I am the Chief, You can’t just think of this as if nothing happened, dozens of agents died., you have to…you need to give me something tangible.”

“It’s been a long time, don’t you just want to take him away?”

Saint pointed to Brock Rumlow on the ground, curled his lips, and said: “Cyclops, your suspicion is too serious, I kept him, not to bargain with you, you can not only take him away for Interrogation, but in the future, when you plan to clean up Hydra, I will also even be willing to land a hand.”

After that, Saint paused and corrected Nick Fury’s mistake: “Also, you made a mistake, except for the one I left, a total of thirty-eight people died here, Not dozens.”


Nick Fury was silent again because when Saint talked about the dead, the calmness in his tone was really frightening, he couldn’t help but say: “Did it never occur to you that except for the mastermind, those soldiers could be innocent?”


Saint sneered and asked back: “Since when can kidnapping women be called innocent?”

“They’re just following orders! There’s no choice!”

“Ha ha.”

Saint sneered again: “Cyclops, are you dreaming? Do you think that there are only a few Hydras in your S.H.I.E.L.D.? I will ask you, do you really dare use someone who isn’t even loyal to S.H.I.E.L.D?”


Nick Fury pondered for a while, and looked at the screen sharply: “You mean, our S.H.I.E.L.D., from the grassroots to the high level, has been infiltrated by Hydra?”

“I will leave it to you to tell me otherwise.”

Saint looked back with his eyes showing the same intensity: “You’d better go and find out because if HYDRA is still restless and try something else, I won’t be able to distinguish who is with HYDRA and who is with S.H.I.E.L.D.”

“Such a thing will not happen.”

Nick Fury didn’t dare to neglect this problem, and immediately made a promise: “At least, it can’t happen under my watch!”

“It’s better. If it’s not as a last resort, I don’t really want to cause collateral damage.”

“I’m curious, why don’t you suspect that I’m a Hydra?”

“Are you?”


“Look, don’t I just believe you? Cyclops, don’t be too suspicious. The most basic trust between people can actually be very simple.”



Two hours later, Tony Stark’s coastal villa in New Jersey.

In the living room on the first floor of the villa, Pepper Potts, who is sitting in front of the coffee table, is holding a laptop and following a piece of news. Tony Stark, the chairman, and CEO can be willful and not care about anything, but she can’t as his secretary…


Tony Stark’s voice suddenly sounded in the tablet personal communication terminal on the mahogany coffee table: “How big are your hands?”


“How big are your hands?”

It wasn’t that Pepper didn’t hear it for the first time.

But she thought she heard it wrong, and after confirming it again, she still felt a little confused: “I don’t understand why you…”
“Come down, I need you.”

Pepper slandered her very unreliable boss in her heart. After putting down the laptop in her hand, she got up and walked down the stairs to the studio in the basement of the villa. After entering the security code at the door, she pushed the door and walked out. When she entered, she saw Tony Stark was half-naked, lying on a leather reclining chair, with a circle of white lights shining in the center of his chest, it was the small Ark reactor embedded in his chest, on top of the reactor, Still pressing a fist-sized gray stone…


Tony Stark greeted casually, raised one arm at the same time, and waved his fingers as a demonstration: “Show me your hands and let me see them.”

Pepper raised his arms and raised his two small hands over his shoulders. Upon seeing this, Tony Stark gave a satisfied: “Oh wow, they’re small, very petite, it’s just a…”

After all, Tony Stark picked up another brand-new and more delicate-looking small Ark reactor, and said, “I need you to do me a favor.”

Pepper stepped forward and looked at the Ark reactor on Tony Stark’s chest: “Is this…is this the thing keeping you alive? Why did you put a stone on it?”


Tony Stark didn’t want to admit that he was ignorant, so he skipped the words directly, raised the brand new Ark reactor in his hand, stepped into the topic, and said, “This one that I have improved will be keeping me alive in the future. Here, something that saved my life, but I ran into a little trouble when replacing it.”

“Little trouble? What do you mean?”

“It’s not a big deal, there’s a bare wire under this device, and it’s a bit of a short circuit now…”

Saying that, Tony Stark held the gray stone in his chest, along with the Ark reactor below, rotated it slightly, took it out, and then with a little force, the power cord connected to the electromagnet from the bottom was unplugged from the socket and he handed it to Pepper: “Put this on the table over there, it doesn’t matter.”


Pepper took the Ark Reactor, which was glued to the gray stone, and placed it on the table next to him. Looking at the circular hole in Tony Stark’s chest after he dismantled the Ark Reactor, she was quite at a loss as she asked: “What do you want me to do?”

“I want you to put your hand inside me and gently take out that bare wire.”


Pepper Potts showed a tangled expression: “Is this safe?”

“Well, it should be fine, as long as the wires don’t touch the base.”

“The base?”

“It’s this alloy cylinder embedded in my chest.”