The Marvelous Dragon Balls The Marvelous Dragon Balls
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MDB: Chapter 93: Magic is Just an Unknown Science

“It’s yours?”

Hearing Saint’s question, Tony Stark’s eyes widened immediately: “It was you who illegally invaded our factory area more than half a month ago?!”

“it’s me.”

Saint admitted, such a simple logical reasoning question, if he denied it, it would be an insult to Tony Stark’s IQ, after nodding, he explained quite confidently: “I just put The stone there to recharge, but I didn’t expect that your stuff would be so ineffective.”

Tony Stark sneered “Haha”: “Do you know how much ‘that thing’ you’re talking cost? Let me give you a hint. The unit is ‘billion dollars.”

“I don’t care.”

In Saint shrugged his shoulders again: “However, it shouldn’t be worth your life, right? Lightbulb?”

Tony Stark raised his eyebrows: “Are you threatening me? Hair Gel Kid?”


Saint gave Tony Stark a speechless look, Tony just didn’t want to admit that someone saved his life…

After thinking about it for a while, Sainte changed his words: “Let’s just pretend we’re even, OK?”



Seeing that Tony Stark agreed so happily, Saint began to feel that his asking price was too low…

At this time, Pepper Potts, who had been unable to speak, finally found an opportunity and extended a right hand to Saint: “Hello, I’m Tony’s assistant, Pepper Potts.”


Saint was careless and almost gave his name out of habit. After coughing dryly, he squeezed Pepper’s hand a little embarrassedly, and shook it gently: “Nice to meet you, Ms. Potts. .”


Pepper Potts blinked, unable to hear anything from the broken half-voice, but she guessed that the young superhero almost said his name just now… …

This guy is so funny…

Pepper Potts resisted laughing and replied seriously, “I’m honored to meet you too, GOLDEN BOY.”

“It’s my honor…”

“Okay, okay, Hair Gel Kid, are you finished yet?”

Tony Stark, with a strange mood that he didn’t understand very well, interrupted Saint’s courtesies, and then glanced at Pepper Potts: “Ms. Potts, need I remind you, it’s still working hours?”

Pepper gave his boss a look, but still replied with a straight face: “I’ll go to work now, Mr. Stark.”


Tony Stark responded casually, and after watching Pepper turn away, he turned his gaze back to Saint, and said rather abruptly, “So, what exactly is that stone?”

Speaking of Dragon Ball, Tony Stark instantly entered the state of a scholar, and without waiting for Saint to answer, he continued: “Not only does it not belong to any known element, but it can also even be arbitrarily between energy and matter. The way of converting and storing energy is even more amazing. I can’t use any technology that has been invented to detect the huge energy contained in it. Moreover, it also has amazing memory characteristics, no matter how to Smash it or slice it, in just a few seconds, it will automatically recover, and…”


Because Saint heard the word “element”, he deeply felt the serious lack of his own scientific knowledge. After hearing half of it, he was already dizzy. After he shouted stop, he raised it directly. One arm, with golden energy on the palm: “Bulbman, can you understand what this is?”


Tony Stark shook his head truthfully,

Then he said, “However if you are willing to cooperate with me to study for a while, I will definitely…”

“Stop dreaming.”

Saint curled his lips in disdain: “Lightbulb man, you’re looking in the wrong direction, whether it’s my Ki or the stone, you can’t understand it in a scientific way, because these are not scientific in the first place. I advise you to focus on what you are good at.”

“you are wrong.”

Tony Stark was unmoved at all: “Magic is just a science that has not yet been recognized, so is what you call Ki.”


Because Saint rolled his eyes, knowing that he couldn’t convince this stubborn donkey, he was too lazy to talk nonsense with him, so he stretched out a palm: “Where’s my stone? Bring it here.”

Tony Stark showed a very reluctant expression and asked tentatively, “Can you lend me ten days and a half months of research?”


Saint rejected him categorically, what a joke! Ten days and a half? In just three days, you can play my Dragon Ball to waste!

“I pay the rent.”

“No rent.”

“Ten million a day.”


With a distressed expression, Saint uttered two words with great difficulty: “…No…rent.”


Tony Stark crooked his mouth, turned, and walked towards the stairs: “Come with me, that stone is in my studio.”

Saint followed him down the stairs, and soon saw that his stone dragon ball was stuck to a brand-new Ark reactor, and it looked exactly the same as the one on Tony Stark’s chest.

Tony Stark picked up the stone dragon ball and handed it to Saint together with the Ark Reactor. With a sly look, he deliberately embarrassed him: “You can take the stone, but the equipment that sticks to the stone is Mine, you have to stay.”


Saint agreed with a nonchalant expression on his face, and then… crushed the ark reactor that was stuck with the stone dragon balls…


Tony Stark screamed and stretched out his arms, trying to stop Saint’s action. He didn’t feel sorry for the brand-new Ark reactor, but it was almost foreseeable that next, the gray stone would have to do it again. It would launch at hight speed to his chest… and this time, he has no spares to replace. Although it is not difficult for him to make another one, it is not easy to replace! He felt that if he had to do it again, even if he said to Pepper, “I have no one else but you.” I’m afraid it won’t work anymore…

However, Saint’s speed was too much for Tony to react to, and the small ark reactor was destroyed, the dragon ball immediately reacted and turned into a stream of light…


Tony Stark screamed, and then… he saw that the stream of light, surrounded by golden energy, turned into a ball of light, and obediently stayed at Saint’s hand…