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T.S.H Chapter 117: Familiar Feeling

When Sakumo heard these words, he smiled an said: “Although he doesn’t use the Earth Release, he’s really stronger than what you think.”
Jiraiya responded with a dark line, saying: “Yet he’s not stronger than you.”
Jiraiya didn’t wait for the answer and glanced at Naito.
Naito answered calmly: “Sakumo-san is stronger than me.”
Jiraiya had an extremely annoyed expression.
“he might be strong, but lacking the use of the Earth Release won’t help us defeating these guys, don’t you have any other Anbu then this one?”
Sakumo’s expression became very serious as he looked at Jiraiya, then said: “He’s the most suitable person for this mission, believe in him.”
Jiraiya shook his head and said: “Well he will be a good support regarding his speed.”
Sakumo calmly added a sentence to what Jiraiya said.
“Right, he will help, yet he can also act alone according to his own decisions.”
“I know.”
Jiraiya nodded.
The Anbu department is an individual force that belongs to the Anbu Captain himself, even if they assist some elite shinobi from Konoha, he will not have the right to directly order them.
Therefore, Jiraiya left the camp together with Naito, and all that he was thinking of is Minato.
After the previous attack, Minato should be praised for his excellent performance, if it was anyone else, in that kind of situation he wouldn’t be able to escape the enemy force.
And when he thought of this, he felt that someone with the same amount of talent should be able to do the same, yet he couldn’t remember who it was.
In the original story, there wasn’t anyone with the same talent as Minato for a long time, he was the best between his peers.
The only person who showed a greater talent was Hatake Kakashi who was the youngest person who managed to join the Anbu.
Soon, both of them walked out of the camp.
Then the two of them speeded up.
Jiraiya wanted to test Naito’s speed to see if he was as good as Sakumo said.
As a result, Jiraya started to raise his speed until he reached his limit.
On the other side, Naito followed him as if it was nothing, even when he used his full speed, Naito followed him, his expression didn’t even change.
It was like a slap in the face.
“Sure enough, your speed is very good.
Seeing how he managed to follow him, he couldn’t help but praise him, then he constantly started to slow down.
He really meant it when he praised him, but also he couldn’t help but which if he could use Earth Releases, he would have been the perfect counterattack against the Rock Shinobis.
He was certain that Naito’s speed is really great, but once they’re underground, what it’s gonna do for him?
Along the way, Naito seemed very quiet.
One of the reasons was that he didn’t think that talking to Jiraiya will help him with anything.
The other is that Naito was in a very bad mood.
He only rested for two days, then he forcibly got sent to deal with this surprising troop from the Rock, Naito was a little annoyed, his eyes were really cold.
This cold stare on his face shocked Jiraiya and made his heart tremble.
“These eyes, this presence… plus that speed, this guy is really strong, he might be even stronger than me.”
The opinion he had for Naito changed, even if he wasn’t good at Ninjutsu, he couldn’t help but respect Naito.
Wherever they go, strong people earn their respect.
The land of fire borders.
After leaving the Rain Country, the sky gradually became clearer.
Not far away from the borders, there was a small camp built by Konoha to deal with the Rock Troop surprising attacks, located on the edge of the Fire Land.
The Rock Troop didn’t care to go that further in the Fire Land borders since once they launched their attack they will disappear under the ground.
Therefore, their attacks are generally between the borders of the Rain and Fire Land.
It was during the crossing of the borders Minato encountered them, all the people who accompanied him got killed.
Only Minato who was stronger than them managed to escape that ambush.
For that reason Jiraiya got really annoyed, he went straight toward the Konoha camp and slammed Sakumo’s table forcing him to sent an Anbu team to support.
Although, because of the war Minato didn’t officially become his Student, yet he really cared about him.
Inside the temporary camp.
A group of ninjas was placed on standby for defending the moment the Rock raiders attack in any place.
At that time, Minato was also in the camp.
“It’s Sensei.”
Seeing Naito who came in with Jiraiya, a bunch of them also greeted him.
Jiraiya nodded and asked: “Did those Rock bastard appeared again?!”
A Ninja reported to Jiraya.
Behind Jiraya, Naito was standing in a very bad mood, which made his Aura roaring all over the place, some of them didn’t help but look at him.
Very strong!
Only from his presence, they were sure that this Anbu behind Jiraiya is very strong.
During this war, Naito experienced a lot of bloody battles, which made his presence even stronger than before, the Aura he reveals is not the savage and bloody kind, but the violent and overbearing one.
You can judge someone’s power just from his presence, whether his the assassinated kind or the frontal combat one.
“Jiraya-Dunno, this Anbu is…”
“His code name is Yujin.” Jiraiya introduced Naito, then said: “He’s the speed-type Ninja, he’s here to support us, yet he doesn’t use any Earth Techniques.”
Although Naito appeared to lack using the Earth Release, the ninjas in the room didn’t dare to reveal any expression that can be understood as they are looking down on him.
In the black crowd, Minato was standing there frowning at Naito, he didn’t help but feel some sense of familiarity.
“This person… it seems as if I saw him somewhere.”
“However, he’s really strong.”


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