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T.S.H Chapter 108: Departure!

Naito does really want to meet someone with the level of an Anbu Captain or a Kage to understand where he’s standing on the term of power, but these kind of people are hard to encounter.
Naito’s improvement is really fast.
At this age, there are almost no limitations on where he can go further.
The only person who had such a growth is Uchiha Itachi, he managed to awaken his full Sharingan at the age of thirteen, at the time he awakened the Mangekyou Sharingan he was already at the peak of the Kage’s level, but he was three years older than Naito when his talent blossomed.
Walking through the forest, Naito run into Tsunade.
With a slight surprise, Naito asked Tsunade: “Is it finished?”
“Not finished, but I it shouldn’t take long.”
Tsunade shook her head while holding some herbs and said: “I have already determined the formula, I just need to some more experiments.”
Tsunade laughed then asked Naito: “How is it going with the new technique, it’s not easy to modify my technique after all.”
“But sill you’re so young, you don’t need to rush things this way, there’s no need for you to develop new Ninjutsu.”
Listening to that arrogant line, Naito suddenly scratched his head and said innocently: “Well… I’ve already completed it.”
Tsunade’s expression suddenly changed.
She thought that Naito will fail on developing this technique and he will end up with giving up and coming to her asking for help, but she didn’t expect him to actually success!!
In just a few days, Naito transformed her Brutal Force technique to a whole new one?!
Naito looked at that unbelievable expression on the face of Tsunade, then he smirked and used the technique.
The ground cracked open, and with high-speed Naito blinked from his place directly to the other side, Tsunade could barely see him!!
Suddenly, Tsunade’s eyes got widened, as if she saw a monster.
What kind of technique is that?
Tsunade wanted to have him as a disciple, but with his current strength, she started to feel inferior to him, in fact, Naito didn’t accept her as a master, he only accepted her as an older sister.
Once again, she couldn’t help but admire Naito’s talent, she smiled at him, then explained her everything about Soru.
Soru is a technique inspired by the brutal force technique, Naturally, it’s very suitable to Tsunade to learn, once she learns this technique, along with the brutal force, she will get a lot stronger, maybe she wouldn’t reach the level of the Anbu Captains, yet she will have enough strength to be able to threaten them.
Originally they were planning to go back to Konoha’s camp the moment she finishes the antidote, but after he explained this new technique, Tsunade wanted to learn it right away.
Here in the battlefield of the war, you need to take advantage of every chance you get to train since you won’t have that chance so often.
Because this technique was inspired by her own technique, it didn’t take her a long time before she mastered it.
However her current physical even if it was better than Naito’s, Tsunade is not as strong as she should be while using her Thousand Seals Technique.
She could easily master it, but it wasn’t compared to Naito.
Naito also wanted to direct her to the right path to develop the Thousand Seals technique earlier.
It would have a huge effect, Naito noticed that she was already thinking of developing it, he thinks she wouldn’t have a chance in this war if she doesn’t develop it soon.
In the forest.
Two persons were fighting each other.
Tsunade who was facing Naito suddenly blinked toward him with a high-speed.
Then she threw a punch.
Facing the punch of Tsunade, Naito also threw a punch, and of course, he didn’t use the shock power, he only used the Brutal Force technique.
The two fists collided in the air, and because he didn’t use the shock power, Naito got pushed back.
He landed on the ground and spat blood.
Because of the Sanju bloodline, Tsunade’s Chakra is a lot stronger than Naito’s, although physically he was much stronger, but when it comes to the Brutal Force she was way better.
Of course, the real strengths of Naito comes from the Shock Power, not the Brutal Force, if he did use it, Tsunade wouldn’t be able to stand it.
Umm… something that she absolutely wouldn’t stand it.
Ummm… something that she would definitely hate.
Suddenly, Naito got stunned in his place looking at Tsunade.
“What are you doing? why are you looking at me like this?”
Naito looked at her and suddenly his face become so red thinking about the accident a few days ago, Tsunade’s face got a little bit blush and got angry.
“That thing again, forget it already!”
Naito coughed a bit, he couldn’t help but to look at Tsunade, he originally didn’t want to think about it, but one thing led to another, and the picture came to his head.
Although Tsunade was wearing her clothes now… that picture couldn’t leave his head.
Looking at Naito, Tsunade felt very bad, in fact, she didn’t care that he saw her naked, she just hated to see that expression on his innocent cute face.
“Do you know, you start to look a lot like someone I really hate, I think I will need to teach you a lesson.”
Naito got really scared, he already knew who she was talking about.
Naito with a painful expression thought about that lesson she was talking about, so played his winning card, the cute innocent face.
In fact, being cute or handsome wouldn’t pay you that much in this world, but since he had a good relationship with Tsunade, it always worked like a charm.
After shaking her head, Tsunade was no longer joking, and with a serious expression she said: “Well, we need to go back soon, it’s been a long time, we need to see how things are going in Konoha’s camp.”
Naito nodded, and they immediately left the forest.
luckily they didn’t rush into any enemies on their way out of the forest, then they went all the way back to the Camp of Konoha.
The clouds were covering the entire sky, and the rain didn’t stop for days.
The Rain Village at this point was already very messy.
Along the way, Naito and Tsunade tried to stay out of troubles, yet they still often encountered some Shinobis from the Sand and the Rock.
Of course, they didn’t go easy on anyone, the moment they encounter them, they will immediately kill them.
With the Soru technique, Tsunade’s strength became even stronger than the original one, she could easily handle almost anybody, and of course, Naito was there and almost no one can stand against him, it doesn’t matter who encounters them he will never live to see another day.
Just as they were halfway back to the camp, they encountered an Elite Troop from the Sand Village.


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