The Marvelous Dragon Balls The Marvelous Dragon Balls
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MDB: Chapter 94 Hawkeye! Clint Barton!

“What the hell?”

Saint glanced at Tony Stark with contempt: “Do you think that I’m like you, that I can’t control my own thing?”

Tony Stark stared back not to be outdone: “Who said I can’t control…”

“Ha ha.”

Saint interrupted Tony Stark with a sneer, turned around, and walked towards the stairs, leaving a sentence behind: “I will be going, see you another day, Light bulb man.”


Tony Stark hurriedly chased after him, his eyes fixed on the ball in Saint’s hand: “Let me check this energy ball! Soon, I just need to record the data.”


“I will owe you one!”

Hearing this, Saint turned around, thought for a moment, and said: “Even if I promise you, I don’t think you can do it. don’t look at this ball like this. To be honest, once I let go of the Ki that binds it, it will spontaneously fly to the nearest high-level energy source, which is the light bulb on your chest.”

“What you said is not a problem at all. I can test it together with your Ki.”

“Bulbman, where did you get your confidence from? You actually take it for granted that I would be willing to let you test my Ki?”

“What’s the big deal?”

What’s the big deal?

Saint curled his lips silently, and secretly slandered: If you can figure out the detailed characteristics of my qi, your “Mark 1” will definitely be “Anti-Golden Boy Armor”…

“This matter is not negotiable. If you can control this ball of light and promise to owe me once, I can lend it to you for a few minutes.”

How could Tony Stark admit that he couldn’t, he touched his chin and made a contemplative gesture: “Let me think about it…”




At the same time, the SHIELD’s triskelion.

With his back to the door of the office, Nick Fury turned around in front of the glass window and looked at Phil Coulson, who had just rushed back to the headquarters: “How’s the deal with DC?”

“For the outside world, there was an accident in the laboratory there.”

Coulson briefly reported the situation: “Internally, our secret branch was attacked by an unknown enemy, and all the garrisoned personnel were killed. It is for this reason that we will recall ‘Black Widow’ and ‘Hawkeye’. ‘.”

“Those agents who died in the line of duty?”

“Someone is already handling it.”


“Left it to Melinda May. Even I don’t know where he is until you contact her personally, Director.”

“very good.”

Nick Fury nodded with satisfaction and pointed to the office sofa in front of him: “Sit down, Romanoff and ‘Barton’ have also arrived.”

Just as Coulson sat down, someone pushed the door behind him, and Natasha Romanoff’s voice sounded in the office, “Fury, who is it?”

“It’s a million-dollar question.”

Nick Fury took two steps forward, sat down on the sofa opposite Coulson, pointed at him, and said, “Don’t worry, let Coulson give you the details first.”

Coulson, so he stood up politely and simply said hello to her: “Agent Romanoff .”

Black Widow came forward and nodded to Coulson, also keeping everything simple: “Agent Coulson.”

After a while, after listening to the information provided by Coulson, Black Widow expressed her opinion: “Since Rumlow has not been interrogated yet, what are we doing here? “


At this moment, a fourth voice suddenly sounded in the office: “You are impatient again.”

Clinton Francis Barton! Hawkeye!

Coulson was taken aback, turned his head sharply, and looked at Hawkeye in the corner of the office, leaning against the wall with his arms folded, a question mark popped up in his mind – what is he? When did you come in?

One of Hawkeye’s superpowers is that it is easy to be ignored…

Although it sounds like a joke… well, it does sound like a joke, but Hawkeye, as an all-round marksman, can suppress his presence easily, which is actually a very scary talent…


Black Widow called out Hawkeye’s name, shrugged her shoulders, and said, “I’m not like you. Patience has never been my forte.”

“Okay, let’s end this chat.”

At this time, Nick Fury stood up from the sofa and began to divide the labor among his most trusted men: “It’s time to work, Romanoff, you and I will go to interrogate Rumlow, Barton, on my desk, There’s a list, keep your eyes peeled for me, Coulson, there’s an address on my desk, ‘Hill’ is waiting for you there.”



An hour later, when the most elite agents of SHIELD quietly started various secret operations, Saint returned to New York’s Hell’s Kitchen. On the way, the Dragon Ball, which had already returned to its physical form, was with him. once he was 7 kilometers away from his restaurant, the Dragon ball again turned into an energy form, and this time, Saint was well prepared, the Dragon Ball couldn’t break through the Ki wrapped around his palm, so he could only stay there.

After landing in an alley with no one around, Saint changed back to his original form, he used the coat he took off to cover the eye-catching dragon balls and the Ki rising from his palms, and entered his restaurant through the back door in a very low-key manner straight to the basement.

After closing the door of the basement, Saint released the restraint of the Dragon Ball, the white light ball instantly turned into a stream of light, and got into a wooden box in the corner of the basement.

Inside the box were three energy cubes he took from the hydra weapons. He really knew how to hide things, he placed such high-end technology inside a glove box…

“These three energy cubes alone won’t be enough to charge the dragon balls…”

Saint swept his arm casually, opened the old box and looked at the dragon balls glued to the three energy cubes at the bottom, and said to himself: ” The giant Ark reactor has charged Dragon Ball once and it charged them halfway now, that is to say, to recharge them fully, one-third of the total energy of this Ark reactor is needed…”

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