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Chapter 34: Immune To Genjutsu

Chapter 34: Immune To Genjutsu


Keeping the Genjutsu problem in mind, Naito started to think about a solution.


Naito was pretty sure that Samui has already awakened his Sharingan.


And even if he didn’t, almost every Chunin can pull out some Genjutsu!


This is a very serious issue.


“Genjutsu is created when a ninja controls the chakra flow of a target’s cerebral nervous system, thereby affecting their five senses.”


But Naito already remembered what Jiraiya taught Naruto in the original story, disrupting the chakra flow can counter Genjutsu.


Basically, there are 361 nodes called Tenketsu that control the flow of chakra like circuit breakers.


In other words… the nature of Genjutsu is Chakra itself!


But as long as the victim can disrupt his chakra flow, the Genjutsu can be countered, in fact, an eight gates technique user can’t get caught in a Genjutsu, because the eight gates control the body function and the chakra flow.


When this idea crossed his mind, Naito got surprised.


“In this case, does it mean that I can’t be affected by Genjutsu?”


Then he suddenly thought About Maito Gai, he couldn’t remember a single time when he was caught in a Genjutsu, even when he was fighting Madara.


Madara wouldn’t risk fighting a strong opponent like Gai if he had a weakness against Genjutsu.


The reason behind that was the strong flowing of chakra it was almost impossible to get affected.


In particular, Gai at that time opened the Eight Gate, his body and chakra were in a great chaos, the chakra flowing was great.


In this state, it’s really hard caught him into a Genjutsu.


“The Genjutsu can affect my chakra but not my shock power.”


“Just a simple shock…”


Naito whispered that while thinking about how he can cancel Genjutsu with just hitting his body with a small shock.


After all, pain is one of the solutions to counter Genjutsu!


“Unless it’s a high-level Genjutsu, I think anything he will pullout I can manage it easily.”


Naito felt calm after he thought about this.


It seems he no longer see the Genjutsu as a problem.


From the very beginning, he was ready for any Ninjutsu and now he’s ready for any Genjutsu too!


With the earthquake release, you can perfectly and easily cancel any kind of Genjutsu, by just simply sending reversed shocks to the body, which can let the body get rid of the enemy’s chakra influence.


Although he knew all of that, Naito needed to try it off first.


But it can’t be Dai because he couldn’t use Genjutsu, and Naito didn’t know anyone else.


Finally, with the help of Kushina, they found someone who can help.


After just two simple attempts, the person who helped Naito got surprised he couldn’t believe what he saw.


When most of the people try to counter Genjutsu, they at least use Hand signs to disrupt their own chakra flow.


However, Naito didn’t even use any Hand Signs, it looks as if he’s immune to Genjutsu!


This made the Shinobi look at him with an incredible expression, he looked at him as if he was looking at a monster.


After a few tries, Naito mastered that technique, he’s sure now as long it’s not a high-level Genjutsu he can counter anything else!


With the enhancement of the earthquake release, he can even practice on controlling his shocks and chakra to completely cancel any high-level Genjutsu too!


But canceling all the normal Genjutsu is fine enough, that’s why Naito felt very relaxed.


When Kushina saw how Naito was immune to Genjutsu she felt very happy.


The stronger Naito is, the happier she got.


At first, she couldn’t even expect that he can fight against Minato and become the top kid in the exam.


Even now, some people aren’t optimistic about Naito winning against Samui.


But Kushina believed in him!


After helping him she left, Kushina didn’t want to bother him so he can continue his Training.


After that, Naito head back to the mountains.


While he continued on doing his regular exercises, Naito started to develop his own techniques.


In the past, he didn’t care about learning techniques, because he didn’t need it at all.


Now with the new enhancement of strength, the earthquake got stronger and stronger, and the power that was extended naturally is differentiated and it can be developed.


The only technique Naito used until now, is a simple punch that blows out anything ahead of it, it launches a powerful wave of shock to one direction.


And simply punching with shocks won’t be good enough, he should make it more powerful with some techniques.


in this regard, Naito simply developed three new Taijutsu techniques.


In fact, those things he called techniques, where simple new moves.


Destroy! Break! Wipe!


This is the names of the three new moves.


Destroy, is a severe attack from a high area, Naito uses a great power shock on enemies, this attack encloses the enemies and destroys both enemy and ground.


Break is an attack cast by Naito from both sides with his two fists, the result is a devastating earthquake that shakes everything around!


Wipe, A close range variant of “Break” but with one hand.


Although the three moves is simply a change in the direction of the attacks, this simple change will make the enemy extremely uncomfortable with every change of direction.


Defending against this kind of change is very troublesome.


With simply practicing using these three new moves, Naito suddenly discovered that he already surpassed the power of any B-Class Ninjutsu, also that he could even cause an earthquake!


Destroy, Break, Wipe all of these three attacks can cause an earthquake but what he really needed to practice and developed is the range.


There is a C-Class earthquake technique, but what Naito’s casting is stronger!


It doesn’t only roll and vibrate the ground, it can actually make a big earthquake break out!


While Naito’s was focusing on mastering those three moves, the timeline for the duel between him and Samui has finally come to an end.

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