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T.S.H Chapter 150: Final Battle!

Under the control of Naito under the Lightning Release, his body was strengthened continuously.

The Second Stage of the Lightning Armor has gradually reached 5 percent of mastering, after that, it reached 10 percent, then it approached the 20 percent, Naito’s body was getting stronger every time, while the Reverse Hachimon Tenkou was also strengthening him even more, until he finally reached the standards of opening the fourth gate.

As for the power of the Shock, it has also increased a little bit further.

Naito was concentrating on his training, of course, a guy with his status will never have to do small tasks.

Also, there’s the thing with Sarutobi who wasn’t trusting Naito enough to give him any actual worthy position; otherwise, Naito would be leading the army right now.

For a long time, Sarutobi didn’t give him any missions or tasks, he preferred to keep Naito close to him and asked him to stay in his room and concentrate on his practice.

After he trained for some time, Naito stopped, and the aura around his body disappeared.


There was a knock on the door, in fact, it wasn’t on the door, most of the people were knocking on the wall, so they can give the person in the room a hint about them coming in.

Naito dressed up and then said: “Come in.”

In a second, Tsunade entered the room.

“Yuu Naito, how is your training?”

Tsunade quickly moved toward Naito, if she didn’t know already that Naito would be wearing nothing while practicing his lightning release, she would have entered directly.


Naito nodded slightly looking at Tsunade, but suddenly he smiled and said: “You look in a hurry, what is it? Is another crisis you’re bringing it in with you?”

“No, not a crisis, it’s just another decisive war coming.”

Tsunade took a deep breath, then looked at Naito in a severe way, her expression revealed that she wasn’t joking.

“This war has been going on for almost a year now, with the continuation of this situation, the resources such as manpower and material resources are greatly consumed, the high-rises of Konoha have made a decision to prepare for a final battle against the sand and the rain, we’re going to wipe both of them with one attack!”

“Sakumo-Dono is leading an army out as we’re speaking.”

Listening to Tsunade’ words, Naito frowned revealing a thoughtful expression.

Is it finally happening?

The end of this war.

Naito already knew what is Tsunade gonna say next.

Sure enough, what she said next was: “I came asking you to join me, Orochimaru and Jiraiya in a very important mission.”

“Our mission is to stop Hanzo the Salamander, this guy is extremely powerful, even Sakumo cannot take him down, so he can only play the tactical card against him, we need to drag him down and wait until our army win at the battlefield, even if he’s strong we will need to stop him.”

When he heard this, Naito nodded then asked: “It seems that the people in the battlefield will play a bigger role to end this war.”

Tsunade shook her head then said: “No, they have Sakumo, he will be enough, you should come with us to deal with Hanzo, so their army will suffer from the lack of command…”

It turned out to be this case.

Naito understood that Sarutobi is not willing to risk giving Naito the command!

Otherwise, Naito ability would have been more effective than Sakumo at the battlefield.

Moreover, Naito’s more experienced and mature than before, he’s more than qualified to lead the army.

“No problem.”

Since Tsunade was very clear with Naito, he didn’t reject, but even if she didn’t come, Naito would still be uncertain about the three of them stopping Hanzo.

Because after the arrival of Naito a lot of things changed in this world, Naito wasn’t sure that Hanzo will not pull out something and change the entire destiny of the world.

What if the unlikely happens and Hanzo kill them?

Orochimaru may not still be able to escape, but the other two will definitely get killed.

“Hanzo the demigod Shinobi…”

Naito couldn’t help but whisper his name.

There’s no doubt that Hanzo is one of the strongest Shinobis in the world!

He should be as strong as the five Kage.

The history itself is proof of his power, he could easily fight against the three Sannin.

In short, Hanzo the Salamander is strong, and he cannot be underestimated, this won’t be easy!

“Yuu Naito, rest assured that Hanzo’s poison has been cracked, we have a very special antidote, once you use it, you will be immune to his poison.”

Tsunade felt like Naito was worried about Hanzo’s power, so she tried to comfort him, with a soft tone.

“And we’re not trying to defeat him we only need to drag him down for some time until our army win, then we will turn and escape.”


Naito listened to Tsunade’s word, then he nodded and followed her out of the room, outside both Orochimaru and Jiraiya was standing there waiting for them.

Watching Naito coming out, Orochimaru showed a strange smile on his face, saying: “I assume that your training was very good recently.”

“Yeah.” Naito nodded at Orochimaru, but he still couldn’t understand his intentions.

“That’s good.”

Orochimaru slightly smirked and turned around.

Naito kept looking at him with a hint of surprise on his face, the amount of the Chakra flowing in Orochimaru’s body was rising every second, even Naito was cautious of not coming near him too much.

Orochimaru looked invincible at the second.

Orochimaru did he reached the level of a Kage already?!

This thought made Naito feel a little bit shocked, but if you think about it, it’s reasonable.

Orochimaru was originally a genius that was rarely to exist every ten years, he was even more talented than Jiraiya and Tsunade, Orochimaru now was in his twenties, yet he was at the peak of his power.

Yuu Naito frowned as he was looking at Orochimaru, Tsunade noticed the expression he was having and got very worried about him, she thought he was still worried about Hanzo.

Even Jiraiya noticed that he smiled at him and said: “Even am not afraid of Hanzo, Naito you’re even stronger than me, you have nothing to worry about, we’re four against one.”


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