The Marvelous Dragon Balls The Marvelous Dragon Balls
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MDB: Chapter 92 Have You Seen a Gray Stone?

“Is it just an accident?”

Saint glanced at the tattoo on the back of his right hand, he saw that the previously 60% filled Dragon Ball was now less than half filled: “No, the energy has dropped a lot. Although it has stopped dropping now, there was definitely a persistent physical attack on one of the dragon balls…”

Dragon Balls in the state of stone can absorb all energy bodies without life characteristics, so in theory, they will only be damaged by physical blows…

“No, I have to check this out…”

Saint frowned slightly, he was not particularly worried. Even if the Dragon Ball was damaged, it would spontaneously spend energy to repair itself. Even if the energy was exhausted and shattered, when the energy absorbed by other Dragon Balls , it can still be restored, the question is… if all energy is exhausted, how will he get his wishes?

After calling Lorna, Saint walked back to Colleen room and said: “Colleen, I have something to do for a while, Lorna will be here soon, If you have something to do, let her help you, and try to avoid walking around.”

“Why did you call Lorna? I can manage by myself.”

“Don’t be brave, the less you act now, the faster the wound will heal.”

“Really! how would I explain the wound itself then?”

“Be honest.”

“As if I could just say it!!”

“I’m going then!”


After Saint left Colleen martial arts Dojo, he found an empty alley, transformed and soared into the sky, flying to Stark Industries at a high speed. Before the dragon balls are completely full of energy, he can’t sense their positions. He was going to check on the Dragon Ball he put there himself. If it wasn’t that same Dragon Ball that was attacked, he could only wait until they are full of energy…

More than 20 minutes later, Saint arrived above the giant Ark reactor, with a stunned expression, he focused on the huge light bulb that was now dim: “It was actually sucked up by the dragon ball?”

Because the reactor underneath is really huge, Saint didn’t think that this its energy was limited and wasn’t one of the infinity stones…

“I’m almost sure that this is the dragon ball that was attacked…”

Saint continued to fly forward, hovering right above the huge skylight, looking through the glass, the gray stone that was originally on the top of the Ark reactor had really disappeared…

“So, this big light bulb suddenly went out, and then someone came to check and found a dragon in stone state… Wait a minute!”

In the middle of Saint’s reasoning, he suddenly realized that the “someone” who came to check was probably Tony Stark, and the light bulb man had a small light bulb on his chest…

“Dragon Ball in the state of stone will spontaneously get close to the high-level energy source…”

Combining this feature, because of Saint’s guessing about what happened, the only omission was that he could not have guessed that when the giant Ark reactor was sucked dry by Dragon Ball, Tony Stark was just right down there…

“So, the Dragon Ball is in Tony Stark’s hands?”

Saint thought of the Dragon Ball energy that was wasted in vain, he curled his lips: “Why don’t you make a steel battle suit and let my Dragon Ball go?”

This is not possible! For the smooth birth of Iron Man, I must take back the Dragon Ball!

With an expression of righteousness, Saint flew straight towards the coastline of New Jersey. It sure wasn’t because he knew that Tony was stubborn and would do his best to understand the Dragon Ball, wasting energy again…

Saint’s Ki sense would be hard pressed to find Tony in a crowd, but, fortunately, in his coastal villa, Not only are there very few people around, but the building itself is also highly recognizable.

More than half an hour later, Saint found Tony Stark’s mansion, plunged down from the sky, landed on the balcony of the villa, and knocked on the glass door in front of him.

In the living room inside the glass door, Pepper Potts, who was talking to Tony Stark, suddenly widened his eyes, pointed behind Tony Stark, and exclaimed, “GOLDEN BOY! !!”

Tony Stark turned around, glanced at Saint, and asked Pepper Potts, “You know this kid?”

“He was very popular a while ago, and the news was everywhere. You were kidnapped… You were not in the country, so you don’t know.”

After Pepper Potts explained, she looked at Tony Stark and said, “Aren’t you going to open the door for him?”

“I don’t want to let him in…”

Tony Stark curled his lips: “But I don’t want to see broken glass all over the floor… Jarvis, give him temporary security permission.”

“YES, Mr. Stark.”

As Jarvis’s unique electronic sound rang in the living room, the two glass doors in front of Saint automatically separated to both sides and welcomed him in.

“Yo, Bulbman, your lightbulb is brighter!”

Because of Saint’s greeting, Tony Stark was obviously very upset, and he replied with a bad face: “Hiar Gel Kid, what are you doing here?”

“Hello, is this how you welcome your savior?”

Hearing what Saint said, Pepper Potts suddenly showed a very surprised expression: “Tony, did the golden boy save you?”

“He found me.”

Of course Tony Stark would not admit this, he looked at Saint and said: “Obviously, it’s not difficult for him to find me at all.”

Trust me, it’s not easy to find someone with Ki as weak as a chicken…

Saint cursed Tony in his heard, but he said: “Bulbman, you broke my heart. In order to protect you, I killed 30 or 40 people and almost got PTSD.” (Post-traumatic Stress disorder.)

PTSD? are you serious? When you killed, you obviously had a look of enjoyment on your face, you bloody psychopath!

Tony Stark also cursed back in his head, and replied impatiently: “Hair Gel Kid, stop talking nonsense, I’m very busy, what do you want?”

Saint swept across the living room and didn’t find his dragon ball, he shrugged his shoulders and said, “Bulbman, I lost a spherical gray stone, you must have seen it by chance, right?”