The Strongest Hokage The Strongest Hokage
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T.S.H Chapter 151: Zetsu And Madara

Naito pouted his mouth when he heard Jiraiya’s words, but he didn’t pay him any more attention and continued to think about Orochimaru.

It’s normal for ninjas to improve a lot in the early stages, however, after reaching the level of a Kage it will be more challenging to progress any further, many Ninjas will reach their peak at their thirties or forties and stay there forever.

Orochimaru can still improve, but it will take him more time from now on, Naito estimates that he will reach his peak at the Third World War period.

After all, he managed to attack Konoha alone after that.

Of course, this is also reflected from the other side how strong Sarutobi was to stop him.

In the original story, Sarutobi was considered as the strongest Hokage of the dynasties, he was possession all the techniques of Konoha, even if this statement was proved wrong later in the story, Sarutobi is still so strong.

As for how strong he is… Sarutobi was mastering all the five attributes of the Chakra nature, along with various of hidden techniques, he’s no less than Danzo.

The existence of a person who is above the level of a Kage alone is extremely rare in this world.

Naito divides merely the last two ranks into Kage level and sixth path level.

Pain, for example, is at the Kage level.

The sixth path level is another whole rank, Hachirama and Madara, for example, didn’t reach it, they’re kind of between the two ranks, yet they possessed the power that can wipe a whole country.

Going up, there’s the Six Path level, this is the power that even Naruto and Sasuke didn’t reach since they divided the power between each other.

Whether it’s the Six path level or the Kage level, in the face of an Ordinary Ninja level, the first will be able to wipe anyone easily, Naito is possession a power that can help him reach that level, but it’s not enough yet.

After he helps the three Sannin defeating Hanzo, Naito was planning on opening the Fourth Gate and end this war for good.

“Okay, let’s go.”

After she looked at the three of them, Tsunade nodded positively, then the four of them led a bunch of Elite Ninjas, and left the camp.

Since the plan is only to hold Hanzo for some time, they didn’t need to bring a lot of Ninjas along with them.

With the departure of the four of them, the camp has become completely empty.

Just as they put their foot out and left, a white figure was drilling out from the muddy ground.

What a shock it’s Zetsu!

“Leave it, our target is Hanzo… Forget about it, or just report it back.”

Zetsu looked at the direction of Naito and the other three talking with each other, then he disappeared again into the ground.


An unknown underground in the World of the Ninja.

in the depths of the darkness, an old man who looked like he was gonna die at any moment was standing there.

The old man looked very weak and seemed like he was gonna fall if anyone poked him.

However, there was some shackles settled in his body!

The old man didn’t have Sharingan, he was looking at the ground with his Rinnegan eye, yet he seemed like he already was seeing the end of this world.

He’s… Uchiha Madara!

“It’s only been a few days now, that little devil shouldn’t be able to improve a lot in this short period, and the war is already coming to an end.”

Suddenly from the darkness, Zetsu appeared in front of Madara, while the last looked very calm.

“Yes the war is coming to an end, Konoha is starting her last attack.”

Zetsu moved toward Madara, then said: “The kid who spotted your attention, is about to fight Hanzo the Demi-God.”

“Demi-God? Hahaha… What a joke!”

Madara heard this word and couldn’t help but laugh.

How dare he call himself a God?!

“Even that jumping clown is calling himself a God now… The World has really got messed up, but it’s fine, this is good for my plan.”

After he shook his head, Madara said with a deep voice: “Keep observing the situation, if Hanzo managed to kill that kid, then we won’t need to worry about him anymore, then no one will be able to stop our plan.”


Zetsu replayed in a very respectful way, he nodded to Madara, then he disappeared into the ground again.


In the Rain Country, at a muddy hill area, Naito and the others were moving forward.

At this time, the difference at speed was evident.

The fastest and obviously the strongest was Naito, he running in the front, and closely followed by him was Orochimaru.

As for Tsunade, she was a little faster than Jiraiya, the Original Jiraiya should be faster, but since Tsunade has mastered Soru, she was faster.

All the way forward, Naito deliberately speeding up, but Orochimaru was always keeping up with him, which made Naito more certain about how Orochimaru improved a lot in this short period.

Moving forward, they reached a forest.

Naito slowed down, then Orochimaru and the others also slowed down.

“I’ll search the forest.”

Orochimaru took a few steps forward, and printed a hand sign, then pressed the ground, In an instant, dozens of small snakes sneaked into the forest and disappeared, while he was closing his eyes.

After a few minutes, Orochimaru opened his eyes and said: “No ambush.”

“Okay, move on.”

Naito nodded and immediately led everyone in the woods.

After they quickly passed through the woods, they continued to advance toward the depth of the Rain Country.

Along the way, even if Naito was very alert to his surrounding, some Shinobis with them were carefully exploring the road ahead, because no one knew where Hanzo will be hiding.

Hanzo was extremely cautious, and if they didn’t stay focused, they would get attacked by him rather than ambushing him.