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T.S.H Chapter 104: New Path!

In the Tsuchikage office, The third Tsuchikage Onoki was sitting at his table looking at some data.
“What a bunch of idiots!!”
Onoki was so annoyed.
He planned for a big ambush on one of the most important troops of Konoha, as a result, he sent a big squad to do the mission, but after a few days, they were unable to take down the target.
This is made Onoki very angry so he sent the Anbus to take over the mission, and help to kill the targets.
Of course, this is a proof of how much this ambush is important to Onoki.
However, even the Anbu couldn’t complete the mission.
The information he had in front of him said that all the Ninjas who took part in this mission got killed by Konoha’s Shinobis.
Moreover, it had some information on the battle itself and how it was fierce,  it estimates that Konoha managed to send a rescue troop and how it successfully rescued Tsunade and destroyed the Rock’s Troops.
“Hmm! Konoha was really fast, but still, those bastards are indeed a piece of crap.”
Onoki turned around and was about to leave the office.
However, he noticed something so he took some steps back and read the report once again.
“No, the battle took a place in the Rain country, so where did the Konoha army disappear?!”
“If there is really a troop, the scout should have noticed them, but there’s no information on them here?”
“Something is really weird!”
Onoki frowned then said: “Give me all the information you have on the battlefield!”
Soon, a ninja walked in and gave the report to Onoki.
The more he read it, the more he felt suspicious: “This is… Maybe there wasn’t a troop at all, maybe they were just a few people… and maybe it’s just one person!”
“A man who could destroy a whole troop of Earth release users, what kind of people is that? a wind user? maybe a thunder user?!”
“No, he wouldn’t be able to destroy a whole troop if he wasn’t using a unique technique, maybe his a bloodlimit user, there’s no information on a guy like this in Konoha, then who’s this person?!”
“Those Konoha’s bastards…”
Thinking of this, Onoki took a deep breath and his expression become cold, he returned to his seat, and after a long silence, he gave several orders.
It’s time to take another look at Konoha!
In the hinterlands of the Rain Village.
The weather was as rainy as ever.
Yet the hole in a tree was very dry.
There were some cracks in that hole, and the rain was flowing into those crack, yet they were blocked by some rocks.
This way was very good to block and get water wherever you want.
Tsunade was taking a rest after she wrapped her wounds.
This way the injuries won’t get infected.
After a while, Tsunade slowly opened her eyes and took a glance at Naito who was sitting on the side, and said: “My Chakra is almost recovered.”
Naito responded.
“I will start healing my lower body.”
Naito didn’t turn around and responded.
“Then you should get out!!”
“Ah?!” Naito turned and looked at Tsunade.
The next moment, Naito understood, that Tsunade has more injuries then what he imagined, and of course she will need to clean up from all the blood.
Some bloodstains have been there for many days now.
After that Naito shrugged and walked out from the hole.
Tsunade looked at his back while he was leaving with a helpless look on her face, suddenly, here palm got covered with a green aura and start healing her wounds.
After he left the place, Naito thought of going back and peep on her.
But he never forgot how did she treat such an action, the answer was always a painful punch in the face.
Of course, he maybe looks like a little child, but in the reality, he’s in his twenties.
The rain was constantly falling.
However, not a single drop fall on his body, before it gets close, it will bounce off due to his ability.
Naito often keeps his body slightly in a trembling state.
This state doesn’t only give him some sort of immunity, but also it strangely gives him a sense of all of his surroundings.
Of course, it’s cannot be relied on, to work the same way as the Byakugan.
However, Naito believes that it can be developed.
Everything in the world has its own vibrations, sometimes he seems to be able to feel those vibrations.
If he develops these senses, he will no longer need vision.
This way he may even be able to sense what he can’t even see with his own eyes.
Of course, this only a raw idea, he’s not able to do such a thing with his current level.
He can only feel a few steps around him.
In addition, Naito is more interested in mobilizing skills now, so he has done some researches on this topic.
His current speed is basically comparable to an average Anbu level.
However, if you want to compare it to the Raikage’s level, there will be a big gap between the two, yet still, his speed is close to Minato.
However, if he was facing the future Minato with the Flying Thunder Technique, he wouldn’t be as fast as him.
Well in short distance, he can fight against his speed, and this alone is good!
But only in term of short distance.
That alone won’t be enough to fight against the Flying Thunder Technique, once you avoid him he will attack once again from another place, the only way to fight against him is if you’re able to avoid and attack him.
To be able to fight against someone like Minato he will need to be much faster than him in short distances.
This is just how much Minato is strong.
But Naito had already the right answer to improve his speed…


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