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T.S.H Chapter 105: The Monster

During the practice time of Naito, he always focused more on the physical strength more than anything, so he came up with a new kind of teleporting technique based on his physical strength.
There’s a lot of teleporting techniques in the Ninja World, the most famous one is The Flying Thunder God which doesn’t require hand signs.
This technique proved itself very useful on the battlefield.
In addition to The Flying Thunder God technique, there’s a lot of other techniques, but they all require Hand Signs every time to use it.
In short, it’s more flexible.
Naito was still on the battlefield, and there was some Shinobis from the Rock circling the place.
Even if they were Jonins or Elite Jonins, they wouldn’t stop Naito, yet they were capable to hold him for some time.
“The Suro technique is a body technique allows the users to move at extremely high speeds from a point to another, but it requires a very strong physical strength, and even at my current level it’s so difficult to do.”
Even after he mastered the First Stage of the Lightning Armour Technique, he failed to do it.
After all, the Soru is a technique that can make you even run on the air, in this world, the only person who could achieve such a thing is Gai after he opened the Eight Gate.
The physical strength of Ninjas is a lot stronger than average people, but still, it’s not enough.
Therefore, Naito gradually gave up on developing this technique by simply relying on his body strength, and instead, he started thinking of a way to combine both Chakra and his strength.
Naito had some ideas.
His Shock power wasn’t the answer since it was a power that affects the outside and does no effect on his own body.
However, Naito had one more idea, the Brutal Force technique.
The Brutal Force is a technique that affects both his body and the shocks.
The Brutal Force was always the thread that combines both his body strength and the Shock power.
He took a deep breath, the chakra started flowing into his foot, then he kicked the ground with that force.
The ground instantly cracked under his feet, and he moved so fast from where he was standing to another place.
Although the speed was very fast, it actually was less than what the Brutal Force could enhance.
“No, the speed didn’t improve a lot, the impact was slightly off and it lost most of its power.
After he stopped, Naito frowned slightly.
At the rear, Tsunade’s voice came from inside of the tree hole.
“What happened?!”
“Nothing, I’m developing a new technique.”
After he explained, he fell back deep into thoughts.
The Brutal Force strengthen the flow of the Chakra and concentrate it at one point.
But the effect wasn’t big.
Naito needs to condense it more at the moment of the impact to gain more speed.
Therefore, Naito needs to modify the technique a little bit.
“I’ll try it again…”
Naito once again moved so fast, and the speed was obviously improved, but it wasn’t fast enough.
He went back and forth time after time, he tests it more than ten times, and every time he was trying a new trick, and the speed began to increase significantly.
It seems like he was on the right path.
Naito stopped again, and his face was full of joy, and as he was about to continue, he suddenly felt a strange feeling from the rear.
He turned around and looked to the rear, but no matter how much he looked, there wasn’t any person.
It was strange, Naito looked down at his feet.
The ground had a lot of cracks where he was moving back and forth.
He stared at the ground for a while, yet there was still no movement, Naito shook his head a little, and suddenly an idea struck him down, he might be under some kind of Genjutsu, suddenly, there was some movement in the ground.
“There is something underground!”
With a sharp look on his face, Naito lifted his leg and it wasn’t covered by that blue aura of the brutal force technique anymore, but it changed to a white flashing light.
However, as he was about to kick the ground, the sound of Tsunade shouting from the tree hole stopped him.
“What the hell is this?!”
Suddenly, the tree hole got destroyed.
At the next moment, Tsunade rushed out from the inside of the tree hole unharmed.
However, When she rushed out from there Naito was standing there, in front of here looking dazed.
Tsunade didn’t notice that, she looked at the tree hole while she was clenching her first and ready to attack.
At the next moment, the broken tree hole suddenly burst open, and a strange floating head came outside.
What kind of things is that, she was a little surprised, but she didn’t have any fear.
If you dare to disturb her, a punch will be her answer!
However, as she was landing her punch, the strange head opened its mouth and something came out of him.
It was a deep purple poisonous gas.
Tsunade didn’t expect that this thing will user poison, and the moment she threw that punch it was hard to stop, yet she forced her self to retreat.
She fell back quickly, but she didn’t forget to alert Naito.
“Retreat! it’s a poisonous gas!!”
“Oh… Yes.”
Naito was dazed and didn’t notice it, but the moment he heard Tsunade’s voice, he subconsciously stepped back beside Tsunade.
Tsunade finally noticed that there was something off with Naito.
But at the next moment, she understood.
To heal her wounds, Tsunade needed to take off all of her clothes, when that monster came out suddenly out of the ground, she slammed out the tree hole forgetting the thing about her clothes.
In other words…
Tsunade was completely naked in front of Naito.
Naito coughed and said: “Well… I actually didn’t see anything, my vision is not very good.”
Tsunade: “……”
At the next moment, Naito took off his cloak and threw it toward Tsunade.
Tsunade took it, and covered her beautiful body, she didn’t care a lot about the fact that Naito saw her body, the most important thing right now was the poisonous gas in front of them.
Seeing her reaction, Naito did the same to save the embarrassment of the moment and looked at the poisonous fog.


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