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Chapter 33: Open The Gate

Chapter 33: Open The Gate


Konoha is attacking the surrounding small villages, which led the land of fire to constantly expand more and get more resources.


Even the other hidden village, like the Village Hidden by Sand and Village Hidden by Clouds, are doing the same, countless small villages got destroyed.


But the small villages and the resources are limited.


The three major countries will end up in a big collision.


Although now it looks like it still needs more time for brewing, all discerning people understand that this war is unavoidable.


Compared to Second Shinobi World War, the duel between Naito and Samui seems a little bit unimportant.


“Second Shinobi World War Huh…”


Nait took a deep breath, then he continued his training.


A few days later, Naito finally felt like he’s ready to start trying to open the second gate The Gate of Wonder!


The first gate of the reversal Hachimon Tonkou was the final gate, the Gate of Heart.


The second gate, of course, will be also reversal which is the seventh.


This gate is extremely important, it’s of the same importance as the first gate!


Because it’s a link.


The Gate of Wonder is the link between the heart and the other gates, the next five gates are in a straight line, it’s a completely direct road.


By linking the first and the second gate, all the other gates will be in vertical line.


Connecting the heart and the body, that’s what the second gate is all about.


His body was all ready for this, he stretched his muscles and joints to start practicing the second gate.


The two months of practice Naito’s did was worth more than half a year of normal practice or even more.


The power he gained after he opened the first gate was more then he expected.


No one can predict the power he will gain after opening the second gate.


To open the second gate successfully he will need to open it from the first shot!


As the first gate, he made an impact with his chakra, then he sends a wave of shock directly to the gate to be the second impact.


The shackles of the gate got completely destroyed!


With the second door starting to open, Naito felt like invisible flames are passed from his heart spreading along with the threads reaching the second gate.


Then the second gate seemed like it’s igniting the flames!


What he felt like a flame was actually Chakra!


At this moment the first gate and the second gate was successfully connected.


This is was the natural connection of the Hachimon Tonkou.


The second gate starts to generate Chakra, the amount was even more than the amount the first gate was generating.


However, by the existing of the threads between the two gates, the unbalance disappeared quickly.


In the end, the amount of chakra between the two gates formed a simple balance.


At this point, the chakra existed in two cores, Naito’s chakra has crossed the level of what the normal Shinobis got.


Even compared to some Chunins, it’s not much different!


This a big improvement.


Moreover, with the new connection between the gates, the chakra formed a loop between the two gates.


At first, the chakra only existed in the heart and it enhanced it, but now with having a new core it formed a dynamic link with the heart, and it started to create a mutual transferring.


In fact, this transferring is applied on the body too, it feeds the flesh and bones.


A virtuous channel has brought an all-around enhancement!


“This amount of Chakra almost seems as much as a Chunin’s! it seems like I can learn new ninjutsu.”


After he felt the Chakra in his body, a smile appeared on Naito’s face.


Despite that he was expecting this prospect, he couldn’t hide his joy after experiencing such improvement with his body.


Ordinary fire and water release, doesn’t fit with Naito’s style.


Indeed, he will need to learn some Ninjutsu in the end, but these kinds of Ninjutsu doesn’t make any sense to learn for someone who already has an earthquake release and also has the strength and speed like Naito.


He will need to have his own kit of Ninjutsu which has to be suitable for his style and also can be combined with the earthquake release.


“My body started to change.”


In addition to Chakra increased accident, Naito started feeling that his body began to change.


Because the reversal Hachimon Tonkou gives a permanent improvement, so the effect isn’t a sudden outbreak like the ordinary one.


The effect will appear step by step.


However, as long as the opening is successful, this process won’t take long.


It took few days to adapt the effect of opening the gate of heart, so it won’t take long to adapt to the effect of this gate too.


Sure enough, after only three days, Naito fully opened the gate


After this transformation, Naito’s speed was almost comparable to a Chunin, but his body strength was at another level.


In addition, his shocks got more powerful due to the opening of the second gate.


The power is three times stronger than before!


He completely crossed the gap between the power of a C-Class Ninjutsu and a B-Class Ninjutsu.


Now with the power of Naito, he can destroy a B-Class Ninjutsu with one punch!


Moreover, as the power of the shocks did a breakthrough, the range of the shocks also improved.


The range of Naito’s attacks was only two meters.


And that range belongs to the short-range attacks.


Now his range is five to ten meters!


Within five meters distance, the power of the shock doesn’t change, a B-Class ninjutsu can be completely smashed, and from five to ten meters, he can still crush any C-Class Ninjutsu!


The range attacks have improved from a close range to a near mid-range attack, he completely overcame his weakness of only attacking from a close distance. 


The C-Class Ninjutsu is the commonly used by the Shinobis.


B-Class is the commonly Ninjutsu which the superiors use.


The A-class Ninjutsu belongs to the elites class Shinobis, but generally, a lot of people don’t have control on A-Class Ninjutsu.


After all, as long as the user got great control on his chakra, and mastered his Ninjutsu, he will be very strong.


Most of the time, the nature of the chakra, the control, and the mastering is what makes the Ninjutsu more powerful, that’s why a lot of Shinobi don’t learn A-Class Ninjutsu because it’s hard to control.


In other words… … Anything you will throw at his face, Naito will just smash it!


However, there’s still one more problem, he didn’t forget it, but he was sure that it won’t cross his way until now so he ignored it.


“In addition to the Ninjutsu, there is Genjutsu in this world.”


He calmed himself and spaced out wondering about this problem.


“I ignored this fact because I was sure no one will use it against me until now, learning a Genjutsu is a lot difficult then Ninjutsu, but against a Chunin, this is just a common attack to him.”

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