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T.S.H Chapter 152: Hanzo, The Salamander!

Naito and the others continued to move through the hinterlands of the Rain country, and finally, they encountered a troop from the rain nearby a hilly area.

They were moving in a narrow road.

Nearby this hilly area, there was some huge gullies and valleys got eroded by water, Naito and the others were above the hill, while the Rain troop was marching in the gullies.

Because the situation was very perfect, and all the people in the squad were Jonins, Orochimaru rushed in to attack.

With one look, Naito understood Orochimaru’s intention, so he rushed toward Tsunade and waved his hand.

Everyone knew what they should do next, and they moved toward Naito’s side and jumped in the air while printing hand signs.

When the Ninjas begin to print, they will naturally produce a significant amount of Chakra that will alert the others in the gullies.

But it was already too late to react.

“Water Release: Blasting!!”

“Earth Release! Rockfall!!”

“Lightning Release: Thunderbolt!!”

The elite ninjas of Konoha almost made perfect cooperation very fast, the water flow from the sky crashing everything on the ground, the hills from both sides collapsed, and then the thunder elected the water stream.


Everything happened in a few seconds, the rain Shinobis didn’t have any time to react, and they were all directly killed by this perfect attack.

Some of them could only think about using a Clone jutsu to escape, but they didn’t have time to block this attack.

There wasn’t a lot of people in Konoha’ squad, there were only thirty or forty people, but the Rain’s troop had at least a hundred people.

Under these circumstances, at least dozens of rains have died, and the gap between the two sides has reached a level of near equilibrium.


Dozens of the other remeaining Shinobis sharply predected the course of the attack and looked above to Naito and the others.

When they saw the figure of Naito, they all revealed a hint of hateful.

“Konoha’s Ashura.”

Naito was already the talk of everyone in this war, so they immediatley recongnized him.

However, shockingly these Shinobis didn’t look afraid, their expressions quickly calmed down.

Because, in the middle of them, there was another person who was a strong as Naito, Hanzo the Salamander!

Hanzo took a few steps and became in the front of his troop.

When he looked at Naito, Hanzo’s eyes became very cold: “Konoha’s Ashura… So they sent you to stop me.”

At the same time, Hanzo looked at Orochimaru and the other two, but he especially focused on Orochimaru.

That person looks very strong.

this young generation of Konoha is really better than any other one, this is the only reason behind Konoha power in this war.

Taking a deep breath, Hanzo’s eyes calmed down, even if Konoha win this war, he will never retreat in the fact of these youngesters!

Being careful doesn’t mean he’s afraid!

For a person who was called a Demi-God, there was nothing that could scare him.

“Let’s start this already!”

Hanzo rushed toward Naito and the others along with his troop.

Naito didn’t histate eather and throw a punch.


The air suddenly burst, and the rain Shinobis in front didn’t have any time to escape and got directly killed by Naito’s punch.

Other Rain’s Shinobis who seemed to be Jonin, had already a very high understanding of Naito’s ability, which made them avoid his attack.

Naito’s ability currently is no longer a secret in the world, they all understood how much power his shocks are, which made several villages carefully study the power of shocks.

The rain village is no exception.

Looking at the power of Naito’s punch, Hanzo carefully avoided his attack, he bit his finger, then he printed a hand sign, and pressed his hand to the ground.

“Summoning Technique!”


The white smoke appeared, and a huge poisonous salamander appeared, Hanzo was standing above its head overlooking at Naito.

Upon seeing this, Tsunade didn’t hesitate, and she immediately threw a bunch of small bottles to Jiraiya, Naito, and Orochimaru.

“When you drink the white bottle, you will be immune for poison, but there’s a time limit… If you get poisoned, inject the red one into your body.”

Tsunade was really prepared for this battle.

After they took the potions, the three of them put it in their pockets, then they all looked at Hanzo.

It’s obvious that Hanzo didn’t predict that, he never thought that Tsuande will be able to crack his poison.

But even so, Hanzo’s expression was calm, because even the medicine has a time limit.

As long as he plays his poison card carefully, these antidotes will never be useful for them.

Jiraiya, Naito, and Orochimaru didn’t drink the antidotes directly, they hide it then looked at Hanzo.

These four wasn’t only powerful, they were also very smart Ninjas.

“Water Release: Water Dragon Technique!”

At the next moment, Hanzo launched his first attack, while printing hand sings so fast, he leached his attack toward them in no time.


The dragon water was a good technique, but being cast by Hanzo the power of the Ninjutsu got enhanced magnificently.

The power of the technique was almost close to the S-Rank level, the water was flowing in the sky like a storm, it looked unstoppable!

In a second, Tsunade and Jiraiya managed to fell back immediately and escaped from the range of the technique.

While Naito stood in his place, he grabbed his Kusanagi sword and jumped toward the dragon water, then waved his sword.

Naito teamed up with the three Sannin against Hanzo, and the battle already start heating!